Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 21

October 1, 2007

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Oct 01, 2007 on CTV

Episode Recap

A Canadian Navy ship is at the centre of a rescue in the Red Sea, about 130 km off the coast of Yemen, HMCS Toronto was called to assist in the rescue of people stranded on an island after a volcano erupted there; hemophiliacs in Canada are awaiting the verdict form the Ontario Superior Court in the tainted blood trial that infected thousands of people with HIV or Hepatitis C; the crisis in Burma continues as the UN envoy met with Aung San Suu Kyi, but has been snubbed by the generals who run the military junta that runs the country; a very unusual security alert took place in Kandahar at the air base due to a possible threat, but the military did not release the nature of the threat for security reasons; water levels in Lake Superior have hit a record low due to lack of rain and high temperatures, the level is 10 cm below the record, and the other Great Lakes are not faring any better; a new law to curb speeding in Ontario is working so far, as police have charged 28 drivers over the weekend for driving more than 50 km over the speed limit, the law allows police to suspend the licence of the driver and impound the vehicle; voters in the North West Territories are headed to the polls today to elect 19 members of the legislature, the Premiere and six ministers will be chosen following the election; two people were rescued after being stuck in a plane in a tree near the Virginia air port, the people had to use a cell phone to direct rescue teams to their location as the plane could not be seen from the air; Game Plan beat out The Kingdom at the box office this weekend; John Tory will change his election strategy for his controversial 'faith based' funding. The protests in Burma have been silenced by the presence of police in the streets, CTV's Paul Workman reports in from Bangkok on the situation in Rangoon; Bev talks with Eric Margolis, South Asia Political Expert, about the situation in Burma and what the UN envoy can hope to accomplish on his visit there; 10 years ago, a criminal investigation began, looking into the tainted blood that began filtering out to the public in the '80s, Marci talks with author Andre Picard (The Gift of Death) and James Kreppner, a victim in the tainted blood scandal, about what happened and what they hope for with the verdict later today; the HMCS Toronto assisted in a rescue mission in the Red Sea, Bev speaks with Lt. Cmdr. Angus Topshee of the HMCS Toronto, who describes the rescue mission and his ship's part in it; Marci chats with Jen Durack, a scientist with 3M, about some new inventions including waterless water and fire-resistant cloth; Tamar Geller, author of The Loved Dog drops by for the first in our 'Training Your Dog' series to show us how treats are the easiest and fastest way to train your dog; Climatologist David Phillips talks with Marci about 'La Nina' and what it means for our coming winter; Mark MacKinnon, author of The New Cold War talks with Bev about the political situation in Russia and the Ukraine; Marci talks with Todd Towers of Farmboy Fine Art + Design about his unique rural designs for urban living; Paul Myers, author of It Ain't Easy talks with Bev about Long John Baldry's influence on music, particularly the British blues; James Blunt performs "1973" from All The Lost Souls.

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