Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 29

October 11, 2007

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Oct 11, 2007 on CTV

Episode Recap

Ontario voters went to the polls and made history by giving the Liberals a majority government for a second term, something that hasn't happened in 80 years; the referendum question results for Ontario voters has no official result yet, but it is said that the voters decided to keep the existing system; a school shooting in an Ohio high school saw the deaths of two teachers and two teens, before the shooter turned his gun on himself; former NHL Rob Ramage could be spending time in jail after being found guilty on five charges including impaired driving causing death; police in Alberta have found a vehicle they believe was used in the shooting of RCMP Constable Christopher Worden, the SUV was found in a raid in Alberta where it is believed the suspect lived; Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Nova Scotia have reached a deal on off-shore oil and gas revenues, which is worth big money for the province and ends a 20-year dispute; in Iraq, the US says 13 insurgents have been killed in an American air strike; in the Czech Republic, two sets of parents are going to exchange babies 10 months after the babies were accidentally changed at birth. Rob Ramage was found guilty on five charges including impaired driving causing death, Steven Skurka talks with Bev about the jury's decision and the defence case as led by Brian Greenspan; the Liberals took a second majority government, breaking a 70 year record, Marci talks with Michael Harris, Host, CFRA Radio and John Moore, Host, CFRB Radio, about what happened in the election and how the Liberals managed to get a second majority government as well as what went wrong for the other leaders; a 14-year old student opened fire in a Cleveland, Ohio school, injuring four before turning the gun on himself, Jim Acosta CNN Correspondent, talks with Bev about what is known of the shooter, explaining that the youth had been suspended from school for fighting earlier in the week, and was possibly out for revenge; Marci tells us about a Canadian inventor, Tory Weber, who has come up with a heated skate blade that might speed up the game of hockey; in 1992, a guard from a New Brunswick school for troubled and homeless boys was convicted of multiple counts of sexual assault, however victims felt that the abuse was more widespread and involved officials, including a RCMP investigator. After a 3-year inquiry into a sex scandal, a committee has concluded that there was no cover-up, Marci talks with Paul Kennedy, Chair, Commissioner for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, about the perception of a cover-up; Marci also talks with John Fearon, former Kingsclear Resident and victim, as well as William Gilmour, lawyer, about their feelings on the committee's findings; Pat Foran drops by the studio to tell us about a hockey bag that is generating interest, the SniperVision Hockey Bag, an upright bag on wheels that makes life for junior players easier; Paul Lewis, father of a teen who died at a therapeutic wilderness camp, talks with Bev about the troubles his son was having that lead he and his wife to send their son away, and the problems he experienced while at the camp that led him to commit suicide while at the camp, as well as the lies that he was told by the administrators at the camp about his son's death; a Canadian company at the forefront of technological advancements in robotic surgery, Marci talks with Paul Gilbert, QUANSER, Robotic Surgical Technology, who explains the advancements his company has made and demonstrates the technology; Tom Perrotta, author of The Abstinence Teacher, talks with Marci about his new book, as well as the previous books of his which have been made into movies, including Little Children and Election; Kris Abel drops by the studio with some gadgets for Halloween haunted houses; Marci goes to the AM kitchen with chef Paul Finkelstein to cook up some healthy foods that are easy to cook, including beef brisket.

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