Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 31

October 15, 2007

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Oct 15, 2007 on CTV

Episode Recap

Jean Chretien has a new book and a new battle as he stirs up a new hornet's nest of accusations with his allegations that Paul Martin changed Canada's focus in Afghanistan, causing the deaths of many soldiers; a bombing in Afghanistan has killed eight and wounded dozens of others; hundreds of police officers will gather in Ottawa for the funeral services of RCMP Constable Worden; a second man arrested in the death of Constable Worden is in court today, facing charges of being an accessory after the fact; police are investigating the death of a man tasered to death in a B.C. airport, reports say that the man was acting violently before being tasered; two appeals in court today for cases of wrongful convictions, one is the case of William Mullins-Johnson who was convicted of killing his niece based on the evidence of a discredited pathologist, the second is the case of Robert Baltovich, accused of killing his girlfriend, he blames Paul Bernardo for her death; protesters clashed over the weekend on the steps of Calgary's city hall, protesting the right of Muslim women to vote with their faces covered; a report today says that the Prime Minister's office will build a new media centre in Ottawa with a price tag of 2 million dollars; Hollywood is taking a closer look at the release schedules, and this weekend, an outsider took the top spot, Why Did I Get Married? earned 21.5 million dollars over the weekend; Molson Coors has opened its first new brewery in 52 years, opening a new facility in Moncton, New Brunswick; Airbus has just delivered its first A-380, with Singapore taking delivery 18 months later than expected; police in York Region are investigating a possible double murder after finding two bodies in the burned out car; a new report says that cancer death rates are dropping by just over 2% per year. Jim Munson, former Chretien advisor, speaks with Bev from Ottawa about the allegations in Chretien's new book; Bev also speaks with Lawrence Martin, Jean Chretien's biographer, about the allegations, and his reaction to them; a man was tasered in the Vancouver airport after he was acting violently, Marci talks with Emile Therien, Canada Safety Council, about the situation and the circumstances under which officers are justified in using a taser; Robert Baltovich, convicted of killing his girlfriend 17 years ago, Elizabeth Bain, has always maintained his innocence, even after conviction; he will have a new trial and jury selection starts today. Bev talks with Paula Todd, host of The Verdict, who talks about the facts in the case, and the new evidence that the defence will present; Marci talked with Bob Barker on his last day at The Price Is Right, and now talks with Drew Carey on his first day, he tells us about working on the show, as well as the changes in his life; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us about the things you need to be asking your doctor when you're in your 20s and 30s, and what your doctor will be asking you; Kris Abel drops by with some diamond encrusted cell phones and the new Shine cell phone from LG; Major Jocelyn Dodaro, Military Doctor in Kandahar, talks with Bev about saving lives in Afghanistan, particularly the situation after the most recent bombing that killed eight and wounded dozens of others; a Canadian team took first place in the City Chase World Champion held in Rome, Marci talks with the winners, James Dean and David Quanschnick, about the race, their friendship and the difficulties they faced in the race; Kris Abel and Libby Norris get together to tell us about some of the best websites available that can help you get into shape; Marci and Jeff learn how to differentiate a good scotch from a mediocre one with Ian Millar, Global Brand Ambassador; Bev goes to the AM kitchen with the Canadian Living Cook of the Year winner, Caroline Gray, who cooks up some Chipotle Pulled Chicken, the recipe that won her the title.

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