Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 35

October 19, 2007

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Oct 19, 2007 on CTV

Episode Recap

Police have arrested Christopher Neil in Thailand, ending an international manhunt; a car bomb exploded in Karachi, Pakistan with former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto the intended target, she survived but hundreds of others died; questions about school bus safety arise after an 8-year old girl died in a bus crash, the other children were injured and are being treated, alcohol has been ruled out as a factor; Cpl. Jordan Anderson was killed in Afghanistan in July, 2006, yesterday, the University of Manitoba honoured him with a degree; Mark Garneau, the first Canadian in space, will run for political office for the federal Liberal party in the riding of Montreal; Justin and Sophie Trudeau have welcomed their first child, a son, Xavier James, born on the same day as his paternal grandfather, Pierre Elliot Trudeau; a man is in custody in the murder of a 7- or 8- year old girl in North York after turning himself in to police; a man under a lifetime driving ban is facing 13 charges in connection with a police chase in Toronto that injured a police officer; a new poll done in Afghanistan shows that the Afghani people want the NATO troops to remain in their country, and that the reaction to Canadian troops was positive; actress Deborah Kerr and comedian-actor Joey Bishop both died yesterday after long careers. Mick Moran, Interpol Case Officer speaks with Seamus about the arrest of Christopher Moran, explaining that Moran will likely be tried in Thailand before any extradition proceedings take place; Steve Chao reports in from Bangkok on the arrest, which was the result of tips from locals. Gretchen Peters, ABC News, reports in on the situation in Karachi after the bomb there, telling us that a suspect, a Taliban militant, was responsible for the attack, and that it is not known if her agreement for amnesty and shared power with President Musharraff will survive this attack. Bev also speaks with Maria Kuusisto, South Asia Analyst, Eurasia Group about who might have been behind the attack and the threats that Bhutto received before returning to Pakistan. Paul Lapointe, Calgary EMS, one of the first EMS workers on the scene of the school bus crash, talks with Bev about what happened in the accident, and how the by-standers stopped to assist, which was key in getting the children out of the bus and keeping them safe. Kevin McClafferty, Collision Researcher, UWO, talks with Bev about seat belt safety, and that the school bus in question was equipped with the belts, although it's not known if they were being worn at the time of the crash. Saeed Mirza, Structural Engineer, McGill University, speaks with Seamus about the report issued in the Laval bridge collapse one year ago. The report blames a series of negligent acts for the collapse, from bad planning to bad maintenance, to bad materials and the weather; Mr. Mirza speaks to the level of concern that drivers should have when driving, saying that the risk is small if the bridges are properly maintained. The report makes 17 recommendations including the spending of billions of dollars to maintain structures, Mr. Mirza agrees with this, asking how many more lives will be lost if the money is not spent. There have been 20 million products recalled between 2002 and 2006, both on products from China and from Canada; Bev speaks with Allan Ebedes, National Quality Institute, about the recalls, the reasons for the recalls and what these recalls do to consumer faith in the products. Craig Kielburger, Founder of 'Me To We', and Michel Chikwanine, a member of 'Me To We', talk with Seamus about the National 'Me To We' launch in Toronto happening this weekend. Actor Jake Gyllenhaal talks with Bev about his role in the movie Rendition, which premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival and opens today; he tells us why he got involved in the movie, as well as telling us a little about his political beliefs. Dr. Marla Shapiro wraps up our series on what you need to know and what your doctor will be asking you when you go for check ups from the ages of 65 and over. Richard Crouse drops by the studio to review 30 Days of Night (3 stars), Rendition ( 3.5 stars), and Reservation Road (2.5 stars). Sir John Holmes, UN Humanitarian Chief, speaks with Bev about some of the issues raised in the Throne Speech, including Canada's involvement in Afghanistan, and whether our involvement should continue there beyond 2009, as well as Canada's role in Darfur. Seamus goes to the AM Kitchen with Chef Michael P. Clive to cook up some beef pot pies that are easy to make. Shannon Johnson of Winners drops by and chats with Bev about some must-have accessories for the fall season.

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