Canada AM

Season 4 Episode 22

October 2, 2007

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Oct 02, 2007 on CTV

Episode Recap

Kathie-Lee Bennet was attacked 11 days ago by three girls she considered her friends, and is now speaking out about her brutal attack, saying that if she hadn't escaped them, she probably wouldn't be alive; British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says as many as 1000 British troops could be home from Iraq by the end of the year; the Superior Court judge in Toronto in the tainted blood trial acquitted all defendants, outraging victims and their families; a new warning is out for parents as cold and flu season approaches, the US FDA says that some cold medicines are not effective at all for children; a plane crash in Alaska has claimed the lives of four men, including two Canadians; the leaders of North and South Korea met today in Pyongyang, this is only the second time the two leaders have met since the second world war; the US military say that Russian bombers have staged at least 7 exercises near Alaska or B.C., and US or Canadian planes have been sent to warn them and escort them out of the area; an Afghan man is dead and a child injured after an accidental shooting by Canadian troops; more than 10 years after the death of Princess Diana, a coroner's inquest starts today in England, although it is unlikely that any members of the Royal Family will be called to testify; a 24-year old pregnant Toronto woman is hanging on to life after a brutal domestic assault, a man is in police custody; a judge has ordered that Britney Spears temporarily hand over custody of her two children to her ex-husband, Kevin Federline; a lawyer representing one of four people charged in the death of a St. Catherine's man in August says that the victim may have instigated the attack with sexually inappropriate comments; a UN envoy wrapped up his meeting with military officials in Burma, no details of his meetings have been released; CTV's Janis Mackey Frayer reports in from Gaza with an update on the prisoner release from Israel to Gaza; Kathie-Lee Bennet and her father Richard talk with Bev about the assault she suffered at the hands of three girls, aged 14, 15, and 18 face charges in connection with the beating, she tells us what happened and her feelings about what happened; a new report paints two very different pictures of life in our communities, Marci speaks with Monica Patten, CEO, Community Foundations of Canada, about the good signs (increased income and education) as well as the troubling trends (unchanged poverty rate, high unemployment) that the study shows, and also talks with Todd Letts, Greater Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber of Commerce, about the Ryan Foundation, which brought together many agencies to assist immigrants in finding employment; the 'Tainted Blood' trial came to an end yesterday with a full acquittal for all defendants, Janet Conners, a victim of tainted blood who contracted HIV after her husband, a hemopiliac contracted HIV from tainted blood, about her reactions to the verdict; the Vancouver Art Gallery was pink last night as Elizabeth Hurley launched Breast Cancer Awareness month, she speaks with Bev about her work for this cause; UTours offers virtual tours of university campuses, Marci speaks with David Diamond, creator of the site who tells us how he came up with it and what the site offers; the second part of our "Dog" series continues with Tamar Geller, who shows us how to teach your dog the foundation of all tricks, how to sit; CTV's Tom Kennedy reports in from London on the inquest into the accident that caused the death of Princess Diana; Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana's former body guard, talks with Bev about what people hope to learn from the inquest into her death; Dr. Marla Shapiro talks with Marci about what steps patients can and should take after surviving cancer and chemotherapy; Mike Paul, Reputation Management Expert, talks with Bev about how stars and celebrities should manage their reputations, particularly with respect to Britney Spears; Marci speaks with Jane Wurwand, Founder International Dermal and Dental Institute, about skin secrets to keep your skin looking healthy; Bev goes into the Canada AM kitchen to with Natalie MacLean, author of Red, White, and Drunk All Over, about which wines to serve with your Thanksgiving dinner.

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