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  • A morning news and entertainment show.

    Canada AM runs for 2.5 hours on weekday mornings; they do the news, the weather, financial news, business news, entertainment... you name it, they do it. They also have weekly correspondents who keep people updated on health and fitness, consumer products, technology... again, you name it, and they do it. Sometimes they have musical guests as well.

    As far as being an information show goes, Canada AM delivers the news. The only thing is, if you watch all 2.5 hours of it, you're going to hear the same things over and over, as they tend to repeat a lot of the news stories. They try to put a different angle on things, but still... Basically, if you want an enjoyable news type morning show, this is a good one to watch in Canada. They have interesting segments that feature different parts of the country, but you don't need to watch the whole thing.