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  • Much needed improvements!!!

    Consider me one of your faithful fans, I have been watching your show for years, loved all the very important material and subjects you discuss through your show, loved all the presenters , they all know in depth how to manage a presentation in a very high hosting profile.

    Being an architect and interior designer, it hurts me to see the show that I woke each day to watch, is lacking the image that it should have, so the outside would match the core!

    I will conclude my points as follows:

    1. THE STILL BACKGROUND IS ABSOLUTELY BORING-!! The Canadian nature is the richest in the world with beauty and unbelievably spectacular environment that could be presented as still form , changed every season month- or it could be presented as motion film also, we can take an example; the backgrounds of Wheel of Fortune ,it changes every week! We can settle for each season!!!

    2. PLEASE CHANGE THE STUDIO INTERIOR DESIGN!! We can take an example the way Merlyn Dennis show been transformed into a wonderful Canadian live show, the background , designed very carefully to suit the taste and in current look that reflects the lifestyle of the people living the modern life! I will do that design myself for free if you agree with my opinion!!!

    3. PLEASE I AM BEGGING YOU HAVE A FASHION STYLIST TO LOOK AFTER THE SHOW HOSTS WARDROBE!! The ladies on this set are the most high profile amazing hosts in any show on CTV programs!! Beverly with that wonderful skin tone and beautiful eyes, yet the hair do has not change for I don't know how long! It does not do anything to her face, the makeup is too abrupt! And what with this clumsy fashion, it is a disaster!! A tope charcoal to the lightest skin on our television!!! Who approved that!? Marcy my favourite of all since forever! With her Smokey voice that calms anyone and determines everyone to listen to; please someone puts her in floral reddish cinnamon tones next to her olive skin tone!! The lines that both put on are not suitable for their body at all!!! Please there is always Holt Renfrew!!And others...The Bay; Melanie Lane; BCBG...etc;

    4. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, REVITALIZE THE DIRECTION OF THE PROGRAM The show is stuck on the scenario of the three hosts sitting down on that sofa for hours!! I know that the directors of the show and in the capacity of CTV are capable of doing way more active show than three or four members sitting down on an ancient sofa , while the rest of Toronto are running in the morning like the bees out from the beehive!! We need some action here. Please!

    5. INTRODUCE SOME MORE LIVE MUSIC The show can use an additional stage set for performances , specially to promote new or familiar talents , please with a design set suitable for each individual, we cannot put Joanne Arden in the same atmosphere of Hedley for example!!!

    I am writing to you with heart full of love for this show, which I consider to be my own Morning Coffee, It has to be the most important and rich Coffee of the day, otherwise the day would be ruined!!

    All the best

    Love always

    Maysam A.


    Thursday, February-09-12