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  • August 29, 2008
    August 29, 2008
    Episode 260
    Former WWE star Trish Stratus drops by to chat about her new travel show; film critic Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases, including Traitor; plus-sized model Mia Tyler talks with us about her struggle with her weight, and how she learned to accept herself.
  • August 28, 2008
    August 28, 2008
    Episode 259
    Five deaths are being linked to the Toronto Maple Leaf Food plant, and more meat products are being recalled; the Conservatives are reportedly ready to unveil a new round of campaign ads today, as rumours remain that we will be facing a fall election; Barack Obama joined his presidential running mate, Joe Biden, on stage at the Democratic Convention in Denver last night, he will officially accept the Presidential nomination tonight; we introduce you to a Canadian couple who've been married for 70 years, and they share their secret to success with us; Pat Foran shows us how Canadians are now using video resumes; we have make-up tips for women so you can make the right statement without saying a thing.moreless
  • August 27, 2008
    August 27, 2008
    Episode 258
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper fueled election speculation by suggesting that Canadians will be heading to the polls, and putting the blame on the opposition parties, Governor-General Michaelle Jean has cancelled her trip to China, supporting the rumours that she has remained here to dissolve parliament; Hillary Clinton spoke at the Democratic Convention last night and called for a united party; we have the latest doings from the Democratic Convention in Colorado; our 'Career Series' continues with tips on how to juggle your job and your family, and still have time for yourself; we have a workplace fashion show with the seven items you need to have in your wardrobe.moreless
  • August 26, 2008
    August 26, 2008
    Episode 257
    A class-action lawsuit has been launched against Maple Leaf Foods, six people have died and their deaths have been linked to listeriosis, there are six other deaths under investigation; the hunt is on for five prison inmates after a prison break in Saskatchewan, officials say all five men are dangerous, a sixth inmate also escaped but was captured; our career expert tells us the signs to look for to see if you're in the wrong job, and has tips on how to find your true calling; two young filmmakers tell us about their film, Six Reasons Why; Bret Ryan performs his single "If It Feels Right" for the studio audience.moreless
  • August 25, 2008
    August 25, 2008
    Episode 256
    More than 200 products have been recalled by Maple Leaf Foods, as more deaths have been linked to the tainted meat products; Democratic Presidential hopeful Barack Obama has named Senator Joe Biden as his running mate in the November elections, the week-long convention officially opens today; at least eight people have been injured after an armed vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in the Panjwai district in Afghanistan; we have a career coach with tips to kick-start your career; singer-songwriter Justin Nozuka tells us what it was like to perform for the delegates at the Democratic National Convention; chef Michael P. Clive shows us how to whip up some quick meals for your family.moreless
  • August 22, 2008
    August 22, 2008
    Episode 255
    Three Canadian soldiers have been killed by a road-side bomb in Afghanistan, Sgt. Shawn Eades, Cpl. Dustin Wasden, and Sapper Stephan Stock, bringing the total casualties to 93; Maple Leaf food continues its clean-up, but health experts say that we can expect more cases of lysteriosis in the next few weeks; Thomas Hall took the bronze for Canada in the men's 1000 m Canoe race; film critic Richard Crouse is here to review this weekend's releases; we show you what's hot in back-to-school supplies; Mark Cullen shows you how to grow irises in your home garden.moreless
  • August 21, 2008
    August 21, 2008
    Episode 254
    A Maple Leaf food plant in Toronto has been shut down after a bacteria outbreak, the plant will be completely sanitized before re-opening in four days, one person has died in the outbreak and 16 people have been hospitalized; Premier Danny Williams of Newfoundland and Labrador has signed off on the Hebron oil deal; we show you how to get more space out of a dorm room using space savers; travel expert Loren Christie takes us through the possible Canadian contenders for the new seven wonders of nature; San Francisco Bay's Thriving Ivory plays their new single, "Angels on the Moon" for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • August 20, 2008
    August 20, 2008
    Episode 253
    Alexandre Despatie took the silver medal in the men's 3-metre Springboard at the Beijing Olympics; Florida could be hit with a third landfall by Tropical Storm Fay; in Afghanistan, French President Sarkosy visited a military chapel today where the bodies of 10 French soldiers lie before they are flown home; nutrition expert Leslie Beck tells us what foods will help fuel a sluggish student's brain; we talk with the most recent Canadian Idol voted off the show; we have the latest fashions for stylish students.moreless
  • August 19, 2008
    August 19, 2008
    Episode 252
    Simon Whitfield takes home a silver medal in the men's triathlon, Canada's tenth medal at the Beijing games; after nine trips to the Olympics, 61-year old Ian Miller finally brings home a silver medal in show jumping; Karen Cockburn took the silver medal in her trampoline event at the Olympics; Tropical Storm Fay has made landfall in Florida, where flooding is a concern; the search is on for 11 people unaccounted for after flooding on the floor of the Grand Canyon in Arizona; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us how to avoid embarrassing pimple break outs when heading back to school; tech expert Kris Abel shows us the best in back-to-school high-tech supplies; R&B singer Divine Brown performs her newest single from her album The Love Chronicles for the AM audience.moreless
  • August 18, 2008
    August 18, 2008
    Episode 251
    Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf has announced his resignation, saying that whatever he has done has been for his people, he resigned to avoid an impeachment battle; Florida residents are waiting to see the path of Tropical Storm Fay, it has made landfall in Cuba, and Florida residents are preparing for it should it become a hurricane; we have tips to make your back-to-school shopping stress free; Mark Cullen shows you how to keep your garden full of colour right through to September; we show you a new children's website that uses technology to get your kids out from behind the computer screen.moreless
  • August 15, 2008
    August 15, 2008
    Episode 250
    Christopher Neil will spend the next three years in a Thai jail, he was sentenced today for sexually abusing a 13-year old boy; diplomats are trying frantically to end the crisis in Georgia, US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is there to talk to the Georgian leaders; we salute our soldiers with a broadcast from CFB Petawawa where we talk with soldiers and their families as well as military officials about the impact that our troops are having in Afghanistan; JUNO-nominated country singer Donny Parenteau performs for the troops at CFB Petawawa.moreless
  • August 14, 2008
    August 14, 2008
    Episode 249
    Two Canadian aid workers were killed while working in Afghanistan on education programs for children; Russian troops remain in Georgia despite talks of a withdrawal, Georgia's government says Russian troops have moved in to key cities; the bodies of two Canadian soldiers killed in Afghanistan have arrived back in Canada, Master Cpl. Josh Roberts and Master Cpl. Aaron Doyle are the 89th and 90th Canadian soldiers to die since Canada began its peacekeeping mission there; we go on a pub crawl with a brew master to learn all about beer; we introduce you to Thumbelina, the world's smallest horse; actress Amy Jo Johnson tells us about starring on a show with mostly men, CTV's new hit, Flashpoint.moreless
  • August 13, 2008
    August 13, 2008
    Episode 248
    Three female aid workers have been killed in an insurgent attack along with their Afghan driver; gas stations in Alberta are running out of gas due to a malfunction at an Edmonton refinery; people who live within a 2-block radius of the propane plant in Toronto that exploded on the weekend are still not being allowed to return to their homes; we head to the National Cannonball Championship to see if the reigning champ can defend his title; tech expert Kris Abel shows you how to stay plugged in when you're off the grid; fitness expert Kathy Smith tells us how to lose weight by feeding muscle and shrinking fat.moreless
  • August 12, 2008
    August 12, 2008
    Episode 247
    The Russian President has ordered troops to stop military operations in Georgia, this move comes after French President Sarkozy arrived in Russia for peace talks; in the aftermath of an explosion in Toronto, police have confirmed that they found a body today at the site of the propane factory, it has not yet been confirmed if it is the body of a missing employee; Master Cpl. Aaron Doyle is the 90th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan, he was killed yesterday at an outpost; we catch up with Calgary's identical quadruplets as they celebrate their first birthday; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us how that morning jog can improve your health well into your golden years; movie critic Richard Crouse reviews remastered movies of the '80s now on DVD.moreless
  • August 11, 2008
    August 11, 2008
    Episode 246
    A propane explosion in north Toronto caused evacuations, one fire fighter died, and one employee of the propane company is missing, after battling the fire for 16 hours, some residents are being allowed to return home, but others are still homeless as authorities check for asbestos; police in Montreal say they have regained control after a riot broke out last night, the problems began after people gathered to protest the shooting of a teen by police; we tell you why more and more Canadians are choosing to buy, eat, and grow local; we have information on a revolutionary way of testing for bitter, sweet, sour, and salty tastes; we show you the latest in fitness gadgets.moreless
  • August 8, 2008
    August 8, 2008
    Episode 245
    The world gathers in Beijing as China kicks off the 2008 Olympics; activists across the world are taking this opportunity to protest China's human rights record as well as demand freedom for Tibet; a charter bus ran off a highway overpass in Texas, 12 of the 55 people on the bus were killed in the accident; film critic Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases including Pineapple Express; US Presidential candidate Ralph Nader talks to us about his fifth run for the White House; Canadian Idol judge Zack Werner and his band Haymaker perform for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • August 7, 2008
    August 7, 2008
    Episode 244
    There are only hours to go before the Olympic Games begin in Beijing, the Canadian team has arrived and is said to be ready for any challenges that arise, including environmental factors; a B.C. woman is lucky to be alive after being attacked by a black bear while gardening in her front yard, neighbours drove the bear away by throwing rocks at it; police have arrested a second person in the death of 7-year old Katelynn Sampson, Warren Johnson, the common-law husband of the woman originally charged, has also been charged with second degree murder; we look at why inheritance battles involving multiple marriages is a recipe for disaster in our continuing "Family Feud' series; we find out what your behaviour behind the wheel says about you; singer Kelly Brock performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • August 6, 2008
    August 6, 2008
    Episode 243
    Four people were arrested near the Beijing Bird's Nest Stadium after two of them climbed up electrical poles with banners carrying 'Free Tibet' slogans; the Olympic torch has begun its final leg before the beginning of the Games on Friday; US President George Bush says it is a mistake for China not to allow its citizens to freely express their views; the US government has laid charges in the largest case of identity theft on record, charging 11 people who were involved in the theft of more than 40 million credit and debit card numbers; we tell you all you need to know about how to prevent estate fraud from happening to you; we tell you about the five fresh foods that will make your skin glow; we have the do's and don'ts of keeping hydrated while working out this summer.moreless
  • August 5, 2008
    August 5, 2008
    Episode 242
    A plane crashed in B.C., killing five, two men survived and assisted in their rescue by texting their location to the rescue teams; a plane crashed in Oregon, landing on a house, killing the pilot, his passenger and three children inside the house; the man charged with the stabbing and beheading of a Greyhound bus passenger will appear in court today in Manitoba, the Crown has asked for a psychiatric evaluation of the accused; we begin our 'Family Feud' series, with information on how to avoid fighting over an estate; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us about a new study that shows exercise may not cure anxiety; we talk with a Canadian woman who is in the running for the title "World's Greenest Person"; Richard Crouse reviews this week's DVD releases.moreless
  • August 4, 2008
    August 4, 2008
    Episode 241
    About 100 people gathered outside the Manitoba Legislature buildings to remember Tim McLean, the young man slain on a Greyhound bus last week; a plane crash on Vancouver Island has left five people dead and two others injured, rescuers spent hours trying to find the wreckage and said text messages helped them find the site; our hosts remember some of their favourite moments from recent shows.moreless
  • August 1, 2008
    August 1, 2008
    Episode 240
    The victim of the brutal attack on a Greyhound bus has been identified on Facebook as 22-year old Tim McLean of Winnipeg, who was heading home at the time of the attack; this attack has raised questions of security on buses, Greyhound says that they have been looking at this issue for some time and such measures could increase fares and slow service; clean up has begun in B.C. as workers blasted tons of rock to stabilize the area where a landslide blocked the highway between Vancouver and Whistler; film critic Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases including Swing Vote; we have tips for you on how to keep your skin soft and supple this summer; Spirit of the West performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • July 31, 2008
    July 31, 2008
    Episode 239
    There are reports that a man on a Greyhound bus has stabbed and decapitated another passenger, there were 37 people on the bus along with the driver, the bus was travelling from Edmonton to Winnipeg, all passengers have been taken to a police station for questioning; Quebec police say they have found the body of 17-year old Melissa Beaudin less than 24 hours after she was reported missing, the father of her boyfriend has been arrested for her death; we talk with a sports psychology consultant who tells us about the mental stamina required for competing in the Olympics; travel expert Loren Christie takes us hang gliding; So You Think You Can Dance fan- and judge-favourite former contestant Robert Muraine joins us in the AM studio.moreless
  • July 30, 2008
    July 30, 2008
    Episode 238
    Former Bosnian-Serb leader Radovan Karadzic has been extradited to The Hague, in Belgrade, a massive demonstration in support of Karadzic erupted into violence; the hockey arena in Mayerthorpe, Alberta, went up in flames, it was the site of an annual game to commemorate the four RCMP officers who died there three years ago; Transport Canada has listed driver fatigue as one of the many issues that led to a fatal accident killing members of a basketball team from Bathurst, NB, earlier this year; The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sequel is poised to hit theatres next week, and we talk with the best-selling author who came up with the magical jeans; we talk with Tyler Christopher, the 400-metre runner who hopes to bring home gold from Beijing for Canada; Leslie Beck has tips on which foods to choose for a pre-workout energy boost.moreless
  • July 29, 2008
    July 29, 2008
    Episode 237
    Two Canadian missionaries who were viciously beaten in Kenya earlier this month have returned home to B.C., but say that they will go back to Kenya; two investigations are being launched to find out how personal prison items of convicted child killer Clifford Olsen have turned up for sale on-line; an al-Qaeda weapons expert was apparently killed yesterday by a US attack in Pakistan; a technology lawyer tells us how websites like Facebook and YouTube are bringing new evidence to the courtroom; tech expert Kris Abel tells us all about e-radio; we have a bridal fashion show for the bride on a budget.moreless
  • July 28, 2008
    July 28, 2008
    Episode 236
    A recent study by a Canadian professor suggests that we all think that we're the star of our own reality show, a la Truman, and we talk with him about this; fitness expert Libby Norris shows us which running shoes are right for your feet; Jacqueline MacInnes Wood, the new star of The Bold and the Beautiful talks to us about life in the soaps.moreless
  • July 25, 2008
    July 25, 2008
    Episode 235
    Jason Alexander and Martin Short tell us about shooting for gold at this year's Just For Laughs festival; film critic Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases, including the highly anticipated X-Files movie; the JUNO Award winning ensemble God Made Me perform for the AM studio audience.
  • July 24, 2008
    July 24, 2008
    Episode 234
    Hurricane Dolly made its way on-shore as a category 2 storm, bringing strong winds and a massive amount of rain, today, the clean-up begins as parts of Texas are still being lashed by rain; Barack Obama is in Germany where he met with Chancellor Angela Merkel; Ford Motor Company is expected to announce a shift towards smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles today; twelve years ago, a popular teen vanished while walking home, our 'Cold Case' series looks into the case that left no witnesses, no signs of a struggle, and still no sign of the victim; we examine a BNN documentary that looks at how oil-rich nations manage their money and asks if Canada is squandering its profits; we show you how to turn your camping experience into a glamorous getaway.moreless
  • July 23, 2008
    July 23, 2008
    Episode 233
    Nova Scotia is being drenched by Tropical Storm Cristobal where a month's worth of rain fell, Texas and Mexico are preparing for Hurricane Dolly, expected to make land-fall later this morning; Barack Obama is in Israel, where he made a visit to a Holocaust Memorial after meeting with leaders there; Winnipeg police are investigating the death of a man who was tasered, the first death of that type in Manitoba; Jeff gets into the swing of things at the RBC Canadian Open; we talk with the latest Canadian Idol to be voted off the show; our 'Cold Case' series continues as we look at the case of an 18-year old snowboarder who disappeared into thin air.moreless
  • July 22, 2008
    July 22, 2008
    Episode 232
    The world's most wanted fugitive for war crimes, Radovan Karadzic, is in custody, the former leader is charged with organizing the massacre with as many as 80,000 Muslims in the ethnic cleansing of non-Serbs in Bosnia; a Canadian soldier will be prosecuted in the death of Cpl. Megeney, Cpl. Matthew Wilcox faces charges of manslaughter; parts of the Maritimes have been drenched in rain, and more is on the way as Tropical Storm Cristobal is heading that way; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us why people are having their tattoos removed; our 'Cold Case' series continues as we look at the murder of 17-year old Cindy Halliday; former Canadian Idol contestant Jaydee Bixby performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • July 21, 2008
    July 21, 2008
    Episode 231
    Toronto police say three men found dead inside an SUV in the city's west end were likely shot in another part of the city, they say it has all the hallmarks of a gang shooting; residents of a Toronto complex are wondering when they'll be able to return home after an explosion in the underground hydro vault sent cars flying and shattering windows; we go back in time to unravel some of Canada's most infamous unsolved mysteries; Jeanne Beker and supermodel Yasmine Warsame show us how Caribbean-inspired clothing is the latest fashion trend; we have a preview of the hottest toys for this summer, from super soakers to mega blocks.moreless
  • July 18, 2008
    July 18, 2008
    Episode 230
    An Edmonton woman living with her family in North Carolina has been murdered, the 34-year old mother of two's body was found Monday and the police are looking for her husband, Brad Cooper; the Barenaked Ladies have announced that they have cancelled a concert in New York that was scheduled for next month, saying that they do not want to cause the sponsor, Disney, any embarrassment following the arrest of lead singer Steven Page; a missionary couple from B.C. who were brutally beaten in Kenya will come home next week; Mark Cullen helps transform an urban wasteland into a garden oasis; Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases including Batman: The Dark Knight and Mamma Mia!; the creator of the Buddha Dog, rated Canada's best dog, shows us how to make our own fabulous franks.moreless
  • July 17, 2008
    July 17, 2008
    Episode 229
    Pope Benedict sailed into Sydney Harbour today and addressed the crowds there, warning them to avoid the poisons that afflict society today; after reaching an all-time high last week, oil prices have dropped $10 in the last two days, closing at $134.64 last night; the pilots of US Airways claim that the company wants them to cut the amount of fuel they carry on board, the company denies this; travel expert Loren Christie opens his mailbag to answer viewer questions; we profile Camp Rock Star, a camp that will allow your kids to tune up their music skills; author Christopher Andersen talks about his biography Somewhere in Heaven: The Remarkable Love Story of Dana and Christopher Reeve; as the Emmy nominations are announced, we predict who's likely to take home the gold.moreless
  • July 16, 2008
    July 16, 2008
    Episode 228
    Hezbollah has turned over two coffins to the Red Cross, DNA testing is underway to confirm that they contain the bodies of Israeli soldiers and when that is confirmed, Israel will turn over five Lebanese prisoners; the TSX plunged 384 points, or 3%, yesterday, pushed down by the drop in oil prices; Bob Rae, Liberal Foreign Affairs Critic, is calling for the government to bring Omar Khadr home, he is the only western citizen still imprisoned at Guantanamo Bay; nutrition expert Leslie Beck tells us why your favourite morning drink may not be as healthy as you think; we take a look at Canada's environment grade on David Suzuki's report card; Brideshead Revisited actors Matthew Goode and Hayley Atwell tell us about their roles.moreless
  • July 15, 2008
    July 15, 2008
    Episode 227
    Video footage of a 2003 interrogation of Omar Khadr has been released showing him asking for medical help and to return home to Canada; General Motors is expected to cut more jobs today, blaming declining truck sales; at least 28 people are dead after a double suicide bombing in Iraq, the bombers blew themselves up in a crowd of army recruits in Baquoba, east of Baghdad; we pay a visit to Camp Millionaire to see how campers will manage their weekly allowance; we take a look at the air quality in Beijing, and how it is keeping Olympic athletes and organizers on edge; acting legend Christopher Plummer takes a break from playing Julius Caesar at the Stratford Festival to talk with us in the studio.moreless
  • July 14, 2008
    July 14, 2008
    Episode 226
    Three of the eight men on trial for the 2006 bomb plot that changed what we can carry on planes have entered pleas of guilty, but said that they did not plan to blow up any planes, they just intended harmless demonstrations; Gen. Walter Natynczyk wrapped up a surprise five-day visit to Afghanistan; nine US soldiers were killed in a single attack in Afghanistan's southern district; we feature some of the most unique activities for your kids this summer, from millionaire camp to rock camp; we tell you why original comic art is getting the top dollar in art circles; fitness expert Libby Norris has tips on how to have a toned tummy.moreless
  • July 9, 2008
    July 9, 2008
    Episode 223
    Nutrition expert Leslie Beck tells us the truth about the myths that wheat can unsettle your stomach; the host of HGTV's Dirty Business shows us how to turn your backyard into a personal paradise; our 'Wireless World' series continues as we look at how e-commerce has changed the way we do business.moreless
  • July 8, 2008
    July 8, 2008
    Episode 222
    President Bush's former press secretary Scott McClellan explains why he turned on his former boss in his new tell-all book; our 'Wireless World' series continues as Dr. Marla Shapiro shows us how technology is changing a doctor's 'on call' status; we have tips to help you choose the right shoes this summer.moreless
  • July 7, 2008
    July 7, 2008
    Episode 221
    A Canadian soldier, Private Colin William Wilmot, has been killed in Afghanistan while on foot patrol, he is the 87th Canadian soldier to be killed there; world leaders are meeting in Japan for the G-8 Summit to tackle some of the problems facing the world; Rafael Nadal beat Roger Federer at Wimbledon this weekend; a suicide bomber set off explosives near the Indian Embassy in Kabul, killing at least 40 people and injuring over 140 others; we begin our 'Wireless World' series with a look at how technology is changing our lives; we tell you about a solution to Canada's high gas prices; an expert fisherman tells us everything we need to know before casting a line for that big catch.moreless
  • July 4, 2008
    July 4, 2008
    Episode 220
    American Ambassador to Canada, David Wilkins, tells us how Americans are celebrating the 4th of July in Canada; Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases, including Hancock; we show you fashions for the fairway this golf season.
  • July 3, 2008
    July 3, 2008
    Episode 219
    Canadian investors are hoping for better times today after yesterday's drop of 433 points on the TSE, the biggest drop in more than three months, while GM stock closed below $10.00 for the first time in over 50 years; oil is at an all-time high of over $145/bbl; fires in Saskatchewan are still raging, forcing people to evacuate their homes; in northern California, raging fires are threatening home owners and forcing evacuations; Jeff reports in from Quebec City as the town celebrates its 400th anniversary; Canada's new top soldier, Gen. Walter Natynczyk, talks about Canada's future in Afghanistan; actor Chris O'Donnell tells us all about his new film Kit Kittredge.moreless
  • July 2, 2008
    July 2, 2008
    Episode 218
    In Jerusalem, a man in a bulldozer went on a rampage, killing at least two people and leaving dozens injured, police shot and killed the man; abortion rights groups are outraged that Dr. Henry Morgentaler has been named to the Order of Canada; Gen. Rick Hillier will perform his final duties today as the Chief of Defence, he will attend ceremonies to officially hand over duties to his successor; Kris Abel shows us the latest technology for musicians and those who want to make music; Leslie Beck tells us how eating breakfast can help you lose weight; we get an update on the relief effort in Burma.moreless
  • July 1, 2008
    July 1, 2008
    Episode 217
    For our Canada Day special, the hosts remember their favourite moments, including when The Barenaked Ladies performed on the AM stage for the studio audience; Barbara Walters' interview with Bev about her life and new book; we show you how to make the perfect sandwich for your Canada Day picnic.
  • June 30, 2008
    June 30, 2008
    Episode 216
    Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe is attending an African Leaders' Summit where he will face critics of his one-person election; Canada has imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe in response to the election; the Israeli Cabinet has agreed to release a Lebanese prisoner in return for the bodies of two kidnapped Israeli soldiers; the price of oil is over $142/bbl this morning; we tell you all about the world's first space telescope designed to track asteroids and why Canada is building it; Libby Norris shows us how to train without pain when you're injured; Bill White, legendary brew master, gives us a quick primer course on pairing your favourite meals with international beers.moreless
  • June 27, 2008
    June 27, 2008
    Episode 215
    Voters are heading to the polls today in Zimbabwe in a one-party election that world leaders have said they will not recognize the results of; gas prices have reached a record high this morning, hitting $1.48 per litre as oil prices skyrocketed more than $5.00/bbl; as of next year, the price to mail a letter in Canada could go up two cents per letter, with another two-cent rise the following year; North Korea has reportedly destroyed a nuclear reactor tower as part of its symbolic gesture in response to the lifting of sanctions by the US; film critic Richard Crouse drops by to review this weekend's releases, including Wall-E; one of the best pick-up artists in the world stops by to teach men how to meet the women of their dreams; a design expert shows us the best indoor and outdoor water fountains to help you relieve the stress in your home.moreless
  • June 26, 2008
    June 26, 2008
    Episode 214
    Former Foreign Affairs Minister Maxime Bernier spoke out about his relationship with Julie Couillard, directly contradicting her and saying that he was unaware of her past and connections to organized crime; an Ontario man who pleaded guilty to a sexual assault more than 20 years ago has now been exonerated after it was revealed that serial rapist Paul Bernardo had admitted to the crime; the number of women giving birth by C-section in Canada is at an all-time high, putting women at risk, according to doctors; Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe says that tomorrow's election there will go ahead as planned, and that the process is fair, despite a growing chorus of dissent from world leaders; Pat Foran tells us all about coupon clipping and how much it can save you at the supermarket; actor and musician Kevin Costner tells us about his new projects; Jeff Farbstein from Harry Rosen has fashion tips for men on what to wear this summer.moreless
  • June 25, 2008
    June 25, 2008
    Episode 213
    Prime Minister Harper plans to realign his cabinet today, however, he will not be holding a press conference following the small shuffle; police say that someone is deliberately trying to poison dogs in a Toronto park, two dogs have died and others are ill; Israeli politicians say that they've reached a deal to allow Prime Minister Olmert to remain in power for a few more months; in Kentucky, four people were killed in a plastics plant by a employee who'd had an argument with his supervisor, he then turned the gun on himself; Leslie Beck tells us which are the best and worst burgers you can put on your grill for Canada Day; Lauren Weisberger, author of The Devil Wears Prada, drops by to tell us about her hotly anticipated new novel; we have all the info you need for fashion 'dos' and 'don'ts' this summer.moreless
  • June 24, 2008
    June 24, 2008
    Episode 212
    A 36-year old man is dead after being zapped by a taser by police, he collapsed at a police station and was pronounced dead at the hospital; the judge in Khawaja's terrorism case in Ottawa is expected to rule today on the admissibility of evidence given by the main witness for the prosecution; rescue divers in the Philippines did not find any further survivors in the overturned ferry; Canadian folk rock band Great Big Sea perform on the AM patio; we tell you the potential health effects of toxins in the body and the best ways to avoid them; best-selling author Deepak Chopra talks about his latest book, Why Is God Laughing?moreless
  • June 23, 2008
    June 23, 2008
    Episode 211
    An international terrorist suspect gets his day in court in Ottawa today on seven charges relating to an alleged bomb plot in England; Saudi Arabia says it will produce more crude oil this year, if it is needed, however oil prices rose in overnight trading, hitting a high of $137.46; comedian George Carlin died yesterday of heart failure, he was 71; celebrity host Ben Stein talks about what it means to be an American today and why his documentary Expelled is so controversial; we examine some ofthe chemical toxins that live in our bodies.moreless
  • June 20, 2008
    June 20, 2008
    Episode 210
    Twenty levees have broken along the Mississippi River and three towns are swamped, with more towns in danger; the Prime Minister has rejected Stephane Dion's 'carbon tax' as a tax-grab; Toronto police believe they have put a major dent into a crime ring that was selling Canadian-made drugs for American guns; John McCain will deliver a speech in Ottawa, where he is expected to highlight the differences between himself and Barack Obama; Richard Crouse drops by to review this weekend's releases, including The Love Guru; Mark Cullen shows us how to keep your garden looking glorious this summer; JUNO Award-winning blues-rock musician Derek Miller performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • June 19, 2008
    June 19, 2008
    Episode 209
    The mystery deepens for a community in B.C. as a sixth human foot washes ashore, it is the second foot that has been found this week; Canadian and Afghan troops are calling their joint effort to run the Taliban out of the area a success; details of Stephane Dion's 'carbon tax' have come to light, including a tax levy of 15.5 billion dollars on Canada's biggest polluters; travel expert Loren Christie has information and options on group trips for all ages; Pat Foran reviews solar-powered lawn mowers; an American researcher reveals his method for detecting hair loss.moreless
  • June 18, 2008
    June 18, 2008
    Episode 208
    NATO troops have exchanged gun fire with Taliban fighters near Kandahar, Canadian and Afghan troops are working together to try to get the Taliban out of villages southwest of Kandahar; Canadians should learn more today about what is in a report on RCMP use of tasers, the release of the report was delayed previously; a human rights group claims that medical exams of former terrorism suspects held at Guantanamo Bay show signs of physical and mental abuse; Ivanka Trump describes her latest project for us; nutrition expert Leslie Beck tells us how much is too much when it comes to junk food for your kids; chef Trish Magwood stops by to show us some tasty tapas recipes to serve guests this summer.moreless
  • June 17, 2008
    June 17, 2008
    Episode 207
    Former US Vice President Al Gore has thrown his support behind Barack Obama, appearing with him at a rally in Detroit yesterday; Taliban fighters have seized several villages and say they are ready and waiting for NATO soldiers, just four days after a prison break in Kandahar; Lance Armstrong and Pamela Wallin speak about their quest for the best cancer research funding; we review the latest fuel cell concept vehicles and tell you when you'll see them on the road; Montreal author Rawi Hage talks about winning the most lucrative literary prize in the world for his first novel.moreless
  • June 16, 2008
    June 16, 2008
    Episode 206
    A 31-year old Belgian man will appear in court today facing charges of luring a 13-year old Montreal girl whom he met on-line; approximately 5000 people were evacuated from their homes near Halifax, NS, due to a massive brush fire over the weekend, most of them have returned home this morning; in Bridgewater, NS, the mother of Karissa Boudreau has been charged with first degree murder in the death of her daughter; we talk with Ben Affleck about the ONE X ONE benefit; fitness expert Libby Norris has tips on how to find the best activity for your kids; Billy Bragg performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • June 13, 2008
    June 13, 2008
    Episode 205
    The Competition Bureau has uncovered a price fixing scam in Quebec gas stations, and has laid charges against 13 people and 11 companies; the US Supreme Court has ruled that prisoners in Guantanamo Bay have the legal right to challenge their detention in civilian courts; a new bill in parliament may make copyright infringement more clearly defined, and is aimed at people who chronically download movies and music on-line; Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases including The Incredible Hulk; we visit a B.C. couple to find out what it's like to parent 17 kids; celebrity dog trainer Tamar Geller is back with tips on how to child-proof your pooch.moreless
  • June 12, 2008
    June 12, 2008
    Episode 204
    A deadly tornado killed four at a Boy Scout camp in Iowa, 40 people were injured; Canada's police forces will receive recommendations on how tasers should be used with the release of an official report; a ticket collector for the TTC has been arrested for selling counterfeit tickets, the TTC may get rid of the paper tickets and go with tokens; Pat Foran tells us what we need to know about protecting our kids from the sun; we have the results of a new study on how Canadians perceive prejudice; chef Micheal P. Clive shows us how to make the perfect Father's Day meal.moreless
  • June 11, 2008
    June 11, 2008
    Episode 203
    Two residential school survivors share their story and tell us if the apology from Prime Minister Stephen Harper is enough; nutrition expert Leslie Beck sets the record straight about portion control and how much should go on your plate; Canadian R & B singer Ivana Santilli performs live on the AM Soundstage.moreless
  • June 10, 2008
    June 10, 2008
    Episode 202
    The price of oil and gas has been climbing steadily, in Montreal, the price of a litre of gas is $1.51; hundreds of Canadian and US fast food restaurants have stopped serving fresh tomatoes due to fears of salmonella; General Motors may get a court injunction to either limit the scope of the protest outside its Oshawa offices ore remove the blockade all together; novelist Salman Rushdie talks with Seamus about his new book, The Enchantress of Florence; we have tips on how to keep your kids safe this summer when they're playing in the water; Cuban-Canadian singer Alex Cuba performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • June 9, 2008
    June 9, 2008
    Episode 201
    There was severe weather in southern Ontario, as well as in the US, in Indiana, one person is dead after storms hit the area; parts of central Canada experienced a full-fledged heat wave this weekend; crude oil soared to $139/bbl on Friday and is trading between $135 and $138/bbl this morning; Cpt. Jonathan Snyder is the 85th Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan, he was on night foot patrol when he fell into an open well; fitness expert Libby Norris shows us how to dress the kids for success in their little league games and swimming lessons; we have tips on how to keep your bicycle safe this summer; James Taylor tells us all about his up-coming Canadian concert tour.moreless
  • June 6, 2008
    June 6, 2008
    Episode 200
    There could be some heated discussions in Detroit today when union leader Buzz Hargrove meets with GM executives, whom he accuses of bargaining in bad faith and lying to the workers; Senators Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton met in Washington late yesterday, their first encounter since Obama earned enough delegates to clinch the Democratic nomination; Vitamin D has been shown to prevent the onset of juvenile diabetes; Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases, including the new Jack Black-Angelina Jolie film, Kung-Fu Panda; So You Think You Can Dance Canada judge Tre Armstrong gives us the inside scoop on the auditions; Martha Wainwright performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • June 5, 2008
    June 5, 2008
    Episode 199
    Newfoundland and Labrador celebrate an historic Stanley Cup win as Danny Cleary became the first Newfoundlander to win the NHL play offs with the Detroit Red Wings taking the series over the Pittsburgh Penguins; the CAW is scheduled to meet with GM executives in Detroit tomorrow to talk about the plant closure in Oshawa; one of the most-watched toilet repair jobs took place on the International Space Station, the two-hour job was a success; Nancy L. Snyderman helps us separate medical fact from fiction and dispel the myths that can kill you; Pat Foran dives into the world of luxury boats; Augusten Burroughs, author of Running With Scissors talks to us about his new book, The Wolf At The Table.moreless
  • June 4, 2008
    June 4, 2008
    Episode 198
    Barack Obama claimed victory in the Democratic primary race after winning the one of the last two primaries; Hillary Clinton has not yet admitted defeat, but has said she's open to becoming Obama's running mate; union members have formed a road-block in front of the GM Head Office in Oshawa just one day after the corporation announced job cuts and a plant closure; nutrition expert Leslie Beck shows us what 100 calories looks like and unpackages the truth about pre-portioned snacks; Loren Christie tells us about the five road trips you and your family can take on one tank of gas; a new on-line site cyber-nags you to help you lose the pounds.moreless
  • June 3, 2008
    June 3, 2008
    Episode 197
    Auto workers are bracing for bad news as General Motors is getting ready to announce major lay-offs and the closure of four plants in Canada, including the truck plant in Oshawa, ON, which the company had previously agreed to keep open until 2009; the Minister of Tourism says that attractions in Canada need to be spiced up as the tourism sector is facing an unprecedented decline; Barack Obama is within reach of clinching the Democratic nomination; veteran journalist and TV host Barbara Walters tells us about her love, laughs and uphill battles in her new book Audition; Kris Abel shows us the latest video cameras and how to use digital to make the best memories.moreless
  • June 2, 2008
    June 2, 2008
    Episode 196
    Canadian Christopher Neil appeared in a Thai court today charged with sexually abusing a young boy, he pleaded 'not guilty' to the charges; French designer Yves St.-Laurent died yesterday at age 71; an explosion occurred outside the Danish embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, killing at least eight people, this follows the reprinting of a cartoon that Muslims consider sacrilegious; travel expert Loren Christie has tips on how to find the best deals with soaring airline fees this summer; Lincoln Hall was pronounced dead by his team while ascending Mt. Everest, he joins us to tell his story; jazz great Oliver Jones plays for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • May 30, 2008
    May 30, 2008
    Episode 195
    Police in Calgary are focusing on the husband and father of the family, Joshua Lall, in the deaths of five people whose bodies were found Wednesday in a home there, Josh Lall was one of the five found dead; the Liberals continue to call for an investigation into the Maxime Bernier debacle, at issue is when the Prime Minister found out about the security breach; Luc Bourdon, an up-and-coming NHL player, is being mourned after he died in a motorcycle accident in New Brunswick this weekend; the Fab Four from New York are finally back with their movie, and we have the review of Sex And The City; Mike Holmes shows us how to get a home ready for the real estate market; JUNO-nominated Doc Walker performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • May 29, 2008
    May 29, 2008
    Episode 194
    Police are searching for answers after finding five people, three adults and two children, dead in a Calgary home; BPA levels in canned goods have been shown to be greater than those in the already recalled plastic bottles; a briefing by the Prime Minister's office has left the Conservatives embarrassed, journalists travelling with the government were told the Italians had changed their policy regarding Afghanistan, but that is not the case; we take a look at the debate on how far parents should go when trying to cure their kids' pain; we give you tips on how to hold a successful garage sale; chef Michael P. Clive gives us a cooking lesson with fresh herbs.moreless
  • May 28, 2008
    May 28, 2008
    Episode 193
    Stephen Harper is selling Canada's climate plan in Europe, where he can't escape questions about the resignation of his Foreign Affairs Minister; the fallout over the security breach by former minister Maxine Bernier continues in Ottawa, with opposition parties calling for a formal investigation; there may be a major cabinet overhaul in late June or early July; Cherie Blair joins us to talk about her new autobiography Speaking For Myself; Leslie Beck takes a look at supplements to help increase your fibre intake; DK Ibomeka performs for the AM studio audience from his new album I'm Your Man.moreless
  • May 27, 2008
    May 27, 2008
    Episode 192
    Foreign Affairs Minister Maxine Bernier resigned suddenly yesterday afternoon, after admitting that he had left classified documents at his girlfriend's apartment, who had raised concerns due to her alleged ties with organized crime; just hours after Bernier's resignation, Julie Couilliard spoke on Quebec television about the breach of security; Michel Fournier will try once again to break the free-fall skydiving record, his attempt was thwarted by the weather yesterday; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us how to avoid the danger of a deadly bacteria that may be lurking in your garden; we speak with the mother of Pat Tillman, the football player who turned down an NFL contract to go to Iraq; our 'Safe Kids' week continues as we take a look at how to determine whether your kids are fit or not.moreless
  • May 26, 2008
    May 26, 2008
    Episode 191
    The Phoenix Mars lander made a successful landing on the surface of Mars, and will now begin research looking for evidence of life on the planet; a 64-year old skydiver hopes to break records today when he free-falls more than 40,000 metres above Saskatchewan; 15 pieces of gold jewellry were stolen from Vancouver's Museum of Anthropology, most of the pieces were done by artist Bill Reid, and are deemed to be 'priceless' by the curators of the museum, who fear that the thieves will simply melt the jewellry and sell off the gold; we kick off 'Safe Kids' week by discussing the dangers lurking on residential streets; Libby Norris drops by to show us some simple exercises that can help your golf game; jazz singer Emilie-Claire Barlow performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • May 23, 2008
    May 23, 2008
    Episode 190
    Burma's government says that all aid workers will be allowed into the country to help the cyclone victims; a Canadian woman was abducted in Haiti, police say that the woman is unharmed and the kidnappers are looking for ransom; police have arrested two people they say are the parents of an infant who was abandoned in a stairwell in Toronto this past winter in minus 14 degree weather; NASA's spacecraft to Mars finally reaches the planet, and we talk about the Canadian technology that's making the mission possible; we have the harrowing tale of a woman who lived inside a polygamous compound; JUNO Award winning opera star Measha Brueggergosman joins us in the AM studio.moreless
  • May 22, 2008
    May 22, 2008
    Episode 189
    The UN Secretary General is pushing for Burma's military government to allow foreign aid workers into the country to assist cyclone victims; the price of oil surged above $135/bbl over night; the Prime Minister's most senior adviser has resigned after leaked information on the Democratic nominee contenders' NAFTA intentions; our travel expert, Loren Christie, has all the ins and outs of renting a villa this summer for your vacation; the cast of My Fair Lady performs for the AM audience.moreless
  • May 21, 2008
    May 21, 2008
    Episode 188
    Hillary Clinton remains in the fight for the White House despite dwindling odds, Clinton took the Kentucky primary and Obama took Oregon, he now has the majority of delegates in the race; Senator Ted Kennedy has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour; earlier this morning, oil futures were trading at $130/bbl; we have the results from the Kentucky and Oregon primaries which could spell the future of the Obama and Clinton campaigns for the White House; Leslie Beck answers viewer mail; we have a better way to keep your kids safe from bug bites this summer.moreless
  • May 20, 2008
    May 20, 2008
    Episode 187
    Rescue efforts continue in China as people are still being pulled from the rubble alive, a man trapped for 170 hours was found yesterday; a 29-year old man in Quebec is accused of killing a mother of two and could face more charges of kidnapping, confinement and robbery; police in Toronto say they are dealing with a double murder-suicide after a third body has been found in the ashes of a burned out townhouse; Tonya Harding and author Lynda Prouse talk about their book The Tonya Tapes; Dr. Marla Shapiro has information on the early detection of lung cancer; Annika Sorenstam gives Jeff some golf tips and discusses her retirement.moreless
  • May 19, 2008
    May 19, 2008
    Episode 186
    In our Victoria Day Holiday special, our hosts remember some of their favourite interviews; Marci goes out to the garden with Mark Cullen to plant a garden that can withstand any weather.
  • May 16, 2008
    May 16, 2008
    Episode 185
    Survivors are still being pulled from mountains of rubble in China, days after the earthquake, but the death toll is still rising and is currently at 21,000; officials are trying to put pressure on the Burmese government to allow aid workers into the country to help survivors of the cyclone that hit that country; Richard Crouse drops by to review the weekend's releases, including Prince Caspian; we introduce you to a Canadian woman who hired mercenaries to bring her kids back from Lebanon after they were abducted by her ex-husband; newspaper columnist Josh Freed previews his new documentary about his messy life.moreless
  • May 14, 2008
    May 14, 2008
    Episode 183
    We give you a rundown of the safest cars on the market; Kris Abel reviews then new Nintendo way of getting in shape; we show you how to dress like your favourite celebrities at a fraction of the price.
  • May 8, 2008
    May 8, 2008
    Episode 179
    Foreign aid agencies are pleading with the Burmese government to let aid workers into the country a week after a cyclone ravished the country; a man accused of killing a police officer in Quebec stunned the court by pleading guilty to second degree murder; three women died in a fire in a low-rise building in Vancouver, but more lives could have been lost if not for the actions of a young resident of the building; Pat Foran tells us whether bundling your services is a money-saver; we have the news on the latest discovery from the deep.moreless
  • May 6, 2008
    May 6, 2008
    Episode 177
    Burma struggles to cope with a massive disaster as the death toll rises from a weekend cyclone, state media are now saying as many as 15,000 have been killed; the battle in the US Democratic primary race continues as voters head to the polls in Indiana and North Carolina today; for the second time in less than a year, Interpol is turning to the public for help in identifying a man accused of sexual abuse of children; we'll tell you why Canadians are paying for a second medical opinion; Dr. Marla Shapiro has information on a stress test for your heart; our tech expert shows us how to save money on-line.moreless
  • April 30, 2008
    April 30, 2008
    Episode 173
    People living along the St. John River are being warned to evacuate or be prepared to wait out the flood; Canada will answer the call to help feed the world's hungry after yesterday's warning from the UN that food shortages are causing strife; Ontario might qualify for federal equalization payments by 2010, making it one of the 'have not' provinces; BBC journalist Alan Johnston talks to us about what it was like to be held captive for months by Palestinian militants; Canadian racing veteran Kelly Williams has some simple tips for taking car of your car and using less gas; Leslie Beck tells us all about the top five energy-boosting foods you should include in your diet.moreless
  • April 29, 2008
    April 29, 2008
    Episode 172
    Hundreds were injured as at least three tornadoes touched down in Virginia, the Governor has declared a state of emergency; rain is forecast for water-logged New Brunswick, people along the St. John River are being warned to either get supplies or evacuate; the residents of Kasheshewan are being evacuated to Stratford, ON, due to flooding; Canadian astronaut Roberta Bondar tells us about her mission to raise awareness for Alzheimer's disease; Dr. Marla Shapiro has information for allergy sufferers on how to get through the Spring pollen season; we tell you about the top five hybrid cars that will help you save on gas.moreless
  • April 28, 2008
    April 28, 2008
    Episode 171
    The Olympic torch was paraded through the streets of Pyongyang, North Korea, with only positive response, yesterday in Seoul, demonstrators threw rocks during the Olympic torch run; at least 66 people are dead after two high-speed trains collided in China, 250 others were injured; the TTC is rolling in Toronto again, after the two-day transit strike was ended with legislation; Gordon Ramsay, host of Hell's Kitchen, joins us in the studio; Libby Norris shows us how to get a good workout while doing yard work; Robson Arms star Gabrielle Miller drops by to give us a preview of season 3.moreless
  • April 25, 2008
    April 25, 2008
    Episode 170
    Gas prices have hit all-time highs overnight, and are expected to go higher this summer; the St. John River in NB breached its banks earlier this week, causing evacuations in the area; Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach had some unexpected guests at a fund-raiser last night as protesters unfurled a banner protesting the oil sands development; fitness trainer Bob Harper of The Biggest Loser tells us his secrets to achieving weight loss success; Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases and tells us whether they're destined to be box office blockbusters; Lori Mitchell of Tomboy Tools shows us how to reupholster furniture to make it look new again.moreless
  • April 24, 2008
    April 24, 2008
    Episode 169
    The rising price of oil is affecting the prices of rice, grain, and wheat, causing food shortages in some countries; a new study shows that the damaged forests in B.C. is putting out carbon dioxide rather than oxygen; a new study released by the WWF shows that the melting of Arctic ice is severely accelerated, which puts Arctic animals such as polar bears, at risk; Immigration Minister Diane Finlay is the subject of threats from organized crime gangs due to her proposal that foreign exotic dancers be denied entry into Canada; we tell you the signs to look for if you think you're being lied to; we talk with the author of What To Expect When You're Expecting about the new version of the popular pregnancy book; Lori Mitchell of Tomboy Tools joins us again to show us how to fix leaky pipes.moreless
  • April 23, 2008
    April 23, 2008
    Episode 168
    Brenda Martin was found guilty of fraud by a Mexican court and sentenced to a minimum of five years in prison; Robert Baltovich was found not guilty of murdering his girlfriend Elizabeth Bain, and is now calling for a public inquiry into the case; Hillary Clinton claimed Pennsylvania in the race to the White House; we have all the news from the crucial Pennsylvania primary, including which Democrat is more likely to land in the White House; Lori Mitchell of Tomboy Tools returns and shows us how to organize your home.moreless
  • April 22, 2008
    April 22, 2008
    Episode 167
    There were riots in Montreal after the Canadiens won over Boston last night, 13 people have been arrested after stores were looted and police cruisers were set on fire; Brenda Martin will find out today whether she will leave a Mexico prison a free woman; Elections Canada says its investigation into the 'in and out' scheme used by the Conservative Party shows that candidates knew little of the plan; Lori Mitchell of Tomboy Tools returns to show us how to get the perfect paint job; we show you how Canadians are celebrating Earth Day; Sarah Slean performs for our AM studio audience.moreless
  • April 21, 2008
    April 21, 2008
    Episode 166
    Western Canada set snowfall records over the weekend, as more than 25 cm of snow fell in B.C. and Alberta; protests are taking place in New Orleans ahead of the North American Leaders' Summit; the search warrant used by the RCMP to search Tory headquarters was shown to select media members by the Tory Party; Lori Mitchell of Tomboy Tools kicks off a do-it-yourself series on home renovations; we take a look at whether natural calamities like tsunamis, earthquakes and hurricanes are becoming more prevalent, and what role we play in causing them; James Orbinski, past president of Medicins Sans Frontieres joins us to talk about his memoirs.moreless
  • April 18, 2008
    April 18, 2008
    Episode 165
    A judge in Texas must decide what will happen to 400 children taken from the grounds of a polygamous sect; gas prices jumped overnight for the second day in a row; a 5.4 magnitude earthquake occurred this morning in the US, centred on West Salem, Illinois; we have workplace safety tips for you and your kids who are looking for summer jobs; Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's releases; we've got all the tips you need to get your bike ready for the warm weather.moreless
  • April 17, 2008
    April 17, 2008
    Episode 164
    Police in B.C. have arrested Allan Schoenborn, the man suspected of killing his three children in Merritt, B.C.; an 18-year old man will appear in court today charged with the shooting of a 23-month old girl on a reservation near Edmonton; the Olympic flame is in India today, which is also home to the largest community of Tibetan exiles, who are planning protests; Pat Foran tells us whether driving a diesel-fueled vehicle will save you money; Sturla Gunnarsson joins us to talk about his new documentary Air India 182; we've got tips for you on how to make your lawn eco-friendly.moreless
  • April 16, 2008
    April 16, 2008
    Episode 163
    RCMP have raided Conservative Party headquarters at the request of Elections Canada based on allegations of over-spending by the Tories for campaign ads in the last federal election; some of Canada's biggest retailers are pulling plastic water bottles off their shelves due to concerns of BPA; General Rick Hillier says that it was his decision to leave as Chief of Defense Staff, and that he will be stepping down in July of this year; we show you how to save money and the environment when doing home renovations; Leslie Beck tells us which types of eggs raise cholesterol levels and which types don't; Eric McCormack joins us in Ottawa.moreless
  • April 15, 2008
    April 15, 2008
    Episode 162
    Brenda Martin got her day in court in Mexico yesterday after spending 26 months in pretrial custody, and now the judge in the case is saying that he may not have a decision by Friday; a little girl is clinging to life after being hit by a bullet in a drive-by shooting near Edmonton last night; the five-month search for Toronto toddler Alanna Levis has ended, and her parents will be appearing in court on charges of child endangerment and abduction; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us about the dangerous ways that students are battling exam stress; former Barack Obama aide Samantha Power talks to us about her book, and being dismissed from the campaign over 'Monstergate'; best-selling author Marya Hornbacher tells us about her latest book, Madness.moreless
  • April 14, 2008
    April 14, 2008
    Episode 161
    The Fisheries Minister is defending the RCMP's boarding of the Farley Mowat, an anti-seal hunting vessel, while the crew members on that vessel say that they were in international waters and did nothing wrong; Canada's men's team won the World Championship in curling; the Foreign Affairs Minister, Maxime Bernier, is calling for the removal of the governor of Kandahar in Afghanistan, citing corruption as the reason; we show you what's in style for spring and which pieces of clothing you should leave in your closet; the creators of the MTV show 4 Real tell us about the Canadian premiere.moreless
  • April 11, 2008
    April 11, 2008
    Episode 160
    The Olympic flame arrived in Buenos Aries today under heavy guard, as officials brace for more protests; the government has said no to the sale of MDA to an American company, a decision that is being applauded by the opposition; American Airlines have cancelled more flights for safety inspections, leaving passengers angry and frustrated, this brings the total number of flights cancelled to over 3,000; actress Goldie Hawn tells us all about her passion for peace; our 'Spring Cleaning' series continues as we show you how to get at those stubborn stains that just won't come out; Richard Crouse drops by to review this weekend's releases, including Smart People.moreless
  • April 10, 2008
    April 10, 2008
    Episode 159
    The IOC has decided that there will be no international running of the torch for the 2010 Olympics, due to the problems encountered with the torch run for the 2008 Beijing Olympic torch run, however the current torch run will not be cut short; in Alberta, a bus crash has left one student dead and two other students seriously injured after a gravel truck slammed into the bus in heavy fog conditions; we speak to one innovative Canadian who started his own business and has tips on how you can give yourself a career makeover; our 'Spring Cleaning' series continues as we show you how to detox and cleanse your body.moreless
  • April 9, 2008
    April 9, 2008
    Episode 158
    While there are calls to boycott the Beijing Olympics, Prime Minister Harper has said that such a boycott would only harm the athletes; police in B.C. are still looking for the father of three slain children, he is believed to be dangerous; there may be a resolution in the Brenda Martin case, her trial, which has been on-going for two years, may have a verdict by next week; officials in Texas have removed more than 400 children from a polygamous ranch after they received allegations of abuse there; we tell you how to stop snoring and save your love life; our 'Spring Cleaning' series continues as we show you how to clean out your medicine cabinet and what to do with old prescriptions; Leslie Beck tells us how much sushi should be in your diet.moreless
  • April 8, 2008
    April 8, 2008
    Episode 157
    A community in B.C. is in shock and coming to terms with the killing of three children in Merritt, B.C., police are looking for the father of the children; the pro-Tibet protests continue to follow the Olympic torch relay, with protests already starting in San Francisco as protesters unfurled a banner on the Golden Gate Bridge yesterday; the body of Private Terry Street, the 82nd soldier to die in Afghanistan, will arrive home today; we show you ways of creating keepsakes with your digital pictures; Ellen Page and Thomas Haden Church join us to talk about their new movie, Smart People; we tell you how experts are dealing with post-winter potholes in roads.moreless
  • April 7, 2008
    April 7, 2008
    Episode 156
    Three young children are dead in Merritt, B.C., believed to be stabbed to death, police say that they have no motive for this crime and are not actively looking for a suspect; the Olympic flame is getting a rough reception in many of the countries that it is being run through, in Paris, protesters are present at the run, as are police, in London, the torch was grabbed by a protester; police are looking for a 16-year old girl who made a complaint of sexual abuse at a polygamous compound in Texas, they have removed more than 200 children from the site; find out who won and who went home from the JUNOs empty handed with our highlight coverage; our 'Spring Cleaning' series begins as we tell you where to start cleaning and how to burn calories by doing your household chores; journalist Daphne Bramham gives us an inside look at the polygamist community of Bountiful, B.C.moreless
  • April 4, 2008
    April 4, 2008
    Episode 155
    Comments caught on tape 16 years ago have come back to haunt Saskatchewan MP Tom Lukiwski, who apologized for his homophobic comments; a fierce weather system is tearing through central US, at least one tornado touched down in Arkansas; police in Florida arrested a 20-year old man who posted comments on-line saying he wanted to reenact the Virginia Tech massacre, upon his arrest police also found an arsenal in his residence; Mark Cullen shows you how to create a haven on your balcony; So You Think You Can Dance Canada auditions begin soon, and we have all the details; Richard Crouse reviews the new movies coming out this weekend.moreless
  • April 2, 2008
    April 2, 2008
    Episode 153
    Journalist Pico Iyer takes us behind the scenes of the current crisis in Tibet; Leslie Beck explains whether it's better to brown-bag it or eat take out for your lunch; JUNO nominee Suzie McNeil plays for the AM studio audience.
  • April 1, 2008
    April 1, 2008
    Episode 152
    Three investigations are underway into the accident that killed three sealers as their ship was being towed, including one by the RCMP; Prime Minister Stephen Harper will demand more help for Canada's military in Afghanistan during this week's NATO Summit in Romania; US President George Bush stopped off in the Ukraine on his way to Romania to support their bid to join NATO; we've got dental plans that leave patients who might not be able to afford a dentist smiling; tech expert Kris Abel shows us how to airbrush photos for that professional look for free; JUNO nominee Daniel Cook plays for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • March 25, 2008
    March 25, 2008
    Episode 147
    In Montreal, a fire fighter saved a disabled woman from a burning building; the man who once employed Brenda Martin says Mexican police are holding her and another former employee as ransom for a $500,000 bribe that he promised to police, but never paid, when he was arrested; Liberal leader Stephane Dion will spend two days in Quebec this week doing some internal fence mending within the party; it's budget day, and we tell you what to expect to hear from the Provincial government; we talk with David Schwimmer and Thandie Newton of Run, Fat Boy, Run.moreless
  • March 24, 2008
    March 24, 2008
    Episode 146
    A protester breached security at the lighting of the torch ceremony in Greece for the Beijing Olympics; demonstrators gathered in Ottawa in support of Mohammed Kohail, a Canadian citizen convicted in the death of a youth in Saudi Arabia, he has been sentenced to death; Kris Abel joins us with information on tax software; the Ten Tenors perform for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • March 20, 2008
    March 20, 2008
    Episode 144
    Sheryl Crow talks to us about her new album, her baby, and how her life has changed; Owen Wilson is back on the big screen, and we'll tell you whether Drillbit Taylor is worth your money; our 'Cosmetics Cop' has insider tips on how to pick the best beauty products, and how to avoid the worst.moreless
  • March 19, 2008
    March 19, 2008
    Episode 143
    The Wiggles perform live on the Canada AM soundstage for our audience; we wrap up our 'Clutter Series' with tips on how to rid your car trunk of junk; we show you some simple do-it-yourself renovation projects that will help increase your property value.
  • March 18, 2008
    March 18, 2008
    Episode 142
    China has put the blame for recent Tibetan riots squarely on the shoulders of the Dalai Lama; protesters around the world are demonstrating outside Chinese embassies, demanding an end to the Tibetan crackdown; the Liberals went into yesterday's by-elections with everything to lose, but won three of the four ridings; we talk with hockey legend Wayne Gretzky in our Vancouver studio; we let you know why seniors need to protect themselves from falling; Peter Walsh is back with tips on how to keep the clutter off your office desk.moreless
  • March 17, 2008
    March 17, 2008
    Episode 141
    We tell you why Ireland is looking to Canada for help with St. Patrick's Day celebrations; we talk with Canadian model Coco Rocha about her time on the runways of the world; a Canadian trainer gives us a solution to looking ten years younger without hitting the gym.
  • March 14, 2008
    March 14, 2008
    Episode 140
    Richard Crouse tells us whether the new Dr. Seuss movie Horton Hears a Who is worth seeing this weekend; if you've dreamed of a career in fashion design, Jeanne Beker shares some secrets from her new book Passion for Fashion; Jeff takes us behind-the-scenes of his very own job at Canada AM to show us what it's like to be a weatherman.moreless
  • March 13, 2008
    March 13, 2008
    Episode 139
    Pat Foran shows us how your favourite appliances are becoming multi-purpose; we let you know all the reasons why Battlestar Galactica has been called 'the best show on television'; Jeff lands a new job directing traffic on the runway and shows us what really happens to bags on the belt.
  • March 12, 2008
    March 12, 2008
    Episode 138
    Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us whether online weight loss programs really work; Canadian singing star Keisha Chante performs for the AM studio audience; Leslie Beck gives us the nutrition facts behind the best and worst pasta you can buy.
  • March 11, 2008
    March 11, 2008
    Episode 137
    Richard Crouse has suggestions of what movies to rent for your kids to watch this March Break; we discuss Blackberry addiction; former child star Valerie Bertinelli talks to us about losing weight and gaining her life back.
  • March 10, 2008
    March 10, 2008
    Episode 136
    Former U.S. Ambassador to Canada Gordon Giffin joins us to talk about the future of Hillary Clinton's campaign; we tell you how a Canadian robot named Dextre will help lessen the workload for astronauts; we look at the new way thieves are targeting your debit cards & how you can avoid falling victim to scams.moreless
  • March 7, 2008
    March 7, 2008
    Episode 135
    The funerals are taking place today for the eight students killed in a Jewish religious college in Jerusalem, police are saying the attacker is a Palestinian man; a large funeral procession wound through the streets for three Palestinians, they were killed in the Israeli air strike just hours after the shooting in Jerusalem; fears about an American recession and increased credit woes are battering world stock markets this morning; Louise Arbour is resigning from her job as UN Human Rights Commissioner, she is completing her current four-year term; Richard Crouse reviews the prehistoric epic film 10,000 B.C. and reveals whether it's destined to be a box office blockbuster; we tell you why your retirement fund could be in danger and how you can protect your money; W-FIVE goes undercover to investigate what some salespeople don't tell you about the car you're buying.moreless
  • March 6, 2008
    March 6, 2008
    Episode 134
    An explosion in Times Square in New York has police investigating, the explosive device was thrown into an army recruiting office; oil futures hit a record high this morning following the New York explosion; Prime Minister Harper says he wants to get to the bottom of a political leak that has affected the US Presidential race; food trends expert Dana McCauley is back with what's ripe for spring; Grammy-nominated country music star Dierks Bentley performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • March 5, 2008
    March 5, 2008
    Episode 133
    Hillary Clinton won the primaries in Ohio and Texas as well as Rhode Island, while John McCain was able to secure the Republican nomination after yesterday's primaries; information leaked from Ottawa could have influenced Barack Obama's campaign for the US Presidency; John McCain will head to the White House today where he will receive an endorsement from President Bush; in southern Ontario, some areas should have 15 cm of snow on the ground by mid-day, the snowfall has already caused the cancellation of flights out of Pearson International Airport; we have tips on what kind of insurance you should have to protect your property; our 'Fraud Series' continues with tips on how to avoid falling victim to email and internet fraud.moreless
  • March 4, 2008
    March 4, 2008
    Episode 132
    The body of Cpl. Michael Hayakaze is on its way home, he was killed by a roadside IED, he is the 79th Canadian casualty; the pressure is on for Hillary Clinton to win the two big primaries in Ohio and Texas, campaign analysts say she must win both to stay in the race; John McCain is only 158 delegates short of taking the Republican nomination; the Conservative party won a landslide victory and eleventh straight majority government in Alberta, the Liberals took only 9 seats, the NDP took 2; our experts weigh in on what to expect from Tuesday's primary; our 'Fraud Series' continues as we teach you how to stop the scammers and protect yourself from credit card and real estate fraud; the British Queen of Clean, Kim Woodburn, teaches us how to de-clutter.moreless
  • March 3, 2008
    March 3, 2008
    Episode 131
    Conrad Black makes the transition from media mogul to inmate today, he spent his last night of freedom at home with his wife; Canadian musician Jeff Healey died yesterday, succumbing to cancer, which he has been fighting for years; arrangements are being made to return home the body the latest Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan, Cpl. Michael Hayakaze is the 79th military casualty; our 'Fraud Series' kicks off with tips on how to avoid falling victim to identity theft; we tell you what merely looking at a newborn child can reveal about parental instinct; Kris Abel takes a look at the latest and greatest thin laptops.moreless
  • February 29, 2008
    February 29, 2008
    Episode 130
    Prince Harry will be withdrawn from the front line in Afghanistan after his deployment was revealed by American and Australian news sources, he was on the front lines for more than two months; former media tycoon Conrad Black has lost his bid to stay out of jail while he appeals his fraud conviction, he must report to a Florida prison on Monday where he'll begin a 6-and-a-half-year sentence; oil prices rose to $103/barrel in Asian markets today; we preview a W-FIVE investigative report where dozens of women open up about their surgery complications; with the 2010 Games less than two years away, IOC President Jacques Rogge gives us a progress report on his second-ever trip to Vancouver; international superstar Sarah Brightman performs on the AM Soundstage.
  • February 28, 2008
    February 28, 2008
    Episode 129
    The Prime Minister's office is denying claims made in an as-yet-unreleased book that Conservative party officials tried to pay an Independent MP for his vote; after spending seven years in prison for killing his disabled daughter, Robert Latimer will be released on day parole; we show you how to put a little green into your special day by revealing the top 10 eco-wedding trends; Pat Foran looks at wheat prices and why it could be costing you more dough for your pasta and bread; contractor Mike Holmes is back with the story of a renovation gone so wrong the whole house had to be demolished.moreless
  • February 27, 2008
    February 27, 2008
    Episode 128
    The Liberals say they will not bring down the Conservative government over the budget; former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney has finished his testimony before the House of Commons ethics committee looking into his dealings with Karlheinz Schreiber, and has refused to return for a second day; the Euro has soared to a record $1.50 US, and the Loonie is at a two-month high of $1.0179 US; Finance Minister Jim Flaherty breaks down the budget and tells us what it means for your wallet; contractor Mike Holmes is back with what you should know before tiling your floor; our 'Money Makeover Series' continues with a look at how to set up your own business without going broke.moreless
  • February 26, 2008
    February 26, 2008
    Episode 127
    The Harper government has claimed that money is tight and that Canadians shouldn't expect any big announcement in today's federal budget; the debate on the role of Canada's military in Afghanistan resumes in the House of Commons today; researchers in Ontario have found that 25% of heart attack survivors either forget or choose not to fill all of their prescriptions, which increases their risk of further heart problems; political insiders tell us what to expect from the federal budget; in the second of our money makeovers, experts give financial advice that matters to single parents; if your office furniture is giving you grief, we have some simple adjustments you can make that will make you more productive at work.moreless
  • February 25, 2008
    February 25, 2008
    Episode 126
    No Country For Old Men took home multiple Oscars, but Canadians were shut out of the 80th Academy Awards; members of Parliament return to the House of Commons today and will debate extending Canada's role in Afghanistan; Karlheinz Schreiber will be back before the House ethics committee today, testifying about his money deals with former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney; from the big Oscar winners to the best and worst dressed on the red carpet, we have all the highlights from the Academy Awards in Hollywood; our 'Money Makeovers' series begins with what to do if you want to retire and don't think you have enough money to do so; contractor Mike Holmes tells us how winter weather can reveal potential problems with your roof.moreless
  • February 22, 2008
    February 22, 2008
    Episode 125
    Turkey has launched what it calls a pre-emptive attack on Kurdish rebels inside Iraq; the streets of Belgrade are quiet, but the destruction from a night of riots remains, the US has condemned the attacks on their embassy saying the police did not do enough to stop the rioters; Liberal Leader Stephane Dion says he's pleased with Prime Minister Harper's plan for the Canadian military role in Afghanistan being extended to 2011 contingent on increased backing from NATO with more troops and equipment; the cast of Dirty Dancing performs for our AM studio audience; Richard Crouse reveals the math behind his Oscar predictions.moreless
  • February 21, 2008
    February 21, 2008
    Episode 124
    Author Philippa Gregory tells us about the allure readers have for her book The Other Boelyn Girl; dematologist Dr. Paul Cohen is back with solutions for dry skin in the wintertime; we tell you the the remarkable story of a baby born from sperm frozen more than 20 years ago.
  • February 20, 2008
    February 20, 2008
    Episode 123
    Leslie Beck tells us which foods are best at fighting disease and which ones may be hindering your health; actress Kathleen Turner talks with us about her new memoir Send Yourself Roses; Tommy James and the Shondells perform on our AM Soundstage.
  • February 19, 2008
    February 19, 2008
    Episode 122
    Pakistani President Musharraf has suffered a crippling blow in the elections there, the opposition parties have won enough seats to form a new government, which could threaten his rule; Fidel Castro has resigned as President and Commander in Chief of Cuba after nearly 50 years of rule there; we've got tips on how to make the latest fashion trends work for you; jazz trumpeter Chris Botti performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • February 18, 2008
    February 18, 2008
    Episode 121
    Millions go to the polls in Pakistan despite fears that the government will try to rig the results, the elections were delayed after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto; Kosovo broke from Serbia and citizens were out celebrating last night, Serbia does not recognize the split; a scaled-back search will resume this morning for a seven-year old American boy who went missing on Friday in B.C.; we have analysis on the elections that could shape Pakistan's political future; tech expert Kris Abel tells us why so many people are injuring themselves while playing video games; Canadian Family Magazine sets up a family of ten with various products to try out, and we'll tell you which ones made the grade.moreless
  • February 15, 2008
    February 15, 2008
    Episode 120
    Canadian songstress Celine Dion tells us about her life after Las Vegas; Our film critic Richard Crouse reviews Ryan Reynolds' new movie Definitely, Maybe; Chef Michael P. Clive is back to show us how to dish up a whole meal in one pot.
  • February 14, 2008
    February 14, 2008
    Episode 119
    Thousands of people are filling the streets of Beirut for very different reasons, one group is there to remember the former Prime Minister who died three years ago, the other group is burying the recently slain Hezbollah leader; Liberal party members are telling leader Stephane Dion to hold off on forcing an early election; an explosion that mangled store fronts in Vancouver was arson, according to police; organizing guru Peter Walsh joins us to explain why your home could be making you fat; Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds tells us about his new film, Definitely, Maybe; City and Colour frontman Dallas Green performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • February 13, 2008
    February 13, 2008
    Episode 118
    Barack Obama extends his winning streak, taking all three 'Potomac' primaries, but the race for the Democratic nomination is still close; a top Hezbollah militant leader has died in a car bomb assassination; Roger Clemens will testify in Washington before a Congressional committee probing the use of steroids in baseball; after more than three months of reruns, new shows will be coming as the Hollywood writers' strike is over; with RRSP season in full swing, we talk to a financial educator about tips for making the most of your money; we ask an expert to take us through the dos and don'ts of dating; we tell you which vehicles made the cut for the Canadian Car and Truck of the Year.moreless
  • February 12, 2008
    February 12, 2008
    Episode 117
    The Liberals plan to draw their line in the sand over Afghanistan today; the Ontario Provincial Police say they have uncovered the largest-ever child-porn ring in the province; a senior RCMP official could be punished for testimony she gave regarding the force's pension scandal; reporting in live from the centre of the action, we speak to the Vancouver Olympic Committee's CEO, John Furlong; we have everything you need to know about travelling to the Olympics, and Loren Christie gives us tips for how to make the best of your stay; David Foster performs for our audience.moreless
  • February 11, 2008
    February 11, 2008
    Episode 116
    The body of a young woman was discovered in Bridgewater, NS, on the weekend, an autopsy on Wednesday will determine if it is Karissa Boudreau, who has been missing for two weeks; in an NHL game last night between the Florida Panthers and the Buffalo Sabres, Richard Zednik was hit by a teammate's skate blade, cutting his throat; we broadcast from Whistler as the countdown for the 2010 Olympics begins; we talk with some Olympic athletes about their preparation for 2010, and check out some of the venues; we have all the highlights from Sunday's Grammy Awards.moreless
  • February 8, 2008
    February 8, 2008
    Episode 115
    The manhunt has ended for the man known around the world as "Dr. Horror", Dr. Kumar, wanted for illegal organ transplants, was found by police in Nepal; Benazir Bhutto died as a result of a head injury caused by the impact of a bomb, not due to a bullet, as earlier speculated, Scotland Yard has concluded; actor Vince Vaughn tells us about his trip across America with four stand-up comics in the Wild West Comedy Show; we conclude our 'Etiquette Series' by answering viewer questions.moreless
  • February 7, 2008
    February 7, 2008
    Episode 114
    Sparks could fly as early as today on Parliament Hill as the minority government is expected to table a motion today to extend the Canadian military's role in Afghanistan beyond the 2009 date; Defence Minister Peter MacKay will make it clear to NATO colleagues that other NATO allies must shoulder a heavier load in Afghanistan; Canada's call for help in Afghanistan is being echoed by US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice, who arrived in Kandahar today; we speak with a Presidential biographer to find out who has the best shot at the US Presidency; in our 'Etiquette Series', we tell you how to avoid embarrassing yourself at the dinner table.moreless
  • February 6, 2008
    February 6, 2008
    Episode 113
    We wrap up the results of the Super Tuesday primaries and tell you which candidates the biggest celebrities are backing; we continue our 'Etiquette Series' with what you should and shouldn't do when borrowing money; Leslie Beck has tips for parents on how to get your kids to eat the most important meal of the day.moreless
  • February 5, 2008
    February 5, 2008
    Episode 112
    Today is the big day for US Presidential hopefuls with voting taking place in more than 20 states for primaries and caucuses; members of the African Union arrive in Chad today to try to negotiate peace for the violence-torn country; police in B.C. say a telephone call could be the piece of evidence needed to solve the murder of real estate agent; we bring you all the JUNO nominations, live; our 'Etiquette Series' continues as we look at minding your manners while driving; Hawksley Workman performs for our AM audience.moreless
  • February 4, 2008
    February 4, 2008
    Episode 111
    The New York Giants upset the undefeated New England Patriots and won the Superbowl with a score of 17-14; a suicide bombing in Dimona, the first in Israel in more than a year, has killed at least three people and wounded five others; lawyers for Omar Khadr will attend a pretrial hearing at Guantanamo Bay, and want all charges against Khadr dropped; we have the Superbowl commercials you may have missed during the game on the weekend; if you're planning to buy a home in the States, we can tell you where your best bets are; a political insider discusses why a Clinton should not return to the White House.moreless
  • February 1, 2008
    February 1, 2008
    Episode 110
    Much of eastern Canada is bracing itself for a huge snowfall, up to 30 cm of snow is expected; the same storm system is being blamed for three deaths in the US; high winds knocked a ferry onto its side off the English coast, 23 people were on board and were air-lifted off the vessel; autopsies are set for the two little girls who froze to death on the Yellow Quill Reserve in Saskatchewan; in our 'Real Estate Series', we profile the hottest neighbourhoods in Canada; Richard Crouse reviews this weekend's new releases, including Over Her Dead Body; we have some advice for buying perfume for your sweetheart.moreless
  • January 31, 2008
    January 31, 2008
    Episode 109
    An eight-month old baby was abandoned in the stairwell of a Toronto car park in freezing weather, Toronto police have issued her picture in hopes of someone identifying the little girl; the Yellow Quill Reserve in Saskatchewan is in shock over the deaths of two young girls who froze to death while in the care of their father, who now could face criminal charges; the army is on standby to help people in PEI who are without power as power lines and utility poles sag under thick ice; Pat Foran looks at 40-year mortgage and tells us if it's really a good option for first-time buyers; in our continuing series on real estate, we tell you which cities have the most affordable housing in Canada; former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann shows us how to throw the perfect Superbowl party.moreless
  • January 30, 2008
    January 30, 2008
    Episode 108
    Author John Gray drops by to chat about his new book, Why Mars & Venus Collide; we've got some tips on e-mail etiquette, and whether calling or e-mailing is the best response.
  • January 29, 2008
    January 29, 2008
    Episode 107
    The fate of Canada's role in Afghanistan could soon be decided, sources say Prime Minister Harper is ready to risk an election with a vote in the House of Commons; questions about where Canada has been sending Afghan detainees after allegations of torture have been answered, according to the Globe & Mail, the detainees are being held at Kandahar air base; disgraced pathologist Dr. Charles Smith apologized to those wrongly accused and convicted of killing children based on his testimony; US President George Bush addressed economic fears in his State of the Union address last night; we tell you why deleting your spam is not enough, and how to increase your productivity at work by clearing your in-box; in our continuing 'Real Estate Series', we tell you how to jump into the booming condo market.moreless
  • January 28, 2008
    January 28, 2008
    Episode 106
    A bus slammed into the back end of a truck in Alberta, killing the bus driver, and seriously injuring some of the 44 passengers who were returning from a ski trip; many of the world's financial markets are starting the week down, which is where they ended last week; French government officials have decided to press charges against Jerome Kerviel, who is accused of the biggest ever trading fraud by one person; we introduce the expanded Canada AM, with six-hour, coast-to-coast coverage. We talk with some of the past hosts, who remember some of their favourite mememorable moments; we take a look at real estate trends across the country; Corner Gas star Brent Butt joins us in our new Vancouver studio.moreless
  • January 25, 2008
    January 25, 2008
    Episode 105
    In the Middle East, border guards moved in to end the free-for-all at the breach in the wall between Gaza and Egypt that was created earlier this week; Israel launched two over night air strikes against Gaza; a huge explosion in Beirut has left at least 10 people dead; the body of the latest Canadian soldier to die in Afghanistan, Cpl. Etienne Gonthier, is on its way home; we chat with some of the stars of the CTV Original Mini-Series Would Be Kings; 'Lost Canadian' Joe Taylor tells us what it is like to finally get his citizenship; Richard Crouse reviews some of the biggest blockbusters of this weekend, including Untraceable and Rambo.moreless
  • January 24, 2008
    January 24, 2008
    Episode 104
    Another Canadian soldier has died in Afghanistan, killed when a roadside bomb hit his vehicle, he is the 78th Canadian killed in Afghanistan, two others were injured; the Federal government has changed its position on Afghan detainees, they are no longer being transferred to Afghan custody; the Joyceville medium-security prison outside Kingston, ON, is in lock-down today after one prisoner was killed and three others injured in an incident last night; Governor-General Michaelle Jean was almost brought to tears during the first day of her week-long visit to B.C. as she was heckled by anti-poverty protesters; Pat Foran tells us if rust-proofing your car really works; acclaimed Canadian author for children, Robert Munsch, joins us to talk about his involvement in World Literacy Day; we talk to an expert who has tips on how to organize priorities and minimize stress.moreless
  • January 23, 2008
    January 23, 2008
    Episode 103
    A chaotic scene on the border of Gaza and Egypt as gunmen blew a hole in a wall on the border and hundreds of Palestinians swarmed over the border into Egypt, Egyptian border guards didn't take any action; three people are dead after an Ottawa transit bus collided with an SUV carrying five people; Heath Ledger's death is still being investigated, his family in Australia staunchly rejects the idea that he committed suicide, an autopsy is scheduled for today; we look at a Canadian coast-to-coast analysis of what is really on your plate when you sit down at a restaurant; Mia Farrow sits down with us to tell all about her trip to Cambodia; the Manley Report is out and we take a close look at what it means for Canadians.moreless
  • January 22, 2008
    January 22, 2008
    Episode 102
    Investors around the world are nervously watching stock markets today, as they continue to fall, losing trillions of dollars for investors from Japan to Toronto; fears of a US recession drove stocks down in North America, by the end of the day, more than 90 billion dollars was lost; Ottawa will take a fresh look at Canada's role in Afghanistan today with the Manley report being released; we take at look at who got nods and who did not for the Oscars this year; we start to get you ready for tax season with RRSP tips from certified financial planner Robert Abboud.moreless
  • January 21, 2008
    January 21, 2008
    Episode 101
    White-out conditions in a snap blizzard led to a 100-car pile up on Highway 400 just north of Toronto; bad weather is wrecking havoc all across Canada and into the southern States, some of which are seeing snow for the first time in decades; two homeless people died in the severe cold weather, and in Quebec, a young boy died in his own backyard when his parents thought he'd gone to a neighbour's house to play; a busy street in Vancouver turned into what looked like a scene from a movie when two men were shot outside a restaurant in a brazen gang-style shooting; Kris Abel compares the latest gadgets with touch screens; the Degrassi kids take us on a behind-the-scenes set tour; interior designer Adrienne Chinn shares her secrets from her decorating bible.moreless
  • January 18, 2008
    January 18, 2008
    Episode 100
    US President George Bush will outline his plan today to prop up the struggling US economy; the evidence of a bumpy economic ride continues in the US and Canada, as the markets in Toronto suffered a triple-digit loss for the third consecutive day; a Canadian member of al-Qaeda is expected to be given a life sentence today in a US court; the author of The Secret History of the War on Cancer explains how a major public health effort was diverted and distorted for private gain; master Pilates instructor Moira Merrithew demos exercises to benefit both the man and the golfer; Richard Crouse gives his stars for 27 Dresses, Mad Money and Cloverfield.moreless
  • January 17, 2008
    January 17, 2008
    Episode 99
    A Canadian diplomatic training manual has raised some eyebrows, and also applause from human rights groups, the report puts the US, Israel, China and Syria on a torture watch list, the report was meant to be released only to diplomats, but made it to the press uncensored; US Secretary of Defence, Robert Gates, has backtracked on comments he made on NATO's role in Afghanistan that the forces there are unsuited to their role; the Beijing Olympic Torch makes its debut in our studio; Pat Foran shows us the coolest high-tech concept and luxury cars from the Detroit Auto Show; if your next flight is delayed and you're wondering what rights you have, Loren Christie has all the answers.moreless
  • January 16, 2008
    January 16, 2008
    Episode 98
    A snow storm could not keep thousands of mourners away from a public arena where a wake was held for the seven basketball team members who died on Friday after colliding with a transport truck in Bathurst, New Brunswick, the funeral will be held today; the type of van used in the Bathurst, NB, tragedy is at the centre of controversy and may soon be taken off the list of acceptable vehicles, they have already been used in Nova Scotia and the US; a political firestorm is brewing in Ottawa today after the President of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission was fired, effective immediately; Canadian forces in Afghanistan have suffered another loss, Trooper Richard Renaud has died when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb, another soldier was injured in the attack; our Career Week continues, and we tell you when it is time to quit your job; Kris Abel gives us the first Canadian look at the coolest gadgets from the Consumer Electronics Show; Jeff lets us get up close and personal while he's tested with the latest in heart technology.moreless
  • January 15, 2008
    January 15, 2008
    Episode 97
    Bathurst, New Brunswick comes together today to mourn seven young men who died in an accident on Friday, all members of a local school basketball team travelling home from a game; the CIBC will sell stock to raise almost 3 million dollars to cover losses made through investments in the US housing market; the last of 90 Air Canada passengers stranded by riots in Argentinian airports are expected to make their way home today, the flights had to leave without their passengers; Bev talks with Andrew Morton about his new tell-all book on Tom Cruise; we step into day two of our Career Week with more on how you can make the most out of your career.moreless
  • January 14, 2008
    January 14, 2008
    Episode 96
    In Bathurst, NB, the community is mourning the deaths of seven students and one teacher who died in a Friday road accident when their van collided with a truck; police and other officials are assessing how the Bathurst tragedy occurred, saying icy roads played a role in the accident; in Toronto, the Raptors honoured the Bathurst victims with a minute of silence before their game against the Trailblazers yesterday; Aamer Haleem fills us in on the Golden Globe wins; we kick off our 'Career Series' by telling you how to make a good first impression.moreless
  • January 11, 2008
    January 11, 2008
    Episode 95
    An investigation is underway into what caused an Air Canada flight to make an emergency landing in Calgary, turning passengers into patients; a suspected Canadian pedophile, Christopher Neil, has pleaded not guilty to charges of molesting a young boy at a pretrial hearing in Thailand; Celine Peterson, daughter of jazz great Oscar Peterson, remembers her father; Jeff chats with members of the Jamaican bobsled team; Chef Michael P. Clive shows us how you can make a lean meal taste great.moreless
  • January 10, 2008
    January 10, 2008
    Episode 94
    In areas around Quebec City and south of Montreal, flooding forced people from their homes, and high winds in both Quebec and Ontario toppled trees and even flipped over some small planes; in B.C., avalanches are occurring, on Monday, a 19-year old was killed in an avalanche in Lake Louise; two children in India were beaten for stealing the purse of a Canadian MP; defying his critics, US President George Bush says he is confident that a peace deal can be reached in the Middle East before he leaves office; Pat Foran tests those 'As seen on TV' products to see if they are worth the money; kosher chef Norene Gilletz cooks up her delicious and healthy Greek Chick Pea Salad.moreless
  • January 9, 2008
    January 9, 2008
    Episode 93
    President Bush arrived in Israel today, marking his first presidential visit there where he will attempt to restart stalled peace talks, he also plans to visit the West Bank, Kuwait, and Egypt; Hillary Clinton is back in the presidential race after winning over Barack Obama in New Hampshire; John McCain won over Mitt Romney on the Republican side in New Hampshire; we show you some ways other than chicken soup to help when your kids have the sniffles; Canadian filmmakers go out of this world to shoot a new film.moreless
  • January 8, 2008
    January 8, 2008
    Episode 92
    Two more soldiers have died in Afghanistan when their Light Armoured Vehicle turned over on a bumpy road on Sunday, dead are Cpl. Eric Labbe and Warrant Officer Hani Massouh; Hillary Clinton speaks publicly about coming in third in the Iowa caucus votes, and says that the race to the White House is very personal; the Jamaican bobsled team joins Jeff; we've got all the tricks you need to low-fat cooking.moreless
  • January 7, 2008
    January 7, 2008
    Episode 91
    Two Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan when their Light Armoured Vehicle flipped over on rough terrain; Pakistan's President Musharraf spoke out about Benazir Bhutto's death, putting the blame for her death on her own shoulders; Jeff is live in Jamaica with our contest winners; we’ll talk to the professional daredevils and stars of Discovery Channel’s Guinea Pig; our low-fat cooking series begins with chef Rose Reisman dishing out a popular winter comfort food.moreless
  • January 4, 2008
    January 4, 2008
    Episode 90
    Senator Barack Obama won the Democratic caucus in Iowa with Senator John Edwards coming in second and Hillary Clinton taking third place; on the Republican side, Mike Huckabee took the lead over Mitt Romney; police near Calgary have to determine whether to charge a homeowner who killed one of two men who broke into his home; parenting expert Michele Borba is back with four risky behaviours your teens might be doing at home; we’ll show you how to pack all you need for a sunny vacation in your carry-on; we’ll have tips for post-holiday housekeeping.moreless
  • January 3, 2008
    January 3, 2008
    Episode 89
    The price of oil hits a record high, causing gas prices to skyrocket, and causing pain for consumers; in Iowa, things are coming down to the crunch, as Bill and Chelsey Clinton help Hillary do a little last minute campaigning, a recent poll puts Hillary Clinton in the lead by a small margin for the Democrats and Mike Huckabee in first for the Republicans; we've got tips on how you can go green this year; we preview the top fashion trends for 2008.moreless
  • January 2, 2008
    January 2, 2008
    Episode 88
    As many as 300 people are dead after violence following what protesters call a rigged election in Kenya, and the violence shows no signs of ending; a heavy snow fall across Canada grounded flights, and in the Maritimes, a fourth storm hits the area in a week; officials in B.C. have been warning skiers about avalanche dangers, but two men ignored those warnings and triggered an avalanche that killed one of them; we've got the best jeans for your body; tips on how to keep your brain sharp; Leslie Beck has some tips on how to keep those new year's weight resolutions.moreless
  • January 1, 2008
    January 1, 2008
    Episode 87
    We ring in the New Year with a look back at some of Canada AM’s guests from 2007.
  • December 31, 2007
    December 31, 2007
    Episode 86
    NATO soldiers gathered at Kandahar airfield to send home the coffin bearing the body of 27-year old Gunner Jonathan Dion, he was killed on Sunday when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb; Benazir Bhutto's 19-year old son is the leader of the People's Party of Pakistan, holding joint power with his father; we've got the top entertainment stories of the year; extreme New Year's Resolutions; take a look at some Canada AM’s bloopers from the past year.moreless
  • December 28, 2007
    December 28, 2007
    Episode 85
    Hundreds of thousands of mourners gathered before the Bhutto mausoleum where Benazir Bhutto will be buried today, the citizens are expressing shock, grief and fury over her death yesterday, there is widespread violence in Pakistan and at least 16 people have died in the rioting; President Musharraf says that elections in Pakistan will go on on January 8th as planned; Nova Scotia's aboriginal community is in shock after Nora Bernard was found dead in her home; members of the 'Rat Pack' perform for our audience; we've got the top sports stories of the year.moreless
  • December 27, 2007
    December 27, 2007
    Episode 84
    Minutes after speaking to supporters, a bomb went off by Benazir Bhutto's motorcade, killing her and at least 20 others; Boxing Day sales are expected to bring in 1 billion dollars as Canadians flocked to stores; two snowmobilers were killed in an avalanche in B.C.; the San Francisco Zoo remains a crime scene following a tiger attack on Christmas day that left one man dead and two in hospital, officials are trying to figure out how the tiger got out; we've got some tasty recipes for those holiday leftovers; Pat Foran has information on how to get through the return process unscathed.moreless
  • December 26, 2007
    December 26, 2007
    Episode 83
    Enjoy our holiday show with highlights of the year and artists singing Christmas classics.
  • December 25, 2007
    December 25, 2007
    Episode 82
    Enjoy our holiday show packed with artists singing Christmas classics.
  • December 24, 2007
    December 24, 2007
    Episode 81
    The big push to get home for the holidays has been made more difficult for Americans as a big storm has made travel hazardous, with at least 11 people dead in accidents; fire officials are asking that everyone check their fire and smoke alarms after a fire killed a mother and her two children in a Toronto townhouse; we’ll tell you about a little boy’s fight to live a normal life, with no immune system; We’ll show you the right way to carve your Christmas turkey; and if you’re looking for the perfect holiday movie to enjoy with your family, Richard Crouse has your best bets.moreless
  • December 21, 2007
    December 21, 2007
    Episode 80
    The busiest shopping day of the year will see Canadians spend more than Americans this year, according to a Scotia Bank survey; there is more time on the clock for Canadians crossing the border before a passport will be required, with American Congress delaying the implementation of the requirement until 2009; researchers say that the increased security measures in airports have not been shown to have any effect on actual security; parenting expert Michele Borba is back with what to do when your child’s grandparents don’t know how to say “no”; Party Prep Week concludes with inspiring ideas from Wish Magazine’s Holiday Survival Guide; if you’re still searching for the perfect gift, we’ll show you which presents match your loved one’s personality.moreless
  • December 20, 2007
    December 20, 2007
    Episode 79
    A man was rescued after four days in the freezing wilderness after he and his three children got lost while looking for the perfect Christmas tree in Northern California; an Ontario lawyer picked up a 5.7 million dollar lottery jackpot for his clients as a store owner is facing charges that he stole the winning ticket from the true winners; ecoholic author Adria Vasil shows us why it’s cool to be green this Christmas; the Looneyspoons ladies are back with great holiday recipes.moreless
  • December 19, 2007
    December 19, 2007
    Episode 78
    Police in Waterloo Region have arrested a man in the death of Hunter Brown, a 74-year old man who was brutally attacked while out delivering Christmas cards to his neighbours, the 22-year old suspect will appear in court today facing two charges; Canadian Bert Tatham is back at home after being released from prison in Dubai, and he admitted it was his own negligence that lead to his imprisonment, as he was carrying two poppy bulbs from Afghanistan; with Christmas coming, and many people not ready for it, stress levels can reach all-time highs, and we tell you how to fend off the stress; we've got the list of Top 10 Stolen Cars in Canada.moreless
  • December 18, 2007
    December 18, 2007
    Episode 77
    A senseless act of violence this weekend leaves a 74-year old man dead in Kitchener, Ontario, and his family wondering why, the man was killed as he was out delivering Christmas cards to his neighbours, he was attacked from behind and bludgeoned; three Canadians who had been detained in jail in the United Arab Emirates have been released after being pardoned by the ruler, Sheik Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who issued an amnesty for prisoners to celebrate Eid al-Adha; we’ll let you know whether your dream of a white Christmas will become a reality; we let you know the dos and don'ts of giving a pet as a gift.moreless
  • December 17, 2007
    December 17, 2007
    Episode 76
    A massive storm dumped record amounts of snow on Ontario and Quebec, and today has moved on to the Maritimes; near London, Ontario, a mother of two was killed by a passing snow plow when she got out of her vehicle to clear her windshield; we reveal what CTV News chose as the Top 10 news stories of 2007; a business relationship consultant tells us what we should think about before going to the holiday office party; Libby Norris shares the perfect gifts for the everyday athlete.moreless
  • December 14, 2007
    December 14, 2007
    Episode 75
    A new report links more than 80 baseball players to performance-enhancing drugs, including Barry Bonds and Roger Clements, commissioner Bud Selig says he will decide on a case-by-case basis if any penalties will be imposed; parenting expert Michele Borba tells us when it’s ok to lie to your child; Richard Crouse has a preview of the new films hitting the theatres this weekend; Canadian country music star George Canyon performs from his new album Classics.moreless
  • December 13, 2007
    December 13, 2007
    Episode 74
    Former Prime Minster Brian Mulroney is answering questions today before the House of Commons ethics committee in his first public account of what happened between himself and Schreiber; we bring you the breaking entertainment news from Hollywood as the Golden Globe nominations are announced; Canadian singer-songwriter Serena Ryder joins us in studio to play for our AM audience.moreless
  • December 12, 2007
    December 12, 2007
    Episode 73
    Despite concerns by the Nuclear Safety Commission, the Chalk River Nuclear Plant in Ontario will start producing medical isotopes once again; friends say that Aqsa Parvez just wanted to fit in, but now, there are questions as to whether the strict adherence to the Muslim faith had a role in her killing, and whether 'honour killings' are making their way to Canada after her father was charged with her death; a divorce consultant has tips on how to handle the holidays in split families; we have suggestions on how to teach your kids the value of a dollar if they're more concerned with 'getting' than 'giving' this Christmas; we've got the best toys for kids under the age of four.moreless
  • December 11, 2007
    December 11, 2007
    Episode 72
    Conrad Black says that his battle is far from over, he's facing six and a half years' jail time in Florida, but has ten days to appeal the sentence; in B.C., Robert Pickton will learn today how long he'll have to wait before parole in his automatic life sentences; Keith Urban is on the show to perform five songs and talk about his new album; we take a closer look at the Conrad Black sentencing; author Mitch Albom is on to talk about his new book For One More Day.moreless
  • December 10, 2007
    December 10, 2007
    Episode 71
    Environment Minister John Baird talks about Canada’s role at the upcoming climate conference in Bali, Indonesia; we show you how to create some easy do-it-yourself holiday crafts; Kris Abel has the best gadget gift ideas teens are likely to love.
  • December 7, 2007
    December 7, 2007
    Episode 70
    An explosion in Barrie, Ontario, caused a massive fire, destroying homes and businesses, emergency officials say it is the worst fire there in decades; the judge in the Robert Pickton trial called the jury back after three days of deliberation to clarify a point of law; Richard Crouse gives us a preview of this weekend’s new releases at the box office; Javier Bardem talks about his new movie No Country For Old Men.moreless
  • December 6, 2007
    December 6, 2007
    Episode 69
    A shooter opened fire in a busy mall in Omaha, Nebraska, killing eight people before turning the gun on himself; Robert Latimer's sister says that the decision to deny him day parole is just another kick in the face, but advocates for the disabled say it was the right move, and the parole board said that Latimer showed neither understanding nor remorse for his actions; Indigo’s Heather Reisman has your best book buys for the holidays; Pat Foran gives you all the options for decorating your house with Christmas lights; Keira Knightly speaks with Seamus about her new movie Atonement.moreless
  • December 5, 2007
    December 5, 2007
    Episode 68
    President George Bush says that Iran was and is still a danger in the nuclear arena, disregarding a US Intelligence report that says Iran stopped its nuclear program four years ago; a controversial case is back in the public eye, as Robert Latimer goes before the parole board today for day parole; whether you’re dressing up or going casual, Harry Rosen’s Jeff Farbstein gives style tips on how men can look their best; pop violinist Dr. Draw performs from his debut album Adagio before taking his holiday show on the road.moreless
  • December 4, 2007
    December 4, 2007
    Episode 67
    British teacher Gillian Gibbons returns home after spending more than a week in jail in the Sudan and then receiving a pardon; John McDermott plays for the AM studio audience; we continue our Gift Guide with Kris Abel; we tell you all you need to know for the basics on counterfeit products.moreless
  • December 3, 2007
    December 3, 2007
    Episode 66
    Flood watches and warnings are in effect in much of B.C. while other parts of Canada are being affected by snow; Sudan's president pardoned Gillian Gibbons who was jailed for allowing her students to name a teddy bear "Muhammed"; interior designer Brian Gluckstein gives us tips on how to make your house festive this holiday season; fitness expert Libby Norris gives you all the facts on whether Yoga or Pilates is best for you; we give you the ingredients to make the best Christmas shortbread.moreless
  • November 30, 2007
    November 30, 2007
    Episode 65
    Karlheinz Schreiber revealed to parliament that Mulroney was to receive more than $300,000 but refused to say more until he's told how long he can stay in Canada; a young RCMP officer is cleared after the shooting death of 22-year old Ian Bush while in custody, the inquiry says that the officer was acting in self-defence; we take a look at the new movie Awake and the medical questions surrounding 'anesthetic awareness'; Canadian country music artist Donny Parenteau performs for the AM audience from his new album, What It Takes.moreless
  • November 29, 2007
    November 29, 2007
    Episode 64
    An explosion shuts down a major US-Canada oil pipeline in Minnesota, killing two workers who were trying to fix the pipe; we continue out 'Emergency Preparedness' series by showing you how to avoid hypothermia; Pat Foran tells us how to get a good deal on new windows; Julie Crochetiere performs for the AM studio audience.moreless
  • November 28, 2007
    November 28, 2007
    Episode 63
    Pakistan's President Musharraf keeps his promise and steps down as military commander, and will be sworn in tomorrow as a civilian leader; President Bush has brokered a peace deal with Israeli and Palestinian leaders; we introduce you to the 2010 Olympic Mascots; Bill Lishman flies in on his ultralight aircraft to tell us about his new project; Leslie Beck tells us how to maintain our nutrition as we age.moreless
  • November 27, 2007
    November 27, 2007
    Episode 62
    We continue out Emergency Preparedness Week by teaching you how to plan an escape route in case of fire; we'll teach you how to whip up some of the best desserts.
  • November 26, 2007
    November 26, 2007
    Episode 61
    We’ll speak to a Canadian teacher who found herself in the middle of a school scandal in Japan; our Emergency Series begins with an inside look at how Canada’s Heavy Urban Search & Rescue teams save lives; Juno Award-nominated recording artist Skye Sweetnam performs from her new album Sound Soldier.
  • November 23, 2007
    November 23, 2007
    Episode 60
    An Antarctic cruise ship is evacuated after striking ice near the South Shetland Islands, with more than 150 passengers being taken to lifeboats, then on to another ship; police again defend the decision to use tasers as two more inquiries are launched after the death of another man in prison who was tasered by guards; Dr. Paul Cohen tells you everything you need to know about keeping your skin looking great during the winter; Grammy-nominated recording artist KT Tunstall performs from her new album Drastic Fantastic.moreless
  • November 22, 2007
    November 22, 2007
    Episode 59
    There are five reviews underway after the death of Robert Dziekanski at Vancouver Airport last month; a video posted on YouTube shows a Utah officer using a taser on a man who refused to sign a speeding ticket, an investigation is underway; Bev sits down with former Prime Minister Jean Chretien to talk about his book, his health, and the Mulroney-Schreiber scandal; Pat Foran tells you what you need to know about driving in the snow.moreless
  • November 21, 2007
    November 21, 2007
    Episode 58
    Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day has appointed an independent reviewer to assess RCMP taser use, and has apologized for the death of a man who was tasered to death in the Vancouver airport; as the winter season sets in, Leslie Beck tells you how many calories are simmering in your favourite soups; the Food Network’s 'Thirsty Traveller' cooks up contemporary Mexican fare.moreless
  • November 20, 2007
    November 20, 2007
    Episode 57
    Actress Natalie Portman tells us about her latest movie Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium; Chef David Lee is cooking for a cause in the AM kitchen for this year's 'Recipes for Possibility' Calendar supporting Canada's largest teaching hospital for pediatric rehabilitation.
  • November 19, 2007
    November 19, 2007
    Episode 56
    Two more Canadians are killed in Afghanistan raising questions about our mission there, Corporal Nicholas Beauchamp and Private Michel Levesque were killed after their vehicle stuck a road-side bomb on the weekend; Kris Abel shows us the latest in high-tech holiday gadgets; 'tis the season to start wearing your sweaters; we’ll show you how.moreless
  • November 16, 2007
    November 16, 2007
    Episode 55
    Karlheinz Schreiber latest attempt to avoid extradition was rejected by the courts, and he says that he will not co-operate with the inquiry into his dealings with former Prime Minister Mulroney if he is extradited to Germany; Jamie Oliver steams up the kitchen with hot tips on how to make you a better cook; we tell you about a group of Canadian students who are helping kids in the Third World get the learning tools they need; our Happiness Series continues with foods that make you happy.moreless
  • November 15, 2007
    November 15, 2007
    Episode 54
    The RCMP says that the video released showing officers doing little to calm a man before tasering him is just one piece of the puzzle, and people should not jump to conclusions based on only this evidence; If you’re thinking about taking a weekend to cross-border shop, Pat Foran tells you what you need to know before you go; Loren Christie gives us the low-down on destination weddings; aRaine Maida, best known as the front man for rock band Our Lady Peace, performs.moreless
  • November 14, 2007
    November 14, 2007
    Episode 53
    Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney spoke at a Toronto fund-raiser last night, and spoke out about the allegations made by Karlheinz Schreiber, saying he's looking forward to an investigation as he has nothing to hide and has done nothing wrong; Olympic gold medalist Cassie Campbell launches the world’s first secure social networking website for girls; Leslie Beck gives tips on what you need to know about reducing your risk for osteoporosis; Judy Feld Carr tells us how she rescued 3000 Jews who were trapped in Syria.moreless
  • November 13, 2007
    November 13, 2007
    Episode 52
    Benazir Bhutto is placed under house arrest for the second time in five days, she is now calling for President Musharraf to step down and says that she would never serve as Prime Minister under him; have you gotten your flu shot? Find out more about the vaccine and whether it's right for you; Jessie Farrell plays for our AM studio audience.moreless
  • November 12, 2007
    November 12, 2007
    Episode 51
    Discredited Ontario pathologist Charles Smith is at the centre of a series of hearings which begin today in Toronto,; we take you on a tour of one of the only crime scene houses in Canada; actress Hilary Swank tells us about the Beautiful Lengths campaign and how she’s supporting cancer research.moreless
  • November 9, 2007
    November 9, 2007
    Episode 50
    Benazir Bhutto is under house arrest in Pakistan and is barred from attending a protest rally; we tell you the top 10 must-have features for your home; author and baby photographer Anne Geddes shows us some of her latest work.
  • November 8, 2007
    November 8, 2007
    Episode 49
    A strain of streptococcus pneumonia has made its way into Canada and the super bug can't be killed off with any of the antibiotics approved for use with children; late newsman Peter Jennings' wife and daughter share about their new book A Reporter’s Life; Grammy Award-winning recording artist Marc Cohn performs his hit Walking in Memphis.moreless
  • November 7, 2007
    November 7, 2007
    Episode 48
    The RCMP mourn the loss of one of their own, as 20-year old Constable Doug Scott is shot and killed in Nunavut on Monday night when he responded to an impaired driving call, alone; we chat with the winner of this year’s Giller Prize, Elizabeth Hay; domestic diva Nigella Lawson cooks up her special scrambled eggs.moreless
  • November 6, 2007
    November 6, 2007
    Episode 47
    There were more protests and more police crackdowns in Islamabad, and Benazir Bhutto says she will go to the capital city to be close to the fast-moving events; Marci goes to Canadian singing legend Anne Murray’s house to talk about her newest album Duets; rap superstar 50 Cent tells us about his latest projects and why he’s not ready to retire.moreless
  • November 5, 2007
    November 5, 2007
    Episode 46
    Pakistan's President General Pervez Musharraf has suspended the constitution in that country; parenting expert Michele Borba returns with a series of tips that every parent should know; we show you how to cook up some award-winning finger food recipes that are perfect for entertaining.
  • November 2, 2007
    November 2, 2007
    Episode 45
    A one-day old child was abducted from a hospital in Sudbury, police have arrested 19-year old Brenda Batisse in Kirkland Lake; Oprah’s trainer Bob Greene reveals the three top mistakes you make about food; we show you how to give yourself a chocolate facial in your very own home.
  • November 1, 2007
    November 1, 2007
    Episode 44
    The Loonie hit an all-time high at $1.0607, the highest it's been since 1957, some retailers are cutting prices to reflect the high dollar; Globe and Mail columnist Christie Blatchford shares stories of bravery and friendship from her new book; designer Brian Gluckstein shows us how to get cozy in the bedroom this winter.moreless
  • October 31, 2007
    October 31, 2007
    Episode 43
    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced a variety of tax cuts, including a drop in the GST down to 5% as well as personal and corporate income tax cuts; Jerry Seinfeld gives Seamus the scoop on his new Bee Movie; we show you what fashions fit you best depending on your body type.moreless
  • October 30, 2007
    October 30, 2007
    Episode 42
    Economists are predicting a huge surplus of money for Canada, and Finance Minister Jim Flaherty is expected to cut one percent off the GST later today; Iron Chef Morimoto brings seafood into the AM kitchen; we’ll show you how to turn your front door into a Halloween masterpiece.
  • October 29, 2007
    October 29, 2007
    Episode 41
    Sweden's SAS grounds its fleet of Bombardier Q-400 Turbo-props after a string of accidents involving the landing gear; we show you how designing a financial plan can be as easy as planning your next meal; The Backstreet Boys are back to talk about their new album Unbreakable.
  • October 26, 2007
    October 26, 2007
    Episode 40
    One of America's most wanted has been arrested in New Brunswick after escaping from a Louisiana prison in 2006, he was captured after police received reports of a stolen van; Governor General Michaelle Jean gives Bev a house tour; we’ve have a preview of some new products coming to your grocery store that you may have never seen before.moreless
  • October 25, 2007
    October 25, 2007
    Episode 39
    As their homes continue to go up in flames, Californians try to cope with the loss, at least six deaths are being blamed on the fires, with fifteen active fires still raging; exposed CIA operative Valerie Plame talks about her betrayal by the White House; Pat Foran reveals how much money Canadians are spending on Halloween.moreless
  • October 24, 2007
    October 24, 2007
    Episode 38
    California is under the largest evacuation in its history due to the still-raging wildfires; workplace whiz Mark Jeffries has the five top tips to step up the corporate ladder; Seamus sits down with actor Jason Schwartzman to talk about the new movie The Darjeeling Limited.
  • October 23, 2007
    October 23, 2007
    Episode 37
    Southern California wild fires continue to burn, forcing nearly 300,000 people from their homes; we speak to the author of The Unexpected War: Canada in Kandahar; Irish musical theatre actor and singer Colm Wilkinson performs.
  • October 22, 2007
    October 22, 2007
    Episode 36
    An entire floor of a B.C. apartment building has become a crime scene as six victims were found by police; Environment Canada’s Dave Phillips unveils this year’s weather calendar; actress Jennifer Connelly talks about her new film Reservation Road.
  • October 19, 2007
    October 19, 2007
    Episode 35
    Police have arrested Christopher Neil in Thailand, ending an international manhunt; Jake Gyllenhaal talks about his new film Rendition; Richard Crouse has a preview of this weekend’s new movies; we join Craig Kielburger for the first International 'Me to We' conference in Toronto.
  • October 18, 2007
    October 18, 2007
    Episode 34
    Pat Foran takes us on a tour of an electric car factory; legendary Blondie singer Debbie Harry joins us in studio.
  • October 17, 2007
    October 17, 2007
    Episode 33
    We talk with author Greg Behrendt about the movie adaptation of his best seller book; Jully Black performs for our studio audience.
  • October 16, 2007
    October 16, 2007
    Episode 32
    Investigators are searching for a Canadian teacher hiding out in Thailand, Christopher Paul Neil, who is suspected of being a pedophile pictured abusing boys in hundreds of pictures on the Internet; Paul Potts talks to us and sings for our studio audience; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us what you need to know when you go to the doctor if you're in your 40s or 50s.moreless
  • October 15, 2007
    October 15, 2007
    Episode 31
    A bombing in Afghanistan has killed eight and wounded dozens of others; Drew Carey talks to Marci about his first day as host of The Price is Right; The Canadian Living Cook of the Year prepares a special recipe in the AM kitchen.
  • October 12, 2007
    October 12, 2007
    Episode 30
    Former Vice President Al Gore has won a Nobel Peace Prize for raising awareness on global warming; Prince Edward sits down for a one-on-one interview with Bev; Donald Sutherland talks about his new show Dirty Sexy Money.
  • October 11, 2007
    October 11, 2007
    Episode 29
    Ontario voters went to the polls and made history by giving the Liberals a majority government for a second term; Pat Foran drops by the studio to tell us about the SniperVision Hockey Bag; we demonstrate the newest techniques in robotic surgery.
  • October 10, 2007
    October 10, 2007
    Episode 28
    Danny Williams won a second majority government with the Progressive Conservatives getting nearly 70% of the vote in Newfoundland; actor Shemar Moore takes us inside the hit show Criminal Minds; Leslie Beck tells us about healthy foods for the heart.
  • October 9, 2007
    October 9, 2007
    Episode 27
    There are questions as to why it took RCMP almost an hour before responding to calls for help in the death of Constable Christopher Worden; Dr. Marla Shapiro tells us how to prepare for cold and flu season; we talk with director Ang Lee about his controversial film, Lust, Caution.
  • October 8, 2007
    October 8, 2007
    Episode 26
    Enjoy Thanksgiving morning by tuning in to watch our hosts chat about some of their most favourite segments on another edition of the Canada AM Holiday Show.
  • October 5, 2007
    October 5, 2007
    Episode 25
    The Harper government is pledging 64 million to punish pushers and help addicts as it unveils a new drug prevention program, the police are supporting the new drug strategy, but critics say that it has been tried before and failed; filmmaker Mike Sheerin stops by to talk about his documentary Welcome to Canadaville; our series with celebrity trainer and The Loved Dog author Tamar Geller concludes.moreless
  • October 4, 2007
    October 4, 2007
    Episode 24
    As many as 2,000 South African miners have been trapped underground since yesterday in a gold mine after a shaft collapsed, 1,500 have been rescued as the rescue operation continues; Pat Foran shows us the latest trend of elevators in homes; singer-songwriter Mat Kearney performs for our studio audience.
  • October 3, 2007
    October 3, 2007
    Episode 23
    The AP says insurgency-related death has passed the 5,000 mark in Afghanistan this year alone, a UN report backs up the findings; we tell you everything you need to know about Electoral Reform; Iman joins us in studio to talk about Project Runway Canada.
  • October 2, 2007
    October 2, 2007
    Episode 22
    Kathie-Lee Bennet was attacked 11 days ago by three girls she considered her friends, and is now speaking out about her brutal attack, saying that if she hadn't escaped them, she probably wouldn't be alive; Elizabeth Hurley talks about her work to raise awareness about breast cancer; our series with celebrity dog trainer Tamar Geller continues.moreless
  • October 1, 2007
    October 1, 2007
    Episode 21
    Hemophiliacs in Canada are awaiting the verdict form the Ontario Superior Court in the tainted blood trial that infected thousands of people with HIV or Hepatitis C; Celebrity dog trainer Tamar Geller has tips for teaching your pet; musician James Blunt performs music from his new album on the AM Soundstage.moreless
  • September 28, 2007
    September 28, 2007
    Episode 20
    Bev chats with The View hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Sherri Shepherd; the cast of The Drowsy Chaperone performs for our studion audience.
  • September 27, 2007
    September 27, 2007
    Episode 19
    After years of pushing breast self-examination, the Canadian Cancer Society says it is no longer needed, saying that women should be aware of changes and have yearly exams at a doctor's office; Les Stroud tells us how he survives alone in the wild; singer-songwriter Suzanne Vega performs for our studio audience.moreless
  • September 26, 2007
    September 26, 2007
    Episode 18
    A two-day strike by UAW is over with workers in the US having reached a tentative agreement with GM, Canadian GM workers expect to return to work soon; nutrition expert Leslie Beck gives us the results of a new study on Omega 3 fats; Tony Bennett talks about his new CD and the movie about his life directed by Clint Eastwood.moreless
  • September 25, 2007
    September 25, 2007
    Episode 17
    Thousands of Canadian auto workers are at home today after their American counterparts went on strike yesterday, leaving the plants in Windsor, St. Catherine's and Oshawa short on parts; Kris Abel drops by to tell us all about the newHalo 3; Rose Reisman shows us how to cook, eat and stock our pantries for a healthier life.moreless
  • September 24, 2007
    September 24, 2007
    Episode 16
    Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is down-playing fears of a possible war with the US, saying his country is not building a nuclear bomb and not planning for war, he will speak today at Columbia University, then later before the U.N.; Bev takes a trip to the set of LIVE with Regis and Kelly; we’ll give you a preview of the new Fall TV Season.moreless
  • September 21, 2007
    September 21, 2007
    Episode 15
    Bev and Seamus broadcast live from Ottawa's ByWard Market; the Canadian dollar has reached parity with the US dollar for the first time since 1976, leaving shoppers paying more; Blue Rodeo performs from their new album, Small Miracle.
  • September 20, 2007
    September 20, 2007
    Episode 14
    The Canada AM team is broadcasting live, from Ottawa; an Islamist website announced that a video tape message from Osama bin Laden would be issued in which he would declare war on Pakistan; Bev and Seamus get a cooking lesson from Le Cordon Bleu.
  • September 19, 2007
    September 19, 2007
    Episode 13
    The Canadian dollar is close to parity with its US counterpart; nutrition expert Leslie Beck gives us the skinny on the hottest new frozen bowl meals; Grammy award-winning Canadian jazz star Diana Krall performs for us from her latest album.
  • September 18, 2007
    September 18, 2007
    Episode 12
    Quebec by-elections have left the Liberals out in the cold; Prime Minister Harper has invited the Dali Lama to Canada; we have some quick and easy cooking tips from Canadian Living magazine; our parenting series continues with a look at technology at McGill University helping infertile women.
  • September 17, 2007
    September 17, 2007
    Episode 11
    A plane crash in Thailand killed more than 90 people; OJ Simpson is back in jail on robbery charges; we have a wrap of the winners and losers at the Emmy Awards; actor Viggo Mortensen talks about his new movie Eastern Promises.
  • September 14, 2007
    September 14, 2007
    Episode 10
    The Goldman Family talks about why they published If I Did It: Confessions of The Killer; actor Kevin Bacon tells us about his new movie Rails & Ties.
  • September 13, 2007
    September 13, 2007
    Episode 9
    We take a look at school security one year after the Dawson College shootings; we broadcast live from A.Y. Jackson School in Toronto with some live music from Hedley, Afternoon Zero, and Yellow Card.
  • September 12, 2007
    September 12, 2007
    Episode 8
    We talk with Brian Melo, this year's winner of Canadian Idol; Scott Speedman chats with us from the Toronto International Film Festival.
  • September 11, 2007
    September 11, 2007
    Episode 7
    On the anniversary of 9/11 we speak to Gwynne Dyer about his latest book; Paul Brandt performs on our AM Soundstage.
  • September 10, 2007
    September 10, 2007
    Episode 6
    We broadcast live from the heart of the Toronto International Film Festival with some of the hottest stars attending the festival.
  • September 7, 2007
    September 7, 2007
    Episode 5
    The parents of Madeleine McCann, missing four months, are being questioned by police in Portugal and are expected to be named as suspects in her disappearance; Lloyd Robertson tells us about his explosive interview with Brian Mulroney; we broadcast live from our Canadian Idol Block Party.
  • September 6, 2007
    September 6, 2007
    Episode 4
    Music lovers around the world mourn the death this morning of Luciano Pavarotti; we speak to the author of The Clear Skin Diet; Kris Abel gives us tips on buying the best desktop computer.
  • September 5, 2007
    September 5, 2007
    Episode 3
    Now that class is back in session, find out what foods enhance your memory; Paul Anka performs for our AM studio audience.
  • September 4, 2007
    September 4, 2007
    Episode 2
    We take a look at Toronto International Film Festival fashions; Mark Cullen tells us about planting perennials; Lucky and her trainer drop by to demonstrate how to sniff out pirated DVDs.
  • September 3, 2007
    September 3, 2007
    Episode 1
    We show you some of our favourite recent segments on our Canada AM holiday show.
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