Canada AM

Season 2 Episode 23

September 29, 2006

Aired Weekdays 6:00 AM Sep 29, 2006 on CTV

Episode Recap

Maher Arar's lawyer tells Canada AM that he is grateful for the apology offered by RCMP Commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli. Marlys Edwardh said, on behalf of Arar, that the two would meet this afternoon, so that Arar could accept the apology in person, but added that the Commissioner needs to not only apologize but also act on the recommendations in the O'Connor report. In a press conference, Zaccardelli admitted that no RCMP officers have been disciplined; CTV reported that not only is that the case, but some of the officers have received promotions. Bob Rae and Michael Ignatieff both appeared, separately, on Canada AM to discuss the leadership race. This Friday to Sunday, liberals will vote in what is known as 'Liberal Super Weekend'. This balloting will decide who goes to the federal party convention later this Fall. Polls suggest that the two, Rae and Ignatieff, are virtually tied. Ignatieff, however, dismissed the poll results and said this weekend will answer all questions. Health Canada has conducted a study on breakfast cereals that shows the presence of mycotoxins; they did not say which cereals were tested, but said that the results were in the parts per billion, which, according to Health Canada, is not a risk. However, scientists at the University of Guelph say that the risk to humans is not yet known. One University of Guelph chemist, Richard Manderville, is studying one type of mycotoxin to see if it causes cancer in animals. General Rick Hillier describes the situation in Afghanistan as a "long, slow process." He says that the Taliban resistance has gained some strength, but added that Canadian soldiers are learning from every encounter. Raids in Toronto and surrounding areas on motorcycle gangs may have netted as many as 30 arrests; Hells Angels were the primary target in dozens of co-ordinated raids in and around Toronto. Drugs, weapons and vehicles were seized by police following an 18-month investigation, with charges ranging from counselling to commit murder to criminal organization charges. Alison Garwood-Jones, Associate Beauty & Health Editor of ELLE Canada, talks to Bev about the winners of the 4th Annual Beauty Grand Prix, a contest for beauty products. The products were voted on by readers; the categories were shampoos, body scrubs, facial cleansers, night creams. Ken Jennings, past winner on Jeopardy who broke records with his 74-consecutive win run and over 2.5 million dollars in winnings, talks about his new book Brainiac: Adventures in the Curious, Competitive, Compulsive World of Trivia Buffs, which is about the subculture of "esoterica". Nigella Lawson talks with Seamus about her new book, Feasts, and tells Seamus how North Americans and Europeans view chocolate cake differently; Europeans view it as a requirement for celebration, while North Americans feel guilty about eating it. She also discusses eating while mourning, as part of the berievement process.

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