Canada's Next Top Model

Season 1 Episode 4

Episode 4

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jun 21, 2006 on CTV

Episode Recap

In the fourth episode, celebrity personal trainer and Guest Judge Harley Pasternak wakes up the girls and prepares to whip them into shape. All the girls are slow to get up, but Heather takes an especially long time to get out of bed. Harley is not impressed. After a five-minute run, the girls are given weights to use, but Sisi claims she's "too sick" to continue. She slumps in bed while the others continue, unimpressed. Later, when Harley interviews the girls about their eating habits, Sisi confesses she wasn't really sick at all. Brandi wins the fitness challenge and for her prize, all the girls go out for a night on the town. The bouncer at the club is really hot and the girls all get excited. Sisi eats with the girls, but then finds other people to talk to, ignoring everyone else.

The next day, the photo shoot brings a few surprises. The girls are modelling lingerie with a male model who turns out to be the bouncer from the night before. Ylenia is extremely uncomfortable with her co-star and when she's told the second part of the shoot is topless, she considers to pull out. Finally she decides to go through with it and her pictures turn out beautifully. Heather, on the other hand, is totally flat and very uncomfortable, and unfortunately it translates on film. Tenika, Sisi and Alanna are comfortable with the shoot and Brandi almost has too much chemistry with the model. Everyone wonders how Andrea will react to the scenario, but she musters up what it takes to make the shoot work.

During the fourth elimination ceremony, the judging test requires the girls to put together a sexy, sporty, summer look from a rack of clothing and then show it off. Most of the girls pull off this task reasonably well, but Heather doesn't seem to have any natural sense of movement or ability to emote, despite her beauty. Her bad photo shoot and inability to work out with Harley lead the judges to eliminate her.