Canada's Next Top Model

Season 1 Episode 7

Episode 7

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 12, 2006 on CTV



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    • Jeanne Beker: Wow, that's an interesting outfit! Did you design it yourself?
      Sisi: Yeah.. well, someone gave my dad this shirt and he's never gonna wear it. So I just cut it and, yeah.

    • Brandi: I don't think Alanna is Top Model material. I'm sorry...she's..boring.

    • Andrea: And I said to myself "You just took a $3 sweater and turned it into a $300 outfit".

    • Paul Venoit: (Talking about Brandi) I think the girl likes partying too much and don't get enough sleep because she's just not on top of her game.
      Stacey MacKenzie: Oh really! The girl drinks! [Laughs] I'm not holding it in anymore!

    • Brandi: (To the judges after she was eliminated) I think you guys made a big mistake...[gasp]Thanks anyways!

    • Stacey McKenzie: (Talking about Andrea) Oh my gosh! Can somebody give that girl a make over with her clothes! [Laughs]

    • Brandi: I think Sisi could be a Top model, but not Canada's Next Top Model. Canada's Next Top Model, I think she should be born from in Canada.

    • Brandi: (Talking about Sisi) She's not gonna win. If she wins, that's a Canada! I'm sorry! She's not even born in Canada. Please!
      Alanna: I know...
      Brandi: That's embarrassing sh*t!

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