Canada's Next Top Model

Season 1 Episode 8

Episode 8

Aired Wednesday 8:00 PM Jul 19, 2006 on CTV

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  • The final three girls were forced to do a cover girl commerical. Afterwards, Sisi was elminated. The remaining two (Alanna, Andrea) had to do a photoshoot and a runway show on the same day. After a LONG deliberation, Andrea beaten Andrea by 3 to 2 votes.

    Instead of just reviewing the final episode, I decided to also give an overall review of the entire season/cycle.

    Despite some questionable comments and choices from the judges, I think all of them did an admirable job in the show. It’s true that some of the criticism were a little harsh (not as harsh as ANTM I thought) but I thought it was necessary for the girls to be expose to such offensive comments. However, I would like the judges to give more feedback as in how to improve in the girls’ flaws. I’m sure the judges will get better as they become more experience.

    As for the 10 girls that CNTM chosen for their first cycle, I had to admit that I was first very skeptical on the ladies they picked. I thought all of them were ordinary and perhaps a little dull. That was probably why I liked episode 1 the least. It was not until episode 2 when the girls’ true colours really started to surface. That was when I became hooked on to this show and just loved the variety of characteristics of the girls. Dawn the Canadian sweetheart, Sisi the crazy diva that everyone likes (from my POV), Tenika the powerful force of nature, Andrea the ugly duckling that changed into a swan, Ylenia the Italian beauty who was both beautiful inside and out, Brandi the egotistic maniac. I could go on but you get the idea.

    I thought all the photo shoots and challenges were very interesting and entertaining. Granted that they were not as good/crazy as the ANTM ones but under the budget that CNTM had, I think they did a pretty good job. I’m sure they will have more extraordinary material to work with in Cycle 2 since they most likely have a higher budget.

    As for the final episode....I thought it was pretty good.

    The final three girls (Andrea, Alanna, and Sisi) were forced to engage into a field that they were all unfamiliar with…doing a TV commercial (specifically a Cover girl commercial). No surprise that all three girls had trouble with the experience but all three girls managed to pull through in the end. Was a little upset that Sisi got eliminated next but the judges had a point. Despite Sisi being so fierce, she did lack progression and evolution in her abilities to be a model. As for the final two ladies (Alanna and Andrea), they had to do a photo shoot and a runway show on the same day. I thought both of them blossomed beautifully in the photo shoot but showed signs of nervousness during the runway show. However, compared to 8 weeks ago, in general both girls performed exceptionally. At the final deliberation, the judges cried, argued, and stressed over who should be Canada’s Next Top Model (felt kind of sorry for them. No matter who they choose, they can never satisfy everyone) After a long grueling debate, it all came down to silent votes from the judges. At the end, Andrea beaten Alanna by 3 to 2 votes and became Canada’s FIRST Next Top Model.

    I was ok with Andrea winning because she did came from a long way. When I first saw her in episode 1, she looked like a little immature geeky girl and I thought to myself that “there is NO WAY this girl can EVER look or move like a model”……she proved me wrong. After every passing week, I saw her improve more and more. She still has flaws but what model doesn't? Andrea will grow and improve as she gets older and more exposure to the industry. Was she my top favourite to win???? No. That spot would always be reserved for Ylenia.

    I was hoping for a Sisi vs. Ylenia showdown in the finale ( that would be insane!!) but I’ll live.

    still…congtz to Andrea.

    The first season is over and I thought the show was a great success.

    I CAN’T WAIT until cycle 2 starts.