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  • Jay is the Host with the Most. Class is his middle name.

    I think that Jay was what CNTM was missing. After last year I didn't want to watch, but hearing he was going to host I gave it another shot. WOW what a difference he added more class and sophistication to the program. Even Jeannie started dressing better.I believe with his experience you couldn't have found a better host.
    I think I will continue to watch as long as he is hosting, Jay's ability to spot what will make a good model is exactly what Canada needed. You Go Jay!!!
  • we see new candidates all the time but must endure the same boring judges and host. Lets rotate the host and judging staff too and introduce some good ol competition in that part of the show. I vehemently disagree with the choice last night by the judges

    It seems that the judges have become marginalized. They do not represent what most Canadians like. Why not give us a break and bring in a new host and judging team. Maybe the judges would then try to think of what Canadians like rather than their own marginalized tastes. THe choice last night was sooo very wrong. It is after all meant to be all of Canadian societys top model not just a small segment. I was so angry last night i vowed not to watch the program again until somme changes are made in judges and host.

    well what do you think. am i right or what ... i am so upset that is for sure. ronald mc donald of all girls she needs a tan everyone is gonna think we live in igloos since she is so darn white and never sees the sun man alive what were they thinking.... i hope next season is better and they have some good looking girls because this was a little sad. there were so many other girls to choose from and they pick her well maybe i am just a little upset i am sure she is nice.
  • I was really hoping to see the right person win. I buy magazines and editorial is not what catches my eye- it is who is the next Cover Girl. A suggestion- get an everday person to sit in on the judging. Very disappointed!

    I was really hoping to see the right person win. I was very shocked to see that the person who won lacked the personality and good judgements that Sinead had. A female was picked that cheated on her boyfriend and drank a lot. I don't think the public eye needs another one of those models. Rebecca does take nice pictures, bt not amazing. I buy magazines and editorial is not what catches my eye- it is who is the next Cover Girl. A suggestion- get an everday person to sit in on the judging. Very disappointed!
  • in episode 2 it was getting prety intence.makeovers were tought for some girls and for others produced even more beauty within the girls. The girls then had to produce with animals from the sea.for some it was hard and others amazing pics where produced.

    it had gotten a little intense for stef when she had realized that she had to do a picture with creatures from the sea and had later at judging time had gotten a little critisim from the photographers. she had made it down to the final 2 but had been saved when another girl was sent home, sadly it was jacqueline. cori had produced yet again another AMAZING pic. gina the judges thought that her pic was kinda scary but personally i thought that it was beautiful.sinead had all of her hair chopped of and doanted it to lock of love which wowed the judges.overall very good episode and makes you so anticipated to watch the next episode.
  • A great show, though not as great as antm!

    One of my favourite shows, even thouch it's not as good as America's Next Top Model, it's still a pretty good show.Well most of the time, the finale is what i didn't really get! Alanna was much, much better then Andrea was, i honestly don't know why the judges picked her. And while they were trying to decide who won, Stacy (the judge) was being overly dramatic! Alanna should defintly have won, she was better at every thing then Andrea! Even so, the show is a pretty good show, just not the best.

    P.S We Canadians really do take a lot of there shows and turn them so we have it too, eh?
  • A really tacky show - not comparable to ANTM (except for the obvious)

    When I started watching this show I thought to myself "oh wow, this is pretty amazing" since the girls who were there to compete were almost all very pretty and a diverse looking bunch of girls. But as the season went further I changed my mind, this turned out to be a big waste of time and in the final show I turned my tv off half way through, simply because the ugliest two girls were left standing and I had no interest in seeing wich one of them would actually win. I get more out of looking in the mirror. I really think that when someone decides to make a show like this, they need to take the modeling business seriously and I just though this was unprofessional - all the way through. Maybe it was the judges or something but modelling is not about being nice, it is about talents and beauty. At first they got rid of all the beautiful and skinny girls, then in the final show, they kicked off Sisi, the most talented one. Left standing there were two ugly little girls, on the inside and outside, unable to walk properly and totally without charm or ability to take a good picture. Watching this is a waste of time, stick to Americas Next top model instead because for some reason, the canadians took this all for a big joke. Although the winners never make it in the business, they are still supposed to have something going for the, (this bisness is all about looks and that is not just an opinion - it´s a fact) the two finalists here were nothing, I don´t meen that as nasty, I´m simply speaking the truth. They were obviously trying to make the ugly ducklings into cinderellas but it just looked ridiculous and pre-planned. Sorry, but this is the truth.

    I gave it a score of 1.1 because Sisi was on it, she was great. I only continued watching it because I thought she had a BIG chance of winning, since her competition in the end was with two ugly (on fat) freaks. But se la vi....
  • This show is about a whole bunch of peeps that get turned into beautiful models and compete to be Canadas next top model.

    I think that it is a pretty good show but America\'s was much better oh well!!!!!!!!

    Anyway ummm Andria should not have won I think Alana was much better Andria but they were both ok . But Andria looks like every other model, stick thin while Alana atleast had a bit of CURVE would it kill you to eat a sandwich Andrea?Also the crying did get pretty anoying. And what is with SiSi having to pour milk on herself in that one episode!!!!!!!!!!!!? soooooooooooo ya. But I think the show is pretty good I actually enjoyed it alot but Americas models were a bit better. And that episode where they all had to dress in the black and hold like stuffed owls or whatever that was kinda creepy!! I also find parts that aern\'t supposed to be funny and supposed to be like intense or something made be laugh ALOT!!! HEHEHEHEHEHE

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
  • The show itself, is one of my personal favourites, but this last episode was just shameful, utterly shameful

    I am so utterly disappointed with tonights finale. I amm sorry, but Andrea is quite possibly the most ugliest person I have ever laid eyes on. She makes me sick, she looks anorexic. I think a huge mistake was made in making her Canada's Next Top Model... it has basically put Canada to shame, and I am so upset. I was so pumped to find out our kick ass country was having our own Next Top Model show, and I was completely disappointed. Although Alanna was not my most favourite girl, she was much better suited for the job. I knew the second Stacey made her reaction who won, and I completely agree with it. OH MY GOD!
  • Canada attempts to copy the classic American how, America's Next Top Model, but is unsuccessful.

    Canada has always been a few steps behind America. This show, Canada's Next Top Model just shows how far behind we really are. It seems as though Canadian shows are more about the prize and the ending, rather than the drama which makes us want to tune in each week in between.

    I was disappointed to know that we didn't get to see the casting auditions, as like in Americas Next Top Model. Even some of the photo shoots were derived from the American version. Being a Canadian, I want to support everything Canadian, but Iwould rather tune into the American version.

    I am even sceptical about the chioces they made on the show. Tricia Helfer? Never heard of her. But then again, I cannot even name a Canadian Model. And then the models? Did they just go to a Zellers and pick them up in the grocery section?

    Canada, nice attempt, sad execution.
  • The plot is unoriginal. The host has no power in her voice. I think this show is under appreciated. The show isn't -that- bad, and it's got Canada in it. Watching an episode makes it seem obvious that the show is different from America's Next Top M

    Currently watching the first season.
    I thought the makeovers were better than that of the ANTM cast. But the photos from the photoshoots don't make any of the girls shine. I have no idea who'll win and claim the title of Top Model but I doubt any of them will ever land on a magazine and be worth buying.
    None of the girls have originality.
    And knowing beforehand that models have 100% confidence and self esteem, why would you enter the competiton? *Eyes Andrea*
    The girls are the absolute worst, and the footage used to display on TV is the pits. Why do we care about seeing someone turn off their light? :o Wow?! Some neat stuff, eh. Not. They could cut out this footage and add in more confessions, which is what the show is lacking.
    At the end of each episode, the eliminated girls leave a not on the kitchen counter. I personally would love for the girls to gather around and read the note. But this is never showed, even if it happens.
    Though Tyra Banks uses the old method of having TyraMail, Tricia Helfer uses the modern hand-held videotape mail.
    Tyra has power in her voice and I assume, less acting experience than Tricia. Tricia is unpowerful. She doesnt carry herself as a host and seems like she wants to get the prizes overwith, so she says it fast.
    Tricia stars in Battlestar Galactica yet her voice is invesible compared to the loud mouth girls we hear in the confessions. What do these girls have in their bloodstream? If sugar makes you hyper, what makes you catty? Salt?
    And it seems like if you accidently sprinkled salt on one of the girls, they'd kill you.
    And the judges in this show are more interested in body types and having a perfect figure than having the girls be comfortable with themselves.
    Ylenia was told to lose weight off her hips. This brought down her self esteem. See what I mean? One small comment can throw someone off. And the comments are horrid! The judges have absolutely no experience.
    Though I did think the use of the bowling alley was clever for a catwalk, the bikini fight club photo shoot is something we'd shield our children from.
    Is this what a model should be? Low in self esteem and confident? Worried about looks? Desperate to be perfect? Pleasing others but not themselves? Agreeing to dress inappopriately to be #1?
  • This show is pretty good.

    Aside from Trisha's apparent first time acting :lol: this show is pretty good. I just got into ANTM on the last few eps of the last season and i thought it was cool. It's fun to see all the different photo shoots and the themes. The only thing that bugs me is the whole "" ok, its not like someone's dying here. other than that, its o pretty decent show. and it's also a Summer reality show which i need.
  • Embarassment to my hometown! & CANADA as a whole...!!!!They make our country look bad

    Poor Jay he has to look at these ugly girls and rate them on the least ugly. i could feel his embarassment seeping through my television! How did they pick these girls did nobody try out or something? I demand a recount! I see better looking girls in Victoria alone and these are the best they could get in our whole country??!?!?! Hopefully it gets better... but until then put america\\\'s next top model back on!
  • it's ok i guess, but their really not good judges on beauty

    I guess the show was alright... there really wasnt anything overly entertaining about it. i also think they really chose some ugly girls for this like Andrea. what is she doing on this shpw! she's hideous, and the miss sixty dress and hat she chose on the first day? it was horrendously ugly, i wouldn't wear that dress or hat if someone payed me. Also i don't know what everyone sees in heather, she's not that prety either and her eyes are way too big for her face, she just looks constantly starled. im also very upset they got rid of that first girl,i thougt she had the best picture. Anywhoo, i suppose i shall continue watching this show just to see what happens.
  • A terrible, sub-class version of ANTM. How sad. Did someone say Trisha was an actress? I guess a pretty face can get you anything cuz that gal can't act.

    What a shame that Canada has again created a sub-class version of an American show (ANTM). The show was poorly produced and edited. The only thing that was good that it was filmed in my city, beautiful Victoria. I guess it all boils down to money. Perhaps one day we will see a real professional version of a TV show that could outbeat our neighbours down south. How sad for us. :(
  • I just can't help it...I am that hopeful girl.... and I deeply wish that this show will become something as good as the American one....

    First I have to tell that Even Tricia doesn't make the show interesting. She didn't seem quite as confortable in front of the video camera as Tyra is....

    Jugding on the first episode that I saw, it sucks...

    -For a first season, I already wish that the next one will be way better.
    -The judges are not that bad, but that Jeanne is ...weird.
    -The top ten on the show is truly not the best top ten they could've found in the country.
    -When you watch this show after a complete great season of ANTM, it's hard to enjoy. You cannot stop comparing, but the thing is that the american one is at its sixth season.
    -I really laugh when I heard them say "TRICIA mail"...(didn'sound well to me)

    .... But i'm still hopeful

  • This show is going to rock!!!

    This show is going to be great. Us Canucks are beautiful too! A chance to showcase the gorgeous north... I wish I knew how to audition for this show... Oh well Ièll be setting my tv for every episode of this one. I already donèt miss an episiode of the american one
  • The Canadian edition is going to rock just as much as the American one. Yes, it is my absolute guilty pleasure, a bunch of girls who all want to be models, battling it out... that spells guilty pleasure.

    The Canadian version of this bombshell show kick off May 31st. I'm absolutely positive that this is going to be just as fabulous as the original. Though it may not be star-studded with Tricia Helfer as host and various others as judges, the premise is still the same and will make another great Canadian edition to the show. I'm counting down the days until it starts and so should you. Mark this date on your calendar: May 31st, City TV. Tune in, it's going to rock. Find out all about the girls and see the auditions, get to know the finalists and find out who will be Canada's Next Top Model!