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  • Better then American Idol!

    A great show! I'm not a very big fan of reality shows that aren't sports, but not this one. It's a great way to see young, up and coming singers in Canada. It's really not that fair that I say I like this more than American Idol, but I guess it's okay because i'm Canadian, and proud of it. Rex Goudie is my favroite person to ever compete in Candadian Idol and he is an amazing singer, with huge potiental, and actually is dating the woman that won that year, Melissa O'Neil. Another reson I like him is because he's a leaf fan. Anyway back to the show, it's great! Love it! So once again, you can say that I did my tradmark finisher, that: Flats_flounder has spoken.
  • Canadian Idol is a spin-off of the Idol franchise. Definitely the best in the franchise!

    American Idol is getting quite repetitive, boring and the Idols are well......talentless. Canadian Idol has so much more to offer. Ben Mulroney is much more convincing as a host then Ryan Seacrest, who never has much to say. The judges, are okay. Sass Jordan's voice is like nails on a chalkboard, Jake Gold looks like he is wearing women's glasses and Zack Werner is trying to act too much like American Idol's Simon (who is getting way too repetitive in his comments). Farley Flex is the only judge who seems to have good constructive critisism. This past season, season 3, has been the most sucessful season yet. Soon, Canadian Idol will become more popular then American Idol, who is way past it's prime.
  • Fun

    I never thought i'd be a fan of the Idol shows when AI first came premiered but after getting hooked to AI & was thrilled when they announced Canadian Idol 2 seasons ago !! I've been to a few of the tapings of the show & had a blast !! The only thing that bothers me i a few freinds have laughed in my face & that just peeved me off. I could very well laugh &@ some of their TV choices but don't
  • Yay, Canadian Idol. I'm Canadian♥

    It's not like a hate American Idol. I just like Canadian Idol way more because I seriously DO NOT like Simon Cowell. The only reason why I really watch these kinds of shows is to see some of the "interesting" people on it...and I love to see what songs they sing. Sometimes I get very frusterated with the judges. I can't stand them talking. And one thing I love more about American Idol is that they only have 3 judges (less talking)...
    Ben Mulroney is WAY better than Ryan Seacrest. Ryan's getting a little annoying. But what I really hate about Canadian Idol is: Jon Dore isn't the correspondent anymore :'( that blows...
  • Just one of many [fill in the nationality here] Idol shows.

    Canadian Idol is a copy cat of American Idol, which is itself a copy cat of the U.K. version of the show. Not that that's a bad thing, but it's just not very original.

    The Canadian version is pretty much the same as the American one as well. Last year, it was different, with the top 32 being split into groups and a wildcard selection; this year, it's exactly the same as the American version. I don't really know which way I like better. The wildcard was a good idea, because some good singers got into the competition that way (Aaron Walpole), but the top 10 is the format that I'm used to from the American show.

    The best part of the show is probably the audition process, where they show all the really bad singers. That's usually good for some laughs. Once they're into the top 10, things start getting serious, although there can still be some pretty bad performances when the singers choose a song that just isn't right for them. But for the most part, they do pretty well.

    Overall, it's an okay show, but it's really just the same as the American Idol.
  • Can Ben Mulroney get any cheesier?

    What the hell is with Ben Mulroney? There cannot be any cheesier host, he's only here because his dad was the prime minister.

    He's cheesy, obnoxious, boring, pretentious, downright creepy ..... you name it. Is he trying to be Ryan Seacrest? Please, don't make me laugh. On a second thought, hahahahahahahahaha ... Yeah Right.

    Did you see when Brandon Jones was singing Kenny Rogers' "Lady", and then Ben said that he felt he was singing it for him??? What was that, so now he's gay or what? Why would Canadian Idol, a good show otherwise, keep this block of cheese past its expiry date? It's stinking up the joint. Find a big garbage can, preferably the one Zack tossed around, and shove Ben in it. He'd blend really well with some landfill.

    Then again, that's just my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.
  • Needs something?

    Canadian Idol has produced some of the best musical talents that Canada has seen. My opinion is naturally bias, being a Canadian. The show is one of the best ways to showcase your self, and hopefully be entertaining if not talented. The top ten have in the last few years have gradually gotten better. The judges I believe are not as critical as they could be. The hosting could be better, but perhaps that could be a result of the writing not necessarily the host himself.

    I have great expectations for the up coming season, and hope that the talent is just as good as last year.
  • It's kind of like American Idol, except with a "u"! Canadian Idoul?

    Canadian Idol is based on American Idol. In fact, it's pretty much the same show, except it's in Canada, with Canadians. We even get our own version of Simon Cowell in Zack, but, being Canadian, he's not quite as nasty as Simon.

    Last year, they had the idol wannabes in four groups of 8, and two people were chosen from those groups with two wildcard contestants. This year, they just did it the same way that American Idol does it... I'm not sure which way I like better; I think this year's way might be the better way.

    So we get our Top 10 and the weekly sing-alongs with the results show the next day. Sometimes, it's more of a popularity contest than a singing contest, but that's the way the business goes, I guess. Overall, the audition phase is my favourite part, cause that's where they show the truly bad singers who come in wearing strange clothes, just trying to make it onto TV. But the whole thing is entertaining, and a good way to spend an hour.
  • To summarise the show I really don't understand what Canadians are thinking.

    I watch Canadain Idol every year and to be honest the last two years I have been soooooooooo dissappointed with the results.Tonights show Tues/August/12/2008 was absolutely ureal.Mitch has got the most extremely annoying whiney voice I have heard in years.He should not have even made the top ten let alone getting in the top 5 over Amberly.Amberly does have the second best voice on the show next to Theo.I don't understand what you Canadians are thinking.A few weeks ago when Mitch ATTEMPTED to sing Jeff Healy's "Angle Eyes" I thought all the glass in my house was going to shatter with such a high pitched WHINE in his voice.I am ashamed to call myself a Canadian.Get a grip people Mitch has to go he sucks,,FACT.
  • Some seasons were better than others

    I hardly watched this past season because I really wasn't into it than I was with other seasons before it. If you ask me, the third season of CI was one of the best - if not the best because it had a very diverse, very talented field of competitors, my favorite competitors that year being Rex Goudie (who I voted for all last season except for one week) and Melissa O'Neil. And I feel the format needs a little work, because it's my belief that some of the people who go on CI don't get the same amount of opportunities that people on AI get.
  • No No No!

    I personally like reality shows. This one is not in my favourites. I like American idol it's fun to watch. No disrecpect but i don't like canadian idol. I repeat DON"T LIKE IT. Mostly because of that host with the black hair. He doesn't have enthusiasum he's just boring to watch. I don't think it's fair that with 2 hosts and 4 judges. There only seems to be 1 woman. What is that
  • Season 3 is a DISASTER!

    Whats with season 3, okay yeah some of them do deserve to be in the top 10 but some of them are alot worst than most of the people that were booted off! No way this or any season would beat season 2, season 2 their was soooooooooo much diversity and now, its like we've seen/heard them all before, no originality, its like if everything has been done already! At least american idol finds ways to "renew" this whole idol thing but come on, we need something or someone unique more non rockish/country-ish. My rates for season 3 is 5 thumbs waaaaaaayyyy down!

  • Bad TV

    Canadian Idol should not be on TV for many, many reasons. First of all and most important, Ben Mulroney I'm pretty sure is one of the signs that the end of the world is coming. He seems like a complete moron, and I'm not just saying that to be mean because I don't like him, I'm saying that because one of the reasons I don't like him is that he seems like he has an IQ equivalent to that of an average bathroom sponge. He seems like a vapid, empty shell, like the robots in the Terminator movies programmed him to look like a human and act somewhat like a human but you can totally tell he's not really a human. And the show also is boring with average singers doing average songs with boring judges and over all the show is just boring and pointless. But mostly it's the Ben Mulroney thing.