Canadian Idol

Tuesday 9:00 PM on CTV Premiered Jun 09, 2003 Between Seasons





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  • Can Ben Mulroney get any cheesier?

    What the hell is with Ben Mulroney? There cannot be any cheesier host, he's only here because his dad was the prime minister.

    He's cheesy, obnoxious, boring, pretentious, downright creepy ..... you name it. Is he trying to be Ryan Seacrest? Please, don't make me laugh. On a second thought, hahahahahahahahaha ... Yeah Right.

    Did you see when Brandon Jones was singing Kenny Rogers' "Lady", and then Ben said that he felt he was singing it for him??? What was that, so now he's gay or what? Why would Canadian Idol, a good show otherwise, keep this block of cheese past its expiry date? It's stinking up the joint. Find a big garbage can, preferably the one Zack tossed around, and shove Ben in it. He'd blend really well with some landfill.

    Then again, that's just my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.