Canadian Idol

Tuesday 9:00 PM on CTV Premiered Jun 09, 2003 Between Seasons





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  • It's kind of like American Idol, except with a "u"! Canadian Idoul?

    Canadian Idol is based on American Idol. In fact, it's pretty much the same show, except it's in Canada, with Canadians. We even get our own version of Simon Cowell in Zack, but, being Canadian, he's not quite as nasty as Simon.

    Last year, they had the idol wannabes in four groups of 8, and two people were chosen from those groups with two wildcard contestants. This year, they just did it the same way that American Idol does it... I'm not sure which way I like better; I think this year's way might be the better way.

    So we get our Top 10 and the weekly sing-alongs with the results show the next day. Sometimes, it's more of a popularity contest than a singing contest, but that's the way the business goes, I guess. Overall, the audition phase is my favourite part, cause that's where they show the truly bad singers who come in wearing strange clothes, just trying to make it onto TV. But the whole thing is entertaining, and a good way to spend an hour.