Candid Camera

ABC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • Season 7
    • #2137
      Episode 25
      A do-it-yourself security check system. Bags of bread cut so the bread falls out. Customer's purchases packaged in boxes that are way too big. How they made the sideways elevator. Classic from 1961: people must swear an oath not to reveal the ending of the movie they are about to see. People help a man by holding a hat against a building, thinking that there is a bird under it.moreless
    • #2136
      Episode 24
      Internet dating service for dogs. Speed bumps in a supermarket aisle. A 16-blade shaver. "Vend-A-Vow" – couples "getting married" by vending machine in Las Vegas. Classic from 1963 – kids try opening a door with 2 ice cream cones. "Then & Now" – a pile of dollar bills with a sign saying "Free – One to a customer".moreless
    • Mother's Day
      Mother's Day
      Episode 23
      Haircuts from beginners. The DMV justifies peoples' weight. Dog wigs. Classic TV mothers ask advice of other mothers (in character).
    • #2134
      Episode 22
      Homeowners are stunned to discover that a fire hydrant has been installed on their front lawn! Applicants for a new "reality" show tell how far they'd go to win big prizes. Customers trying on shoes find their old pair is being offered for sale.
    • #2133
      Episode 21
      With the weather 80 degrees and sunny, residents in the beach town of Santa Cruz, California, receive morning papers with front page news that they've been "buried" by a freak snowfall. An instant camera is rigged to produce photos with unusual images. Kids tell some of their favorite jokes.
    • #2132
      Episode 20
      In New York City, a parking garage makes unwanted repairs on customers cars. A store holds a 110% off sale! Customers at a photo shop find that their roll of 25 exposures mysteriously produced 40 photos. Classic sequences from the 1960s.
    • #2131
      Episode 19
      Matchmakers are hired to find a "simple" girl for billionaire Donald Trump. Rival tow truck drivers try to tow a car from opposite ends. A watch store insists customers purchase time. Taking a photo causes a camera to fall apart.
    • #2130
      Episode 18
      Peter plays a pilot whose plane is missing an engine. Dina plays a cop writing tickets in private driveways, a waitress tasting customers food, and a golfer whose pre-shot routine takes several minutes.
    • #2129
      Episode 17
      Shoppers returning to their cars in a parking lot, find that a raffle is underway, with their cars as prizes! For St. Patrick's Day, New Yorkers tell their favorite Irish jokes. Classic segment showing Jack Paar's many Candid Camera appearances.
    • #2128
      Episode 16
      Supermarket patrons discover that their carts will only turn in circles to the right. A New York store imposes a surcharge when customers use cash. A movie theater sells extra large popcorn in very tiny bags.
    • #2127
      Episode 15
      Shoppers are offered samples of 100 percent pure baked cholesterol. Skaters in New York's Central Park discover the rental skates have training wheels. A saleswoman visits homes of people on the "Do Not Call List."
    • #2126
      Episode 14
      Taxi drivers contend with a passenger whose large rubber raft inflates inside the cab. Car buyers are introduced to the "Trash n Go" device that turns household garbage into fuel for their cars. New Yorkers learn that the city is imposing a tax on the sales tax.
    • #2125
      Episode 13
      Motorists try to navigate a road that has speed bumps every 3 feet! Window cleaners are troubled by a spot that keeps moving from one side of the glass to the other! Second graders make a mess as they try to slice an apple pie.
    • #2124
      Episode 12
      Restaurant patrons don't know what to make of a menu that offers only one item. A parking meter is installed at the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant. A charity asks passersby to donate their cars right on the spot.
    • #2123
      Episode 11
      Tourists are frustrated by an automated telephone service that provides more questions than answers. A record store charges customers a "piracy tax." Americans prove to be stumped by the Canadian coins, loonies and toonies. In a classic sequence, a young boy describes his guardian angel.
    • Candid Camera Christmas
      Among the highlights: In a festive, heavily-decorated neighborhood, a phony city inspector tells residents they need more lights. Residents in the New York City suburbs are surprised when a crew claiming to be from Rockefeller Center arrives to cut the prize pine in their front yard to use as the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Burly workers from a moving company are sent to what they believe is an exercise class, but wind up as unsuspecting stars of Candid Camera's production of The Nutcracker. Visitors to an Hawaiian resort must endure the blazing sun while pretending to be freezing cold in a fake TV commercial for Grandma's Christmas Cocoa. Classic clips from earlier Candid Camera Christmas shows.moreless
    • #2122
      Episode 9
      A store in Illinois gives change only in pennies. Rental car customers must pass a vision test before renting a car. In Memphis, a restaurant changes its menu to an "all-healthy" version. A prospective homebuyer quizzes neighbors with highly personal questions.
    • #2121
      Episode 8
      In Elk Grove, Illinois, Peter Funt tries to outbid customers for a store's last bagel. A carwash offers customers theft and fire insurance. Shoppers are drawn, inexplicably, to a tiny store window beneath the sign: Do Not Look Here! In a classic sequence, a hot dog stand uses the honor system in collecting money.moreless
    • #2120
      Episode 7
      Customers leaving a convenience store discover that parking meters have been installed while they shopped, and an officer is ready to write a ticket. Pedestrians make unusual sounds to call a cat down from a tree.
    • #2119
      Episode 6
      A guard at a gated community insists that motorists give a "secret password" for entry. Camp kids struggle to pitch a tent, as the song "It Takes Two" plays in the background. In a "Candid Classic" segment, a man is asked to retrieve a document from an office drawer that's stuck, only to find that not only can he not reach the document, but the drawer is also filled with a seemingly endless stream of junk. Customers at a pizza shop are asked to make deliveries to other customers on their way home. Residents in a Mississippi town are given new street numbers that are nine digits long. Peter Funt travels to London and learns even the British are often confused about the rules of cricket. Diners at a Chinese restaurant struggle with chopsticks that are over two-feet long!moreless
    • #2118
      Episode 5
      Peter Funt poses as a cop with bandaged arm and asks motorists in Naperville, Illinois to write their own tickets. An automatic dollar-bill changing machine gives only pennies. Diners at a steak house are given plastic knives due to beefed up "security." In a classic sequence from 1964, union workers take a fitness class.moreless
    • #2117
      Episode 4
      Moviegoers must pass through an electronic scanner, in a crackdown on snack foods purchased outside the theater. Kids are observed as they struggle to drink thick milkshakes. A supermarket insists on getting its bags back once shoppers reach their cars. In a classic sequence, a woman tries to answer a phone with a stuck receiver.moreless
    • #2116
      Episode 3
      In a twist on Candid Camera's hidden-camera tradition, tourists in California are fooled into thinking they can "sign up" to be caught on Candid Camera. In New York, a man with bandaged fingers seeks help using his cell phone. A restaurant reserves the right to substitute food orders. A store security guard questions customers as they enter a store.moreless
    • #2115
      Episode 2
      A machine issuing tickets in a parking lot goes haywire. Guests checking out of a hotel are shocked to learn they can purchase a security video recorded in their room. In Mississippi, golfers are told that they are using illegal "hot" drivers. Recall Petition I - California's recall election prompts the Candid crew to circulate phony petitions to recall dozens of elected officials. Recall Petition II - High school students circulate a petition to recall faculty members. Smile File - Woman asks others for help in finding the dirtiest clean word; children attempt to count and do jumping jacks at the same time; a cell phone that receives calls for passersby. A look back at the sequence in which a parking officer issues tickets to people who have supposedly parked incorrectly in their own driveway. A look back at the sequences in which a supermarket cashier claims to be able to read barcodes on products. In a supermarket parking lot, shoppers are observed as they return their carts. In New Hampshire, Peter Funt tries to change the motto, "Live Free or Die."moreless
    • #2114
      Episode 1
      Peter Funt, pretending to be an executive from the baseball Commissioner's office, discusses excessive spitting with Yankee ball players. New York Yankee pitcher Andy Pettitte is confronted about his frequent on-field grabbing. Peter Funt informs Nick Johnson that during the upcoming game, the commissioner's office would like for him to wear a helmet outfitted with a satellite dish. A solicitor goes door-to-door selling no soliciting signs. In this candid experiment, people can't resist popping bubble wrap. (Candid Mic classic) - In a Candid Microphone recording from 1947, a moving man is bewildered by a large trunk emitting loud moans. Passersby purchase badly burned furniture at a Dallas fire station. At a hotel in Tampa, the candid crew tries to sell diet water.moreless
  • Season 6