Candid Camera - Season 6

ABC (ended 2004)




Episode Guide

  • #2108
    Episode 9
    Shoppers in a supermarket sample taste-free food. A group of school children respond to the news that a new student has green skin. Several dollars worth of quarters is left on the ground in front of a busy bank. (Classic) - From 1964, a tough talking fellow dictates a letter to an unsuspecting stenographer. In New York City, a group of senior citizens tell their favorite jokes. A check-out clerk in a supermarket informs shoppers that they must buy items with an earlier expiration date. Kids - Second graders share their thoughts about prejudice, and what America stands for.moreless
  • #2105
    Episode 8
    A pizza parlor takes recycling efforts to a new level when they insist on giving customers used pizza boxes. Kids Jokes - Kids tell the Candid Camera of their favorite jokes. Adult Jokes I - Adults struggle when asked to simply tell a joke. Adult Jokes II - Unable to remember any jokes on his own, a man uses his cell phone to get some help froma friend. Adult Jokes III - Adults share some of their favorite jokes with the Candid Camera. Workers at a greeting card company are asked to seperate words into "clean" and "dirty" columns. Customers at a New York City beauty shop are surprised when the client in the chair ahead of them is a dog. Hat on a String - Pedestrians chase a runaway straw hat. Classic - Workers visiting a temporary office space are shocked when the building appears to be moving down the road. Adult Jokes IV - In Manhattan, students at the New York Bartending School share some of their favorite jokes.moreless
  • #2104
    Episode 7
    A movie theatre serves popcorn that has been left behind in the theatre! In a fancy New York restaurant, jackets and ties are not allowed. People are confused when the daily newspaper is recalled -- right off their driveway. At a newsstand in Los Angeles, people struggle with a stack of newspapers that are glued together.moreless
  • Kids
    Episode 6
    An all-kids edition of Candid Camera. At a New York City tennis club, kids contend with an out of control ball machine. Among other Candid Kid moments: eating spaghetti, shuffling a deck of cards, and tying neckties.
  • #2102
    Episode 5
    In Colorado, a veterinarian fits pets for eyeglasses. Store customers are stunned to receive shrunken U.S. coins, no larger than an aspirin tablet, as change. Diners in a restaurant are shocked to find out that all food on the menu has been donated. In a classic segment from 1964, airline passengers react angrily to news of a female pilot.moreless
  • #2101
    Episode 4
    Gas station attendants struggle to find the gas tank on a 24-foot stretch Hummer. In Wisconsin, an elevator operator insists on a minimum of three passengers per ride. Motorists in Detroit, Michigan, react to a parking lot that is open for the opposite sex only. Patients in a doctor's office are confused when it seems that a fellow patient is disrobing for an ear exam. Beach goers in California are told that the beach is closed due to too much sun. Classic 1 - In this classic sequence from 1962, kids attempt to drop a letter into a tall mailbox. Classic 2 - In this classic footage, dogs try to walk with botties on their paws; dogs react to a moving fire hydrant. Classic 3 - A candid look as dogs react to seeing and hearing their owners on a television screen. In San Francisco, Peter Funt attempts to cut in front of several dozen people on a long line.moreless
  • #2096
    Episode 3
    Windshield washers on a car are rigged to squirt unsuspecting people nearby. Customers in a New York restaurant are given pagers that will ring when the restroom is free. Visitors to a pancake house are served the world's tallest stack of hotcakes. In Chicago, customers at a drive-up window are told they've missed their turn in line. Classic: A pay trash recepticle. Classic #2 (from 1962): Different ways school children raise their hands in class. Episode ends showing the best "smiles" from the "reveal" shots of the past season.moreless
  • #2095
    Episode 2
    In a supermarket in Indiana, customers checking out must deal with a cashier who chats incessantly on her cell phone. On the island of Maui, Peter Funt, asks passersby to help out with the problem of the noisy Coqui tree frog. Women receiving a flower delivery are shocked when told that the flowers have been delivered C.O.D. Motorists trying to park their car must contend with a woman who insists on holding three spaces at once. Hotel guests are surprised to learn they are being charged $47 for water usage. Classic - In this sequence from 1966, actors at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, must cope with missing props during a special performance. In Seattle, a petition for an additional Starbucks store is circulated in a small shopping area where there are already two Starbucks outlets.moreless
  • #2090
    Episode 1
    Parents in a Dallas photo studio are perplexed when the photographer informs them that in order to get the special price for a family photo, they must add one more child - in this case, a complete stranger. Included in this look back at highlights at the carwash: cleaning suds that are made from beer foam; cars appear to have been stripped of their paint during the wash; soapy water makes it difficult to rinse a car; a woman crashes through a sign that reads Drive-Thru. Customers picking up their cars at a carwash are puzzled when they are handed some odd mechanical parts that supposedly fell off of their vehicle. Patrons in a restaurant are told that they will have to wait to pay their bill. Shoppers in a gift shop come across a large bowl filled with dollar bills and a sign that reads, Free -- One to a Customer. A woman with freshly painted nails seeks help from passersby in retrieving a car key from her very deep pants pocket. (Classic) - In this classic footage from 1964, music is set to images of babies crying. (Classic) - When set to music, dogs wagging their tails proves to be quite rhythmic. Vegas Bet- On the streets of Las Vegas, Peter Funt stops passersby and initiates placing bets on the most trivial of things.moreless