Candy Girls

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  • Season 1
    • 5/3/09
      After all of the drama that went down in Las Vegas, the models return to Los Angeles but tell Danielle that their ultimatum still stands: either Kysha goes or they do! When the girls shoot a sexy swimsuit spread for KING Magazine, Olivia gets attacked when she says she doesn't want to do implied nudity. Fed up with the constant teasing, Olivia decides to move out of the models' loft and move in with her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Danielle elects to fire Kysha as her assistant but decides to keep her in the company as one of her models. The bad blood between the ladies finally reaches a boiling point when Kysha makes a mess of Brooke's belongings when she moves into the loft and leads to an explosive altercation between Brooke and Kysha. Will this bitter feud compromise the future of the agency?moreless
    • 4/26/09
      Danielle, Kysha and the models head to Las Vegas to work the MAGIC Clothing Convention, but all hell breaks loose when an aggravated Kysha purposely gives the girls wrong directions to the shoot and then gets caught talking trash about them behind their backs! Fed up with Kysha, the models issue an ultimatum: either Kysha goes or they all go! Will Danielle choose her business over her best friend-turned-assistant? Meanwhile, Danielle is on the verge of a meltdown as she tries to deal with the drama at Bella and also be there for her mom who is back in the hospital for cancer treatments.moreless
    • All-Star Groupie
      Episode 6
      Danielle is hurt and disappointed when she finds out that Brooke booked a side job for NBA All-Star Weekend to walk the runway for a new swimwear line. Does this mean that her top model wants out of the agency? Brooke promises to work both gigs, but will Danielle allow her to do double duty? Meanwhile, Terricka drops a bombshell and reveals that she's dating NFL player Antonio Cromartie. Although the girls say they're happy for Terricka, they are also worried that it's nothing more than a fling. Can Terricka prove them wrong and show them that her new relationship is the real deal?moreless
    • Rumor Control
      Episode 5
      Good girl Olivia flies off the handle when her flirty behavior with recording artist J. Holiday gets blown out of proportion by the other models and threatens to cause trouble between her and her boyfriend Karim. When Brooke and Terricka don't let up on the relentless teasing, Olivia decides that it might be best to move out of the models' loft. Meanwhile, April is forced to confront feelings about her son's father Tyson Beckford when he returns to town for a few days. Although April wants to rekindle their relationship, she's not sure if Tyson feels the same way. Could there be reconciliation in the works?moreless
    • 3/29/09
      Danielle's assistant Kysha makes a big mistake when she fails to inform her that two of her girls were booked as extras instead of principle models for an important N.E.R.D. video shoot. Can Danielle do damage control before Olivia and Terricka walk off the set and put the company's reputation in danger? Plus, a bitter blowup between Kysha and Danielle threatens to fracture their friendship. Meanwhile, Blanca breaks the "no drinking" rule while hosting an after party for the American Music Awards and lets her crazy alter ego Phoenix take control.moreless
    • Phoenix Rising
      Episode 3
      Danielle lands Blanca her first solo music video with The Dream and her nerves get the best of her. When the director does not like what he sees, Blanca takes a few shots to take the edge off, unleashing her wild alter ego Phoenix. When Danielle finds out about Blanca's on-set misbehavior, she lets her claws come out. Meanwhile, veteran Brooke's stagnant relationship gets the best of her and she accepts a date with rapper Red Cafe. When her boyfriend finds out about her night on the town, he dumps her and she is left with no man.moreless
    • 3/15/09
      Danielle is pleased when all four of her girls get cast in a MIMS music video, but she is forced to put Terricka in her place after she throws an on-set tantrum. Veteran Brooke gets cast as the lead which amounts to some jealousy among the other girls, and Blanca has to battle her nerves as she struggles to shine on her first music video shoot. Meanwhile, Danielle is thrilled when her sick mom comes to pay her a visit, but she crumbles under the pressure of not knowing how much time she has left to spend with her.moreless
    • 3/8/09
      In the premiere of "Candy Girls," Danielle is given the opportunity to gain more exposure for her company when "944" magazine asks to do a feature on the girls of the agency. Unfortunately, she can only pick two of her girls to represent the company which causes friction within the group. Danielle chooses to put her veterans Brooke and Terricka in front of the camera, but will Terricka's bad attitude be the death of her career? See what happens when a bitter blowup between Danielle and Terricka threatens to cancel the shoot and put irreversible damage on their relationship. Meanwhile, newcomer Olivia has big dreams of being an actress and lands an audition for a mainstream movie.moreless