Season 1 Episode 8

All Bets Are Off

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 13, 2007 on CBS

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  • This was an episode of revelations; Frank having a huge gambling problem, Joe Samuels willing to sacrifice his daughter to save himself and the posibility of some kind of past relationship between Alex and Ellis.

    Alex gets in deeper and deeper with the "Cuban Mafia" and that will surely come back to haunt him. Finding out about Frank's gambling debts and "taking care" of the problem to once again protect his family has once again brought out his dark side. His plan to get revenge on Joe Samuels is going awry because Joe Samuels (blackheart that he is) has stooped to framing his daughter for the illegal Cuban land purchases.

    The fact that Isabel and Ellis are becoming friendly is another problem for him in an increasingly long line of problems.

    And now, the hint of some mysterious past relationship with Ellis is very interesting.

    I love the fast pace of this show which leaves me excited to see the next episode every week.
  • Alex finds out about Frank's gambling debt, Rebecca's father visits the Duque family, Ellis is framed by Joe

    It was strange to watch an episode where Alex wasn't having someone killed off for hurting his family, maybe refreshing. This time he was dealing with his brother's gambling problems, which hasn't even been talked about before, as far as I know. I guess they wanted to give this family more problems for whatever reason.

    Isabel wasn't weird around Alex like she was in the past few episodes, she was acting completely different than she has been. She seems to have gotten over her miscarriage...that didn't take long. I would think that she would be gloomy but I guess not.

    Ellis being set up by her father was a good way to try to push her over with the Duque family. I would like to see Alex find a way to accept her so that they can move on and go after Joe together, if they can get serious about that and stop going off with these other things that they like to do.

    I thought that the dinner with some of the family and Rebecca's father was pretty good. I liked seeing Jaime step up to him about leaving his daughter. That was probably the strongest point of the episode.

    The ending was kind of strange, I didn't know that Alex and Ellis had some kind of relationship in the past...if they've brought that up then I missed it.
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