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! Too Much Whacking; What the Hell

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    [1]Dec 28, 2007
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    The thing that has annoyed me about this show is that it seems like every week Alex is having someone whacked for threatening his family. Kill this guy, he tried to kill my son; kill that guy, he threatened my wife; kill the other guy, he threatened my family, etc. There have been what, four or five executions and attempted executions now. Also, he always resorts to killing all the time where sometimes less drastic measures would have been sufficient (although to be fair, I have always said myself that if someone is a genuine threat to your family-eg Mafia hit order-the only way to be safe ever again is to kill them first).

    What the heck? I highly doubt that Pancho had to kill people every week to keep his family safe. If Alex needs to, then he is obviously doing something wrong, so maybe he is not right to be heading the company after all.
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    I think the point was that as Alex became more aggressive in his handling of the business - pursuing that ethanol lead for example - Joe Samuels felt threatened and called in some goons to try to intimidate him and his family.

    Instead of letting his close friend - that Detective - handle the threat from that first goon who showed up at the 4th of July party, Alex made the mistake of getting involved with Santo and those other criminals for protection and assistance.

    He got in too deep and his attempt to protect his family became his downfall.

    Pancho *played it safe* and by doing so, he apparently didn't make many enemies (except for Samuels - whom I think he feared).

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