Season 1 Episode 13

Open and Shut

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 18, 2007 on CBS

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  • I agree with the other person's review that Jimmy Smit's walk was as sexy if not sexier than Denzel's walk and to have him walk away in the rain to Marvin Gaye singing "Trouble Man" was genius !

    I hope this show doesn't end yet...but if it does please let HBO pick it up......I'm lighting a candle.People that are ctiticizing the violence should turn to Mr Rogers neighborhood and watch that. Also the guy that called the last 2 episodes abismal should look in the mirror. Is he jealous of Jimmy Smits and all of the handsome Cubanos in this series.....if so quit watching it ! This was a dynamite episode and made me wonder now...who the real killer is. Also where was Ellis Samuels during all of this and is Ramon really trying to help Alex? Frank is acting his usual weak pathetic self, and I'm glad Henry stood by Alex when Frank said that he didn't thinf of Alex as a real "brother" ....after all Alex has done for their family and getting Frank out of his gambling debts he has no gratitude.. what so ever. In a way I think he and Ellis framed Alex.