Season 1 Episode 1


Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Sep 25, 2007 on CBS

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  • Great show so far!

    This is a great show so far as it does have a great cast and a great writers to add to it. Hector Elizondo, the great character actor, stars as the matriach of the family. Who has earned his pay with lots of hard work. As well as good family values. Now that he is old and getting ready about to retire due to his old age. He must pass along the business to his family. But sadly, he didn't want a family rivalry going on. As it will in this series going to be. Good to see Jimmy Smits back on tv. And that he does his best to take the lead from Elizondo's character. It also has the great Rita Moreno as well.
  • Alredy one of my favorite series.

    Ever since the announcement for this show I had very high expectations for this show. There was something that attracted me a lot to this project, and while still mourning the cancellation of one of the best written, acted and produced shows of this last season (The Black Donnelly's), Cane definitelly fills that empty left by TBD.

    The pilot was awesome, finally a show that portraits Latins better than just ignorant labor people who are lazy as hell who live in dusty enviroments and eat beans all the time. Ugly Betty started it very well (Until that awful episode in "Mexico"), and Cane comes to defy that stereotype image of latins.

    You may judge it as another mobster show, but in reality it is a lot more than that. It is about family relationships, about latino families, and Family for latins is one of the most sacred things in the world. I can't wait for the next episode, and I really... Really! wish this show goes on and it is not cancelled right away.
  • Great start.

    A fantastic pilot of what may be one of the best shows of the new season. Some very experienced actors, an old fashion story, some good lines. A man as Jimmy Smits only makes it better. In the West Wing he learned to play the role of an important man. He'll need this experenience for this rol and he is made for it. I hope for a nice story about all the different family members. The pilot brings allready everything i want in a drama serie. I'm looking forward to the next episode, for me the star of the new season.
  • Like I said in the forum for this show if I must watch a prime time soap. Then I choose Cane the actors are solid veterans of the small and in so case big screen. Jimmy Smits and

    Like I said in the forum for this show if I must watch a prime time soap. Then I choose Cane the actors are solid veterans of the small and in so case big screen. Jimmy Smits and Hector Elizondo are two of the most well known actors and they bring the same intensity of other outings to Cane. In this story of sugar cane growers Smits and Elizondo fight to hold the family and family business together against rival cane growers. With the family business split evenly between three brothers with a forth and largest part given to an outsider Smits. The tension comes packed ready to order from the pilot outing. This show has been called a telenovela but I find that insulting to the great cast and I question why the comparison goes south of the border instead of right here with Dynasty and Knots Landing. I suggest anyone with an open mind at least give the show a shot it's worth the 45 minutes.
  • A good start to a fiery drama.

    It's way overdue to have a drama with a major Latino cast on prime time network TV so for that alone, "Cane" deserves attention. However, the great cast also helps elevate it. The best, of course, is Smits who carries himself wonderfully as the man trying to keep up with the family and business and not afraid to make the hard choices to do it. I still can't believe he had that guy killed but it shows how conflicted a lead he is, which helps elevate it.

    His wife is well cast too and it seems she won't just let his behavior slide but call him on it and the pregnancy adds a new wrinkle. Cabrello is good as the brother who's long wanted the top spot but passed over and can't accept it and that leads to fine drama. And Elizondo is good as the patriarch trying to make sure his dream doesn't die with him.

    The story twists were good. I saw it coming that Frank and the Samuels daugther were involved. But I didn't see coming that the Samuels father isn't dying at all but was faking it all to lure the Duques into a false sense of security. So of course, that girl was only after Frank thinking he would be the next boss so that puts their relationship in a new light and the scene of Smits and Samuels was quite well done.

    Some of the twists may be a bit too soap-opera like (the son wanting to enlist, the daughter club-hopping, etc) but overall, this drama has a nice touch that elevates it majorly and the sugar business has some intrigue too. So for now, this could be the Sopranos fill-in we've been waiting for but with a vibe all its own.
  • ...

    I generally dont want to sit through that again. If i have to i might die. It may just not be my kind of TV programme or it may just be rubbish, but i never want to watch something so boring it almost makes me fall asleep ever again. I dont think this show can go very far, ill just stick to LOST, PRISON BREAK, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and other stuff. This though, is certainly not my kind of show. Other people may enjoy this, but i think an idea like this works well in other countries, where demand for these kind of TV shows may be higher.
  • Shows great promise

    New show, shows great promise. It's got a decent storyline & action all rolled into one. This episode introduces the main characters. Everyone has their place in this show. It focuses on 2 families. The Duques & the Samuels. There's some bad blood between the two families. It's all about the rum & the sugar. The Samuels want the sugar cane fields & the Duques don't want to sell. It seems like they'd resort to kidnapping, in order to get their way. The head of the Duques gives the head job of running the company to his son-in-law, instead of his son. This makes the son quite upset. There was sex, although not much was shown; partying & even a killing. Everything that I do enjoy in a tv show. Can't wait until the next continuing episode to see what'll happen next.
  • This show is off to a decent start.

    I'm still a little unsure of the series after watching the pilot. The pilot was good. It has a few interesting twists. Passing up the biological son for the son-in-law to run the family business will definitely cause some conflict and good drama. The characters are interesting and the cast is above average. I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Smitts which is the reason I decided to give it a try, he really does a good job in the part. I like the chemistry between him and the wife. Rita Moreno was of course good but in my opinion underused in the pilot, hopefully that will change in future episodes.