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  • Bring on the thumbs-down!

    I'm probably about to get about 30 thumbs down for this review! Wooo! Anyways, maybe Cane just isn't my type of show. Not enough adventure or action for my taste I suppose. But I didn't find it very interesting to me. Everyone seems to be bragging and saying how great and wonderful this new show is. What gives? I just don't see it. Maybe we weren't watching the same show... Anywho, I am entitled to my opinion, you can thank for this lovely review system. If you're a die hard fan of the show I probably just offended you. And you'll probably get mad and give me a thumbs down. Whatever, bring it on I'm going for the record! ;p
  • great looking cast- believable backdrop- and it could have been the next knots landing or dallas- BUT-

    too flitty in the storylines they are doing within that episode- too unbelievable that each episode gets more soapy/crazy/fantstically out of orbit with everyone's slime but really does not flow or build on the characters or possibility of continuity for future episodes. could be great- need to hone...seems the story lines and the dialog writing in each episode is very robotic but going no where in particular. smitts is great to look at- the whole cast is fitting in their look and ature- but every episode is epileptic! hopefully they will fine tune the stories to make you want to come back instead of looking to see if it has been cancelled.
  • Take 1 cup of DALLAS, 1/2 cup of FALCON CREST, 1/2 cup of THE GODFATHER, add a pinch of SOPRANOS, a teaspoon of sugar and gallon of Rum. Drink until you lose consciousness.

    This show is basically DALLAS replacing OIL with RUM and SUGAR. Alex Vega (Smits) helpfully points this out saying Sugar is the new Oil. Not in our lifetime. If anything, it would be Switchgrass.

    So the family just matter-of-factly talks about how Alex was the adopted son of the Duque family and he ended up marrying his sister. Ok, theyre not blood relatives, but its still a 9/10 on the Creep-O-Meter. Alex's son is supposed to go to college and be groomed to take over but he wants to skip college and marry his hot girlfriend. Theres some creepy old guy that Alex recognizes supposedly plotting evil things against his youngest son at a little leage baseball game.

    So, the head of the family decides to turn over chunks of the family business to his 3 natural children (30% each, 1 of which is Alex's wife) and Alex (10%). Alex is awarded the CEO job over the matriarchs natural born son who is conspiring with a rival sugar company so he can cash out and live on easy street; needless to say the son, Frank, is royally ticked off - destined to be the evil JR Ewing type. Alex then meets with some shady characters in the dead of night to do God knows what to the other Sugar company. The same sort of thing that went on in DALLAS, except with oil, between the Ewings and the Barnes. There was also bad lighting (in night scenes) and over the top accents by Alex's wife was a bit much. This show is ok for hard core soap opera fans, people who like Latin novellas, but I dont care for it AT all. Its not as bad as I thought, but its still dull, slow moving and generally unappealing. I like Jimmy Smits but hes largely wasted in this show (better on the big screen); if it does manage to hang on it will be only because of him. CANE show will Jump The Shark when it tries to do the old "Who Shot JR" routine - if it lasts long enough.
  • Mildly entertaining, but a little on the unrealistic side. Good mix of good and evil in the characters.

    I find Cane to be entertaining, and I think the actors fit the roles well (love Jimmy Smits as Alex), with the exception of Polly Walker cast in the role of Ellis Samuels. Though she tries to speak with an American "accent", her British accent comes through often, and discredits the character she plays. I enjoy the story lines, but wish that a little more time was spent developing some of them to make them more realistic. I also like the introduction of new charcters, such as the Aussie rum blender, but her interaction with Pancho is a little far-fetched. And one has to wonder why the writers don't understand that we viewers are having a hard time seeing Pancho as terminally ill, when all he ever does is taste rum and seems to lead a life that is unaffected by his illness.
  • Pilot, it has interesting subplots Check it out

    Cane is an interesting show it may or may not make the show list. Alex Vega adopted son of Pancho Duque who cares about his family, but he is butting heads with the blood son of Pancho Duque Frank who also seems to resent Alex, is this classic yes and no, only time will tell. Alex is holding on to a secret that maybe his down fall. The Samuels and Duque are rivals and it is an uneasy one that will explode anytime. Alex is adopted but he is street smart and Pancho Duque has more faith in Alex than in Frank, Frank is hot headed cocky and sneaky he is seeing the daughter of the Samuels and making back room deals I will not give details of this pilot I think it is worth looking at. But I will say this about Alex he is someone who will do what he has to protect the family he knows something the others don't he has seem the world he grow up in a household that has wealth which I don't think he cares about like Frank does. Check it out.
  • Exiting and engaging, and well-acted.

    I like this series. It has some great acting, and it's simply exiting. You feel as if you already know the characters, and the plot was great. By the time the episode is over, you will know Frank is a big shot, Alex is a guy who cares, and you understand the rivalry between the two families. Overall, the premiere was great, though it could have been improved with the camera and it got to confusing at times, though that was rare. Overall I will see the next few episodes before deciding to see this series or not...I hope the series survives.
  • Sexy, touching, and exciting. However, the irresponsible sensationalism of the Pitt Bull in the coming attractions is reprehensible.

    It was worth the wait and delivered on all of my expectations. It was sexy, touching, and exciting. However, the irresponsible sensationalism of the Pitt Bull in the coming attractions is reprehensible. The stigma currently associated with this breed is the creation of the media and perpetrated by careless content creators--which then influences the thugs who brutalize these animals for their own monetary gain and twisted enjoyment. Do the show justice, take out the reference to the Pitt Bull and be responsible for the power of your medium. I look forward to coming episodes and the expression of the beauty and passion of the Cuban people.
  • I watched the pilot and it does remind me a little bit of Dallas with a hint of The Godfather.

    Never Judge A Show By it's Pilot: Cane.

    I have a couple thoughts about the new CBS drama Cane. First of all I am exited to see a show with an all Latino cast on network television (George Lopez couldn't hold down the fort forever). Secondly, I would watch anything with Hector Elizondo and Rita Moreno. From what I read about the show, looks like it's greatly inspired by nighttime soaps like Dallas but instead of Texas oil its Cuban rum.

    I watched the pilot and it does remind me a little bit of Dallas with a hint of The Godfather. The show features the internal and external struggles that play out when running a family and a family business. There is infighting within the Duque family when patriarch Pancho (Hector Elizondo) learns that he has six months to live and divides the family business amongst his children Frank Duque (Nestor Carbonell), Henry Duque (Eddie Matos), Isabel Vega (Paola Turbay ) and Alex Vega (Jimmy Smits). Pancho gave thirty percent of the business to each of his natural born children and ten percent to his adopted son Alex. Since Alex is married to Isabel he now holds control of the company. Frank resents what his father did but Pancho felt that Frank has been distracted lately by girls and boats. The Duque family's sugar business has had a long business rivalry with the Samuels family's sugar business. The Samuels want the Duque's sugar cane fields. Frank's wanting the family to sell off the sugar end of the business and concentrate solely on rum is greatly influenced by an affair he is having with Ellis Samuels (Polly Walker). The show should have a broad appeal. It has many of the classic elements of good story telling, man vs. man, brother vs. brother, father vs. son, all set in front of a Latin background. I am optimistic that the show won't resort to some of the stereotypical soap opera conventions like evil twins, people returning from the dead and whole seasons being dismissed as a dream.

    The next episode continues with more murder, betrayal and sex. In other words business as usual. Unlike J.R. Ewing, Alex Vega does not mind getting his hands dirty. When a disgruntled blackmailing employee sent Alex a scorpion that bit his wife, Alex beat him up himself. I hope that the audience gives the show a chance and does not just dismiss it as just another nighttime soap. The show could be enjoyed more if while watching you have a good cigar in one hand and a glass of fine (Puerto Rican) rum in the other.

    To quote Alex Vega, "Sugar is the new oil".

    Stay Tuned

    Tony Figueroa
  • Typical wealthy family soap opera. Instead of oil, the family business is rum. The family is Cuban-American and the show is set in south Florida.

    I grew up with shows like Dallas and Dynasty and loved every gaudy minute of each episode. I'd read a review of this show on a website and it was compared to Dallas, so I thought I'd check it out. The pilot wasn't the best, but then again, how many pilots are outstanding? Cane needs some work, but it has potential to be a hit. The Duque family owns a rum business. Of course they have their nemesis...can't remember the name of the rival family irght now...and there is a very dark past. Head of said rival clan killed one of the Duque children. Jimmy Smits's character is not a Duque, but he was brought into their family after the revolution in Cuba. The Duques cared for him as a foster family and ultimately, Alejandro became one of them. (Kinda gross: Alejandro married on of the Duque daughters. Think if Tom Kagan married Connie in the Godfather. Ick.) The pilot sets up a power struggle between Alejandro and one of the Duque brothers for control of the company. Dad is retiring, has terminal cancer, and leaves control to Alejandro. Sibilings are not happy. Also, the rivals want to purchase the sugar cane fields owned by the Duques. Cane has a stellar cast with Jimmy Smits at the helm. How can you not enjoy something with Hector Elizondo and Rita Moreno in the cast? I say give it a try, the worst that can happen is that it doesn't get any better.
  • A multi-generational Cuban-American family struggles to survive in the sugar cane business of south Florida.

    An attractive cast and a untapped storyline make for an interesting new series on ABC. Unfortunately to plot is nothing new and the acting forced. Jimmy Smits, Rita Moreno and Hector Elizondo head a large cast of mostly new faces. The writing is trite and the soapy plot lines are predictable. I enjoy the premiere week of the fall season where new pilots and with their bright shinny faces and fresh story lines fill the airwaves. The truth is that nine of ten new shows fail. Last year ABC offered several new shows in the ten o'clock time slot most failed including one of my personal favorites, six degrees. Cane will most likely have the same fate.
  • Hooked on lame

    I, surprisingly, really enjoying this series. It aired in Australia on Channel 10 and recently finished. I have since discovered the series is not continuing (at the moment) and I find that really disappointing. Disappointing in the way that the show had the energy to continue another series. But only 1 more series otherwise it becomes typical mainstream overkill.

    In the beginning, you can predict the shows direction but then it takes a turn around ep 4 and from that point on, I was hooked. It is definitely worth a watch with great production value, believable acting and an insight into the money rich sugar farmers that could exist.
  • Great show that needs to find hopefully an audience!

    This is a great show that I hope will find an audience as it has great acting, writing, and an all Latino cast led by the former NYPD Blue star Jimmy Smits. It is about family honor and tradition. As Smits is Alex Vega who loves his family and the business. Who finds himself in a turfwar with his brothers, who particular don't like him running the business. As their dad is now about getting sick and wants to pass on the family business to someone that is responsible. And gives it to Alex, much to the dismay of brothers Frank and playboy money-hungry Henry. Show is really good and that it has great veterans like Hector Elizondo and Rita Moreno.
  • A great show that even had a great debut and anyone who stuck with it to the end was pleased with the result. An ensemble cast of tv and small screen stars namely Jimmy Smits and Hector Elizondo made this show a wonder to watch. The Cuban

    A great show that even had a great debut and anyone who stuck with it to the end was pleased with the result. An ensemble cast of tv and small screen stars namely Jimmy Smits and Hector Elizondo made this show a wonder to watch. The Cuban view of the American dream was done perfectly. Showing us conflicts getting here from Cuba and battling red necks who didn't want anyone who didn't look like them to be successful. Great twist and turns as an outside tries to fit in with a jealous family and feel he's worthy of his adopted fathers love. Good show I enjoyed every episode and am sad to see such an ensemble cast go.
  • yes

    This show needs to come back! It kept you in and made you come back each week! If I can still feel this way, then many others must aswell! There were many twists and turns and you could not predict what was coming next, which is a sure sign of a great show. The show even included up to date issues that were happening during this time frame,ex: ethanol with the gas crisis and the US - Cuba relations that don't get much attention. Being from the North East I sure was facinated by these plots and themes.I thought the Family history and values were also great. What more could one want from a show?
  • I am very impressed

    A show like this can be a big hit if it is done right. And so far it looks like CBS has got a hit on their hands. This show harkens back to two of their other great primetime soaps, Dallas and Falcon Crest. But they have tried to re-invent the genre before without sucess. Look at Titans and Orleans.

    The one thing that impresses me most about the show, is the fact that it centers around a proud latino family. That is a rarity in television these days. And I applaud CBS for focusing in a way that some would consider out of the norm.

    I really look forward to what the season has to offer. The cast is full of great actors, let's just hope that the writers continue to provide gripping dialogue.
  • Enjoyed the pilot...inspired to watch it because the main character (Kimmy Smits) shares my heritage from Suriname.

    Loved the pilot...hope it stays this exciting! Initially I was abit confused about who was who because of the whole sibling thing, but once I realized that he was a longtime family friend, it all made sense. The show is interesting...kind of a Latin version of Dynasty, Dallas, Flamingo Road...oops, now I'm showing my age. It's most certainly an updated version and the characters are all very attractive and talented...just like the oldies but goodies. I'm going to continue to watch this one and see where it goes. I am particularly looking forward to seeing how the rivalry between Alex and Frank unfolds.
  • It shows great promise

    Cane is a show that'll take time to get into. It shows great promise. I enjoyed it, quite entertaining. It centres around 2 families, with some bad blood between them. The Duques & the Samuels. It's got everything that a show should have. The show is casted well. Most of the actors are very well known on tv, as well as movies. The Duques have cane fields & rum. The Samuels want the cane fields. It's a prime time soap that we haven't seen in a long time, since Dallas & Dynasty. A little rough around the edges at first, but a lot of room to grow. I think that this show will be a hit & last for several seasons. I least, I hope so. Viewers need to stayed tuned, it'll only get better with age; like fine rum.
  • It's a shame that more don't like this drama, but i think once the baseball championship games are over and the women of the house get back the remote, more will tune in. i just hope that it hangs on till then....i know i'll be watching.

    Cane....i wasn't going to watch it but my roommate was chomping at the bit to see it, so i hung in there to find what it was about. i was pleasantly surprised at how much i liked it. The story line is good, the acting is top-notch, and the casting is right on--Jimmy Smits (has a strong presence on this show), Rita Moreno (it's good to see her back) and Hector Elizondo (did i spell that right?) all give the show the grounding that experienced actors do. The sets are full and lush, the location, Miami, is absolutely wonderful in HD, and the story has gotten off to a great start. i know with time it will become the intertwining, complicated stuff that night time soaps are known for. Would hate to see it not make the top 20 at some point in it's first season.
  • Exceptionally well-written and acted drama.

    My wife and I love this show. Great to see such terrific talent in a vehicle that appeals to the Anglo, as well as the Hispanic, audiences. Love seeing Jimmy Smit and Hector Elizondo in such strong, powerful roles and yet very human, down-to-earth. Great writing. Comparable to "Rome", "Sopranos", etc. A pleasure to watch.
    We hope to see more such shows that modernize and update the old stereotypes we've gotten used to.
    A big attaboy to Jimmy Smits for producing this show. Very classy. I certainly hope that this show gets great reviews, great ratings, lots of audience response, and awards.
  • Definitely Great!

    With the names attached to it alone...Cane should be a great project. But will it be enough? With the likes of Jimmy Smits, Hector Elizondo, and the great Rita Moreno, it should be. I actually watched the show's premiere last night and thought it was great. I was not crazy about there not being any Cubans involved in a show about Cubans…especially since I am a Cuban from Miami. But I looked at the potential of the show and thought it was excellent. The mystery of Lucia, the brother vs. brother angle, the rivalry between the Duques and the other sugar growing Anglo family, Jimmy Smits' son enlisting, the bad brother bedding the daughter from the rival family, his little brother owning a club on South Beach, etc. all classic soap opera, if not staples in the soap opera genre. It was like watching Dallas or Dynasty with a Latin flavor and transplanted from the 80's and into the millennium. I for one would love to see it grow and flourish…and I definitely think they need to bring in a rival for Rita Moreno. They have her…why not use her more? Don't have her as window dressing….let the woman work. Overall…definitely something I would watch!
  • Cane - Bring it Back

    This was one of the best new drama shows on TV! Please bring it back, we have missed watching it! It was like real life drama in the world of Miami and the close knit Cuban families! I will be so sad if it does not return this year! Jimmy Smits played his role so well and it was just a rivating show to watch! One of the best new shows on TV last year so I am so surprised I have not seen it come back this year! You could really relate to the show so I am really hope CBS is planning to bring it back SOON! Bring Cane back CBS!!!!
  • Wow !! This show is wicked

    This show is totally amazing. Ive watched this show since day one and have yet to be dissapointed. Some people might class this show as a soap but to me its far from it. Cane goes into the ideas of close family, family business and most of all what one man will do to ensure the safety and well being of that family at any cost. Although there are power issues within the family the bottom line stands the same - FAMILY -
    In the beggining credits Alex Vega mentions family being both a blessing and a curse and "WOW" he really shows us why.
  • Thank you for a show well done!!!! Wishing it much success!

    I think they have winner here!!! First of all I love Jimmy!!! So that was the initial draw to the show. To see him in such a diverse role is GREAT! He's showing an acting ability that I have not seen from him before. I love that the show is centered around family loalty. You get that sense of "Godfather" feel when you watch it. What an excellent job with the pilot. It definitely leaves you wanting more!!! I think this is probably the first drama that's Latino based; I applaud the network for stepping out there and bringing something different into our homes. Kudos!!!!
  • Weekly dialog from family that appears to be a situation that does not look like it's too fabricated from what might have happened within a business venture

    I like this show. I love Television, it's been part of my life and it my keeps me entertained. I enjoyed this show I have my Dish DVR programed to have this recorded as a priority. It does not fall into the same formula as the other drama's on these days. Hopefully the rest of the country/world will get on board and start watching. The cast is fantastic! Kudo's for using an ethnic group that is other than Italian, Irish, German and others that repeat and give us the same stereotypical plots that keep us bored and channel Italian chick 48 years old.
  • Alex Vega is a strong character determined to bring even more success to his family's already successful business. I love the closeness of this Latino family, particularly Alex's relationships with his wife, children and parents. Fantastic casting!

    This is absolutely my favorite new fall show. I, too, am a huge Jimmy Smits fan and was determined to watch it with big hopes of wanting it to be great TV. I have not been disappointed. I love the premise of a powerful Latino family business with enemies. I love the cast and hope to see more of Rita Moreno and Hector Elizondo. I truly wish that the number of viewers will grow week to week and that CANE will be on for a very long time. I'm taping the episodes, but actually hope that it will eventually go to DVD's. CANE is definitely a "keeper" for me.
  • It's a real shame that people didn't really appreciate this show when they had the a got "unjustly" cancelled.

    One of the few shows that truly deals with moral dilemmas on a very honest & realistic way.

    It's a real shame that it got cancelled (on a personal opinion) way...way...way...way ahead of it's time.

    I would have really enjoyed watching Alex Vega (Jimmy Smits' character) making it on his own & at the same time teaching his "ungrateful" adoptive family a lesson.

    Well, I guess that's something I'll have 2 imagine but will enjoy anyway (although it would have been great 2 have had the chance 2 actually see it).

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this show (while it lasted) & I hope that the CBS people seriosuly consider releasing it on DVD.
  • just give this show a try

    At first I wasn't going to watch it but decided to anyway. I do say I like this show. The story line is interesting jimmy smits did a good job with his character,I never really liked this actor but I like this role he plays in. A character that is very bad but well liked by me. I liked the vibrant colors, the music. I liked the story line giving control over to the adoptive son over the natural born son. That will cause for a great and fun comaroderie between these two characters. I really enjoyed it. I will tune in every week.
  • Please, pls, pls.

    Please, please bring back Cane. One of the best ever. I have been waiting and waiting since the strike. A few years ago, I think, since this series left the air.

    Wonderful series, it got "unjustly" cancelled.
  • Please, please bring back Cane. One of the best ever. I have been waiting and waiting since the strike. A few years ago, I think, since this series left the air.

    What in the world happen? I was glued to the TV each time Cane came on. I miss it so. Thanks for listening. If you can do anything, this is one to work on. They were headed in the right direction. Do you think they will ever put Cane back on. I don't want to be too old to enjoy it. Is there anywhere I can watch it from the beginning. I missed the first week and would just love to start all over again. This is one series that I would definitely purchase. If there is anything that I need to do to help, please let me know. Again, thanks.
  • This is a show that keeps you captivated and on the edge of your seat. BRING IT BACK!!!

    Cane is so wonderful, I was in the hospital delivery room giving birth to my son when the 2nd episode aired and as the Dr. was telling me to push I was watching Cane. I have it bad for this show. My mother is also a fan. She lives in North carolina and I live in Indiana, we would talk to eachother about the show every day in anticipitation of the next show. This show was the only hour each week that I could competely step outside of my life and into a world of intrigue.I have never kept up with a show and actually watched it every week like clock work until now.I watch it over and over on the internet. The greatest show ever! The writers of this show have left me hungry for so much more of Cane.This is a show that keeps you captivated and on the edge of your seat. If there are any writers for this show reading this review please do us all a favor BRING IT BACK!!!
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