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  • just give this show a try

    At first I wasn't going to watch it but decided to anyway. I do say I like this show. The story line is interesting jimmy smits did a good job with his character,I never really liked this actor but I like this role he plays in. A character that is very bad but well liked by me. I liked the vibrant colors, the music. I liked the story line giving control over to the adoptive son over the natural born son. That will cause for a great and fun comaroderie between these two characters. I really enjoyed it. I will tune in every week.
  • It's a real shame that people didn't really appreciate this show when they had the a got "unjustly" cancelled.

    One of the few shows that truly deals with moral dilemmas on a very honest & realistic way.

    It's a real shame that it got cancelled (on a personal opinion) way...way...way...way ahead of it's time.

    I would have really enjoyed watching Alex Vega (Jimmy Smits' character) making it on his own & at the same time teaching his "ungrateful" adoptive family a lesson.

    Well, I guess that's something I'll have 2 imagine but will enjoy anyway (although it would have been great 2 have had the chance 2 actually see it).

    Anyway, I really enjoyed this show (while it lasted) & I hope that the CBS people seriosuly consider releasing it on DVD.
  • This is a show that keeps you captivated and on the edge of your seat. BRING IT BACK!!!

    Cane is so wonderful, I was in the hospital delivery room giving birth to my son when the 2nd episode aired and as the Dr. was telling me to push I was watching Cane. I have it bad for this show. My mother is also a fan. She lives in North carolina and I live in Indiana, we would talk to eachother about the show every day in anticipitation of the next show. This show was the only hour each week that I could competely step outside of my life and into a world of intrigue.I have never kept up with a show and actually watched it every week like clock work until now.I watch it over and over on the internet. The greatest show ever! The writers of this show have left me hungry for so much more of Cane.This is a show that keeps you captivated and on the edge of your seat. If there are any writers for this show reading this review please do us all a favor BRING IT BACK!!!
  • good show

    i was not a fan of jimmy smits previous to this show but sure am now. the show was good as it portrayed a living family especially in jimmy smits character and i love the family comraderie. looked forward to tuesday evenings at 10 p m . of course no one gave this a chance and those writers screwed up so many shows that just were not given a chance. please make sure this is on the fall line up it is good not to only see a character to be on the bad side but also on the good i'm rambling on as i don't know what else to say
  • CBS will be doing itself a dis-service if it doesn't bring Cane back. Cane is very realistic, and it gives the Hispanic English-speaking population something to connect to and look forward to every week. Anxiously Awaiting,

    I think Cane is one of the best shows in a long time. I have been saddened since I have not been able to watch my show. When I first found out that it was not on due to the strike, I was devastated. Please bring it back on air. My wife was humored that I finally connected with a show like she does with her soaps.

    CBS will be doing itself a dis-service if it doesn't bring Cane back. Cane is very realistic, and it gives the Hispanic English speaking population something to connect to and look forward to every week. Please contact me when the next season begins to air. Anxiously Awaiting,
  • Weekly dialog from family that appears to be a situation that does not look like it's too fabricated from what might have happened within a business venture

    I like this show. I love Television, it's been part of my life and it my keeps me entertained. I enjoyed this show I have my Dish DVR programed to have this recorded as a priority. It does not fall into the same formula as the other drama's on these days. Hopefully the rest of the country/world will get on board and start watching. The cast is fantastic! Kudo's for using an ethnic group that is other than Italian, Irish, German and others that repeat and give us the same stereotypical plots that keep us bored and channel Italian chick 48 years old.
  • Cane - Bring it Back

    This was one of the best new drama shows on TV! Please bring it back, we have missed watching it! It was like real life drama in the world of Miami and the close knit Cuban families! I will be so sad if it does not return this year! Jimmy Smits played his role so well and it was just a rivating show to watch! One of the best new shows on TV last year so I am so surprised I have not seen it come back this year! You could really relate to the show so I am really hope CBS is planning to bring it back SOON! Bring Cane back CBS!!!!
  • Wow !! This show is wicked

    This show is totally amazing. Ive watched this show since day one and have yet to be dissapointed. Some people might class this show as a soap but to me its far from it. Cane goes into the ideas of close family, family business and most of all what one man will do to ensure the safety and well being of that family at any cost. Although there are power issues within the family the bottom line stands the same - FAMILY -
    In the beggining credits Alex Vega mentions family being both a blessing and a curse and "WOW" he really shows us why.
  • A great show that even had a great debut and anyone who stuck with it to the end was pleased with the result. An ensemble cast of tv and small screen stars namely Jimmy Smits and Hector Elizondo made this show a wonder to watch. The Cuban

    A great show that even had a great debut and anyone who stuck with it to the end was pleased with the result. An ensemble cast of tv and small screen stars namely Jimmy Smits and Hector Elizondo made this show a wonder to watch. The Cuban view of the American dream was done perfectly. Showing us conflicts getting here from Cuba and battling red necks who didn't want anyone who didn't look like them to be successful. Great twist and turns as an outside tries to fit in with a jealous family and feel he's worthy of his adopted fathers love. Good show I enjoyed every episode and am sad to see such an ensemble cast go.
  • Cubans finally get respect instead off hoodlums and pornstars, there buisnessmen The BEST Show ever. Charecters are perfect Chemistry Perfect Storyline Perfect

    Charecters are perfect
    Chemistry Perfect
    Storyline Perfect

    So why council this, who ever did is insane,TV feels empty without this show.

    Had the makings to be the best, So why pull the plug

    Its Insane, the writers are off strike. So start writing, bringack cane bring back Jimmy Smits, Bring Back the sexy Isabelle Vega

    This show gave cubans some dignity, some respect as buisness men, while keeping there family heritage intact.
    It also taught about the cuban revolution and the cubans who escaped the hardships they faced. I feel disapointed in the network,I guess im a druggie and canes my drug. Now what for me ?
  • CBS needs to bring Cane back with a passion and now! My wife and I enjoy this show so much the children know not to interupt us when we watch. We only Tivo when we have to, so many of Tuesday functions have passed because of Cane. BRING THE SHOW BACK!

    The show is awesome and different from How I met Your Mother, Samantha Who and well you get the idea. Goodness gracious, what is wrong with airing a show with a cast of non-caucasions? The diversity is needed and Cane brings that awesome entertainment far above that of all the shows with a mostly white cast. Hollywood needs to 'relocate' itself from days of old and realize that much of America wants to view shows that reflect more of what America is becoming. That is a melting pot and Cane provides America a beautiful taste of what America is; a land of diverse people. Bring Cane back!
  • Great show, bring it back. I will be a success if given time to develope an audience.

    I loved Cane, it is a great show and it would be a shame if it was not renewed. It is one of those shows that once you get involved you will not want to miss an episode. I think if they bring it back it will ultimately be a success. I am not sure why the review has to be at least a hundred words it is a stupid condition to write a review. Regardless, the characters were terrific and the plot line was engaging.
    So hopefully enough people will request another year and they will bring it back. Once it catches on I am sure it will be a great success.
  • I was a "Soprano's" fan due to their "Cutting Edge" story line............until....

    I was a "Soprano's" fan due to their "Cutting Edge" story line, and topics. I really did not think anyone could top that show. I have found my replacement. Cane is very well written and ALWAYS leaves you wanting more at the end of every episode. The only way it could be better is if it was on an UNCENSORED channel, where every aspect of each topic could be covered exactly as it would be in real life. It's obvious at times that censorship is a big factor in the storyline and how it is brought to the viewers. All in all please keep it have more fans of this show than you know. FANTASTIC!!

    I love this show!!!! It's the only show on network TV that I even watch. I just wish it was on HBO because then the producers would have more freedom and there wouldn't be the constant commercial breaks. The cast especially the men are to die for and the background music is hot. Jimmy Smitts is great assuming his adopted fathers role, despite opposition from Frank,who I think will come around to accept Pancho's decision. Rita Moreno,who has been a wonderful actress for years is terrific as the "spunky" wife and mother of the Duque family. Hector Elizondo,who plays the father Pancho has had a long and successful acting career.These three that I mentioned have always been great actors but underappreciated. The plots have so far kept me glued to my Tivo to re-watch a taped episode. All I can say is "keep it coming!"
  • HOT!

    Cane is one of the most exciting shows I've watched in a long time...I pray they do not cancell it...Cane keeps getting better and better, the thrill of the show keeps building..I can't wait until next see if Alex takes the girl in the room and what is Isabella up too. Frank's girl friend is as sneaky as they come..I want to see her get hers..TOO-BAD nobody's listening to Alex...I only see one more episode coming up..I hope there is more..and if they cancel this show...I'm going to scream my head off...and of course ALEX is gorgeous...WHAT NEXTS? I can't wait...
  • I think it is one of the best series in tv.

    I think it is one of the best series in tv. It shows that
    I think it is one of the best series in tv. It shows that the cuban-american culture in the US is much different than the Cuba of Castro. It is true that most cubans in the US live and work in a modest way and have a very decent family behavior, but is also true that being part of the us culture have made them change in a positive way but also have adquired the same defects of every human being in a democratic, rich country.I said this in a positive way, because I think the US is the best place to live. I compare the series to the godfather movies when many italian-american families din't like the way Hollywood was presenting the italians in america. I still believe is an excelent series, good actors and reflects the cultural backgrounds of cubans who arrive at america in the early 60's
  • The show revolves around the Cuban-American Ducque family who own a rum and sugar-cane empire near Miami, Florida.

    I typically gravitate to shows with storylines involving family dynamics and what I really like about Cane is that three generations of the main family on the show--the Ducque family, to be specific--all have major storylines, giving the show a multigenerational appeal. The family dynamic angle is not enough for me to watch a series though, as my detest for Brothers and Sisters and 7th Heaven will prove. A series needs riveting ongoing stories, appealing and well-developed characters and worthwhile settings to make me like it and Cane has all that in full force.

    The show needs better ratings desperately as it's not doing so well in the States. It seems every year the shows I like most get cancelled early. I'm hoping this won't be the case with Cane.
  • Exceptionally well-written and acted drama.

    My wife and I love this show. Great to see such terrific talent in a vehicle that appeals to the Anglo, as well as the Hispanic, audiences. Love seeing Jimmy Smit and Hector Elizondo in such strong, powerful roles and yet very human, down-to-earth. Great writing. Comparable to "Rome", "Sopranos", etc. A pleasure to watch.
    We hope to see more such shows that modernize and update the old stereotypes we've gotten used to.
    A big attaboy to Jimmy Smits for producing this show. Very classy. I certainly hope that this show gets great reviews, great ratings, lots of audience response, and awards.
  • Great show that needs to find hopefully an audience!

    This is a great show that I hope will find an audience as it has great acting, writing, and an all Latino cast led by the former NYPD Blue star Jimmy Smits. It is about family honor and tradition. As Smits is Alex Vega who loves his family and the business. Who finds himself in a turfwar with his brothers, who particular don't like him running the business. As their dad is now about getting sick and wants to pass on the family business to someone that is responsible. And gives it to Alex, much to the dismay of brothers Frank and playboy money-hungry Henry. Show is really good and that it has great veterans like Hector Elizondo and Rita Moreno.
  • Bring on the thumbs-down!

    I'm probably about to get about 30 thumbs down for this review! Wooo! Anyways, maybe Cane just isn't my type of show. Not enough adventure or action for my taste I suppose. But I didn't find it very interesting to me. Everyone seems to be bragging and saying how great and wonderful this new show is. What gives? I just don't see it. Maybe we weren't watching the same show... Anywho, I am entitled to my opinion, you can thank for this lovely review system. If you're a die hard fan of the show I probably just offended you. And you'll probably get mad and give me a thumbs down. Whatever, bring it on I'm going for the record! ;p
  • Please, pls, pls.

    Please, please bring back Cane. One of the best ever. I have been waiting and waiting since the strike. A few years ago, I think, since this series left the air.

    Wonderful series, it got "unjustly" cancelled.
  • Please, please bring back Cane. One of the best ever. I have been waiting and waiting since the strike. A few years ago, I think, since this series left the air.

    What in the world happen? I was glued to the TV each time Cane came on. I miss it so. Thanks for listening. If you can do anything, this is one to work on. They were headed in the right direction. Do you think they will ever put Cane back on. I don't want to be too old to enjoy it. Is there anywhere I can watch it from the beginning. I missed the first week and would just love to start all over again. This is one series that I would definitely purchase. If there is anything that I need to do to help, please let me know. Again, thanks.
  • Two families, in Florida, the Duques and the Samuels in a power struggle over land, sugar and family relationships!

    Cane is definitely a show that keeps one glued to your seat!! Each week presented another challenge to the Duque Family and kept Alex on his toes! Jimmy Smits did such a super job playing the part and the rest of the cast was also fantastic! This show is definitely reminiscent of the days of "Dallas" and has been written with all the feelings of the two families being in the forefront! One can certainly easily become invested!! Hopefully this show will be picked up for the next season and it certainly was missed during the writer's strike! Keep It On!!
  • Love this, it. So many directions they can go with it. And the character Jimmy Smits plays( a good, good, man, who did a bad thing) really plays well for him

    This is a really good show that could go into a lot of really good directions.I maybe prejudice, but I think anything that jimmy Smits is in is always wonderful. Rita Moreno is more stunning than ever,fabulous to look at and a great actress.The rest of the cast are kind of unknown, but that is what makes it so good. They have not been type cast into roles that we think they should be in. Is Dennis Franz ever going to be anybody but Detective Andy Sipowitz to us (NYPD Blue)? Jimmy Smits stayed awhile and then got going, so you can accept him in other roles. I really hope they are putting this show back on.
  • So much talent in one show !!! I am already hooked. When will it be back? Why does Pancho Duque have to have a terminal illness? Hope he lingers for a very long time !!

    When will Cane return? I have an older Tivo. It will not record two shows at once. I have to go to bed early to get up for work in the morning, so I have to choose between taping Cane or taping Boston Legal. But I have missed Cane a great deal, when I see that it is back in the line up I will drop Boston Legal. Other shows are now showing up again because the writers strike is over, ..... when will the new episodes of Crane be airing? I truly enjoy this show and have missed a great deal. So much talent in one show !!!
  • I look forward to Tuesday nights. Cane is the show that I stop what I'm doing for, it has me scheduling around it! Love it!

    Loving this show! I am in need of a new episode! Please don't take this show off the air! This show has got sexy, drama and suspense! Jimmy Smitt is remarkable, he's the good guy bad guy that we all dream of! The writers of this show have got to be proud, I hope others feel the same way I do! I had no intentions of watching this show, but I caught the very first one and found myself disappointed when the hour was over! The writers of Cane did a great job and I hope that others agree and this show continues. Save Cane!
  • This is simply one of the best shows on TV. Love the cast and storyline. CBS keep this show on the air. I have so many friends that love this show. We can't wait for it to come back.

    The best show this season. CBS don't take this show away. Everyone I know loves this show. Cast is great along with the setting. Keep up the good work. Hate the fact that you have replaced it with Jericho for 7 weeks. When will Cane return? Jimmy Smits is such a great actor. It is nice to have a show from Florida that we can relate to. Get this show back on the air and in a great time slot so others can enjoy it also. It seems that when one gets hooked on a show the network moves it around and then cancels it. Please don't do that to this show.
  • This Seasons TV at its Finest.......Bravo to the writers. They are keeping us at the edge of our seats. I loved it Intense and exiting!!! lots of competition on Tues. but I think it will make it.

    This show gets better every week... It keeps you at the edge of your seat... and it surprises
    you more each week...Bravo to the writer. It has a lot of compettion on Tues. But i think its going to make it. Can wait to see next week. I hope Alex finds a way not to loose his power. But I bet there will be more surprises about his real family. Frank needs help....but i think he is doing a terrific job with acting. I think we are also going to find out more about Alex and Ellis Samuels. Intense and exciting !!!
  • I have loved this show since I first Downloaded the Pilot. I enjoy this show weekly.

    I love this show because It's very Family Oriented and is a very Serious Business Drama that is intense and thrilling. I can see this show going places and I think CBS will pick it up for another season.

    Jimmy Smits (Alex Vega) is playing a character I have found very interesting and provocative. Jimmy along with Actors Hector Elizondo (Pancho Duque) and Hector Carbonell (Frank Duque) drive the show.

    It's a good thing that ths show puts Cuban Affairs foward in a non demeaning matter. This show is also very educational on the Oil/Ethanol, Sugar and Rum Business.

    10 out of 10!
  • The Sopranos became Cubans moved to Miami and got in the Sugar Cane business. Great show. One of the few network shows I look forward to.

    It has a lot of the same "edge" the Sopranos had and Jimmy Smits does a great job playing the head of the family. He doesn't over act and shows a lot of the same qualities James Gandolfini displayed in the Sopranos. This last episode (shown the week of October 29th) really began to find its groove. The hit with the snakes showed some real "Florida Cracker" style. Its going to be a ratings winner with the same audience that was attracted to the Sopranos, if the network doesn't screw up and cancel it too soon.

    Definately one of the few things on network television worth watching. If you haven't seen it watch it.
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