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  • Mildly entertaining, but a little on the unrealistic side. Good mix of good and evil in the characters.

    I find Cane to be entertaining, and I think the actors fit the roles well (love Jimmy Smits as Alex), with the exception of Polly Walker cast in the role of Ellis Samuels. Though she tries to speak with an American "accent", her British accent comes through often, and discredits the character she plays. I enjoy the story lines, but wish that a little more time was spent developing some of them to make them more realistic. I also like the introduction of new charcters, such as the Aussie rum blender, but her interaction with Pancho is a little far-fetched. And one has to wonder why the writers don't understand that we viewers are having a hard time seeing Pancho as terminally ill, when all he ever does is taste rum and seems to lead a life that is unaffected by his illness.