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Season 1 Episode 3

Beauty and the Beast

Aired Unknown Apr 16, 1994 on Disney Channel
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Beauty and the Beast
Beauty and her family are found destitute and her father is captured by a terrifying beast. In return for his freedom Beauty, his daughter, agrees to take his place. Her father returns home without Beauty but with chests of riches. Beauty dreams of a fantastic Prince and is delighted by the magic in the castle. Beauty grows to love the beast, and with her love breaks the spell and reveals the beast is really her Dream Prince. The Prince and Beauty marry and live happily ever after.moreless

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  • Starring the spectacular of voice John Savage and the lovely Rebecca DeMornay, Beauty and the Beast is an enchanting, beautiful musical fairy tale.

    Beauty and the Beast is a fantastic production.It’s the classic tale that I first saw on the Disney channel when I was little. My Dad taped it for me. I watched it over and over again. I, a self-proclaimed hopeless romantic, love the songs to this day. My favorites are “Dancing With You” and the love theme/song “If You See With Your Heart.” (see some lyrics below)

    “…Look within, wish & then you will see

    What is hiding inside may be shy

    Give it time to be free

    The butterfly is trapped inside

    Once it is free, it has no need to hide

    If you see with your heart,

    Every dream waiting to come true...

    Is waiting to be found...

    (Waiting to be found)

    Waiting to be found...

    Waiting to be...

    Waiting to be found by you!

    If you see with your...

    If you see with your heart!”

    I love that it’s live action AND a musical. The actors do their own fantastic singing.

    Beauty and the Beast is a fantastic production. It’s beautiful and fanciful and charming featuring the stunning Beauty-Rebecca DeMornay and the dashing Beast- John Savage.


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    • Beast: You deceitful man, flattery will not save you from the death you deserve!

    • Beast: I frightened you. I'm sorry. I did not mean to frighten you.
      Beauty: Oh no, I have pity for you because you suffer
      Beast: Do you love me Beauty will you marry me. Just answer yes or no.
      Beauty: No beast.
      Beast: Good night beauty.
      Beauty: Good night beast.

    • Dream Prince: You are unkind to me.
      Beauty: But I have done nothing to you.
      Dream Prince: You will make me unhappy.
      Beauty: I shall try to make you happy. I shall try! I shall!!

    • Beast: Do not try to escape me. If you do not come back in two days…I will come after you.
      Father: I will be back. (pause) Alone.

    • Beauty: I was waiting for you I do love you.
      Dream Prince: Why? Why do you love me?
      Beauty: I love you because… I can't think of a reason. Must there be a reason?
      Dream Prince: Perhaps not.

    • Beauty: Bring me a rose father like the ones we used to have in our garden.
      Father: Just a rose?

    • Father: (about the castle) It becomes more and more…strange.

    • Beauty: The story is in the rose, isn't it, father?
      Father: Oh yes, beauty, the story is in the rose.

    • (about the Beast's horse)
      Father: He galloped here like blue thunder.

    • Beauty: I've come to take the palace of my father. Father, do not cry. The rose he took was for me.

    • Father: I've found in my life that generosity counts for a lot.

    • Father: (before picking the rose) Ah ,Beauty, at least your wish is granted. And who knows perhaps with this all the other wishes as well.

    • Father: Nothing is permanent in this world. Having isn't permanent and losing isn't permanent.

    • Father: (about spending money) No. No, let them enjoy themselves while they still can.

    • Father: We don't pretend. We see things as we'd like them to be. Why see them any other way?

    • Beauty: May I serve you something to eat, Beast? I would be so much more comfortable eating, if you would join me.
      Beast/Prince: No, no... You would be far less comfortable dining with me, my lady. As you have noticed, I am an animal and I must take my food as one. I hunt for my supper and I do not play with such dainty toys as knives and spoons.

    • Beauty: We are the only ones in this castle... Aren't we, Beast?
      Beast/Prince: Yes. We are.
      Beauty: There's no one else?
      Beast/Prince: No, Beauty. There is no one else.
      Beauty: ...Nowhere?
      Beast/Prince: Beauty, is there anything that you lack that I can give you?
      Beauty: Oh, no, Beast. Nothing that you can give me. You give me more than I've ever been given. And if we are the only ones in this castle, then everything must come... from you. And yet... I don't understand.
      Beast/Prince: I cannot give you understanding. That you must find on your own.

    • Isabella: Oh Beauty, what would we ever do without you?
      Beauty: The question is what would I do without you? Without you, I'd have all this lovely time just to devote to myself. Someday...someday.
      Oliver: If you had time for your self, Beauty, you wouldn't know what to do with it.
      Beauty: (Insulted) I wouldn't?
      Oliver: No, you're much too unselfish to enjoy it.

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