Cannon Movie Tales

Season 1 Episode 8

Red Riding Hood

Aired Unknown May 21, 1994 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

Once upon a time there was a little girl and her mother. The little girl's name was Linet and her mother, Jean. Her father Percival was away at war, presumed dead by his evil brother and twin. Linet likes to go out into the forest looking for fairies.

Linet's uncle Godfrey punished the peasants and wished to marry Lady Jean. Lady Jean still loves Percival. He said she loves in vain and insists "HE IS DEAD!".

Godfrey is a man without a heart, he gave it up to possess the power of the wolf...incarnate in Dagger. 'He's good at being bad a dedicated cad...'

Jean's mother is thought a witch becuase she can cure the horribly injured Allen Owen. Linet's Nana made her a red hood and cape that would protect her.Godfrey's spy Dagger lurks about. Godfrey tries to gain Jean's favor.

Linet goes off to see her grandma and Percival returns home. Dagger comes to get Linet's Nana and runs away to find Percival. Linet gets eaten by the wolf but in the end it all works out...

Percival rejoins his family, cuts Linet out of the wolf, saves Lady Jean and casts Godfrey out.

Linet finally gets to see a fairy.
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