Cannon Movie Tales

Season 1 Episode 8

Red Riding Hood

Aired Unknown May 21, 1994 on Disney Channel



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    • Dagger: (singing) Ain't no angel of goodness. Ain't no innocent lamb. But I'm good at bein' bad. So good at bein' bad it's sweet how sour I am.

    • Godfrey: You don't love anything, do you, Dagger?

    • Percival: Excuse me, ma'am. I don't know where I am; whose lands these are. I happen to be a stranger just home from the war.
      Nanny Bess: Well, you've landed on the moon and it's made of green cheese. And it belongs to an old frump named Molly... Welcome home, Percival.

    • Nanny Bess: No, daughter, no. Just because I know a few things, that doesn't make me a witch. But just to be on the safe side, let's keep this a secret. Agreed?
      Linet: Agreed.

    • Lady Jean: Mother, you must be careful what you say and do. People will say you are a witch.

    • Dagger: It's a crazy world, m'dear.

    • Dagger: I love to hunt with the pack under a full moon... I love a romantic dinner by the sea... The two don't seem to go together, though.

    • Lady Jean: I love Percival.
      Godfrey: Then you love in vain. He's dead.
      Lady Jean: I can't believe that.
      Godfrey: You're stubborn. He's dead.
      Linet: He is not dead, Uncle. You mustn't say so.
      Godfrey: HE IS DEAD!

    • Linet: The funny thing is, it was Dagger who told me not to talk to strangers.
      Lady Jean: Well, next time, maybe you'll listen to him.
      Linet: Well, I shall still think it's a sad way of looking at things.
      Nanny Bess: Oh, Linet, you'll never change!
      Percival: Well, as long as you know the difference between being fool-hearted and being brave.
      Linet: One is facing trouble and the other is looking for it.

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