Season 1 Episode 4

Country Blues

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Oct 05, 1971 on CBS

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  • Plane wreck...almost a way to describe this episode.

    Maybe it's because I'm still seeing William Conrad as Matt Dillon, but these early episodes of "Cannon" definitely have a western-vibe to them. This time around, Cannon looks into the plane crash death of a country music star and discovers a ton of secrets in this small western town.

    This is just an average episode. Conrad gets in a few scrapes and we see a young Mark Hamill (the DVD hypes him as a big guest star; he has MAYBE four minutes of screen time), but largely it falls flat. The mystery really isn't there and the pace is pretty languid. Though the real motive of the crime is clever, it isn't followed up well enough and Cannon blunders his way into the solution rather than using real detective work.