Season 1 Episode 2

Death Chain

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 21, 1971 on CBS

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  • Flaming Cannon!

    After being shot in the first two episodes, Frank Cannon gets set on fire in "Death Chain." You really can't accuse this guy of having a cushy job. Cannon also gets in some nicely executed judo moves to take out the bad guy. I really like how, at least in these early episodes, Cannon's size is actually an advantage in most of the scrapes he gets in. Sometimes he uses his bulk alone to subdue a perp. It also looks as if Conrad is doing a lot of his own fighting, which adds to the coolness of the scene.

    The plot for this episode could have come out of "The Rockford Files," with its criminal conspiracy, ties to an older crime and a layered story that only comes together in the final minutes. William Windom, character actor extraordinary and TV mainstay, turns in a solid guest performance as Cannon's client - an adulterer who ultimately ends up being a very sympathetic character.
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