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  • Still Worth the Watching

    I was a dedicated watcher of this show when it first aired.That is, of course when I did not have a date.
    As to the show itself, it typical of the majortiy of detective shows bradcast from the fifties on.
    Thst is, it has a consistent tone and the basic premise that of the wizard detective who solves the case without much physicla effort. This is reminiscent of such non-reality-based shows as Ironside with Raymond Burr and the more recent Nero cable show of Nero Wolfe, which starred Maurychaykin and Timothy Hutton as the detective and his side kick.
    Joe Penny filled the side kick in an active and likeable way just as did Paul serve Perry Mason. And there had a goog cres of reportory players and a slew of guest stars.
    William Conrad, who due to his physical bulk rembling that of Orson Wellees in his later years, and who who had had to leave Gunsmoke when it went to TV, had a magnifient radio voice and he continued his narration career.
    Shows with this kind of mentor-pupil dynamic have been common in both film and broadcasting. this one was especially noted for the lack of physical activity by the lead. Contrast this with Jim Rockford who did do action bt was as likely to lose the fight as win it.
    Being once a person of large figure,thugh quite active, I noticed that Conrad often got the girl, or woman in his case, a theme which was encouraging.
    But, I always was amused by the incongruity of Conrad carrring a fice shot snub-nose revolver. When he pulled it almost idapeared into his fist. He couldl have worn a MAC 10 easily and no one would notice!
    Anyway, I could see a bit of myself in the character and always enjoyed watchin when I was around.
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