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  • A great show with lots of action.

    Cannon was an expensive private investigator that worked high dollar insurance recoveries.He also took cases from people that couldn't pay his fee that usually lead to something big.He worked his cases alone and wouldn't back out of a fight.Cannon was a real man's man.He drove a big Lincoln with a car phone,packed a .38 snubnose and liked to sail and fish.Cannon also overindulged in good food,drank beer and smoked a pipe.This was the way he liked it.Cannon was a police detective in L.A. until his wife and baby were killed in an inexplicable bombing.After that, he did everything his way and wouldn't tolerate any nonsense. There were no real love interests in the series other than some good female friends and a couple of ex girlfriends that appeared toward the end.I appreciated this as I don't really care for too much romance in a Detective series.William Conrad was excellent in the role of action hero.Cannon could run down a young offender,dodge bullets,duck,dive and roll ! His fighting skills were very respectable.His signature moves included the bear hug and karate chop.Cannon is a really fun program to watch over and over again ! I'm thankful to have all the episodes.