Season 1 Episode 1

The Salinas Jackpot

Aired Tuesday 9:30 PM Sep 14, 1971 on CBS

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  • Hammy

    Van Patten is good, and Skerritt is his usual smoothly slimy pre-Drake self. But, though Sharon Acker starts out good enough, she soon is hamming it up to beat the band.
  • It all ends with a showdown right out of a western.

    Like the pilot, "Salinas Jackpot" owes much to the themes and archetypes of the western. Cannon arrives in town to investigate a crime (the motif is helped along by the fact that it's a group of rodeo bandits he's pursuing), meets a young widow and her son and finally faces off against the bad guys when they show up at the ranch looking for a fight.

    The mystery here is, well, there really isn't a mystery. Cannon gets a line on Tom Skerritt's culprit pretty early on and spends most of the show eluding tries on his life. Cannon gets shot (again) but proves he's smarter than the av-ah-rage private eye when he constructs a rifle while he hides out in the barn.

    Though it strains belief that Big Frank can outrun the two lean, young gunsels on his trail, once again we see Cannon use his size to his advantage in the final fight, as he takes out one of the bad guys with a massive bear hug.

    Like most 70s cop/PI shows, the lead actor's performance elevates the material, and Conrad as always keeps the show moving along even if the plot is spartan.