Can't Hurry Love

CBS (ended 1996)


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Can't Hurry Love

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What are friendship, love and especially dating like in the Nineties for the twenties set? That's what this new big-city comedy from CBS looks and laughs at. At 28, Annie O'Donnell, (Nancy McKeon) an upwardly mobile placement coordinator at a New York City personnel agency, has spent most of her dating life kissing many frogs in her search for a prince. Her best friend and next-door neighbor, Didi,(Mariska Hargitay) frequently offers advice, solicited or not, on everything from the outgoing message on her answering machine to how far Annie should go on a first date. Roger Carrlucci,(Louis Mandylor) Annie's endearing socially unpolished co-worker, is also in search of the perfect mate, although most of his "cool" dates can be found dancing topless in a cocktail bar or riding New York's mass transit system. Elliot Tanny,(Kevin Crowley) another agency co-worker and friend, is happily married and so has trouble keeping up with the list of do's and don'ts for dating in this decade. Together, the young foursome braves the ups and downs of love and romance, offering one another advice, but mostly adding support and humor to what seems to be an endless string of dating dilemmas. Nancy McKeon also starred in the LIFETIME series "The Division"moreless