Canterbury Tales

BBC (ended 2003)


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  • Season 1
    • The Man of Law's Tale
      Mark finds Constance, a refugee from Nigeria, hiding in a small boat, which has been washed up on the shore. He takes her back to his wife Nicky, who decides to befriend her and not to report her to the Home Office. Constance is a Christian, who has had a traumatic experience back home. At first she finds comfort and fellowship in the local church, until she is pursued by church member Terry. Mark and Nicky's friend Alan is also attracted to Constance, though his mother doesn't like the idea of them being together. Constance has flashbacks to something that happened in Nigeria. We see Alan's life in the future, where he is desperately looking for Constance in Nigeria. At what point did Alan and Constance lives become intertwined and what separated them? Will they both have a happy ending?moreless
    • The Pardoner's Tale
      The story opens by a cathedral, a priest is miming to the song 'It's a Wonderful World'. A mysterious young girl on a bike watches three men Arty, Baz and Colin perform a pickpocket scam. Then she returns to the home of a couple who are upset that their daughter is dead, however they don't notice her. Another young girl, Amy has gone missing in Rochester, it seems as if she has been abducted in the same way as the dead girl. Arty says that he would like to find Amy and get his revenge on the abductor. The mysterious girl meets Arty and says she knows that Amy is dead and who did it and that she will lead Arty to the murderer and takes him to a house. In the house Arty and his friends realise that they know nothing about each other's past lives. Arty has flashbacks to when he was a young boy at the cathedral school and rejected by his father an RE teacher. In the house Arty finds some gold bars and while he's gone to have them valued Colin and Bazz discover that they know more about Arty and themselves than they at first thought.moreless
    • The Sea Captain's Tale
      Jetender and Meena are celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary. A man called Dillip knocks on the door and gives Meena a letter. This is a final demand for £11,000 of jewellery, which Meena has bought on credit. Meena is told that she will have to pay the bill by the end of the week. She knows that she can't ask her husband for the money, so she begins an affair with his business partner Pushpinder and persuades him to get the money for her, telling him that her husband is a tyrant. He pretends to Jetender that he needs the money for home improvements. However, Pushpinder falls in love with Meena and wants more than just a physical relationship. One night when drunk, because Meena continually refuses to give him children, Jetender tells Pushpinder that Meena has had affairs with many men who gave her money so she could indulge in her shopping habit. Pushpinder decides to get revenge, so what will happen to Meena?moreless
    • The Knight's Tale
      Paul finds himself imprisoned for 12 months for re-programming mobile phones. However, he is pleased to find that he will be sharing a cell with his old friend Ace. Emily is a college lecturer - inspired by her brother who had learning difficulties she applies to be a literacy teacher at the prison. Ace suggests to Paul that they might both stay out of trouble in the future if they spend some of their time in prison learning how to read. Their teacher turns out to be Emily. Both fall in love with her and believe that they are special to Emily especially as she encoursges Paul with his project on Egypt and Ace with a project on gardening. Ace is let out of prison on probation and enrols at the college where Emily is a lecturer. When Paul finds out he escapes from prison and finds Ace and Emily. Will one of them be able to win Emily or will it all end in tragedy?moreless
    • The Wife of Bath
      The Wife of Bath
      Episode 2
      Beth is a glamorous and successful soap star, who has been married several times. Now she is 53 years old and married to James. She is devastated when James tells her he is leaving her for a another less glamorous woman. So, she arranges a sex scene with her 19 year old co-star Jerome. They begin a relationship, but can Beth continue to keep Jerome interested in spite of their age difference?moreless
    • The Miller's Tale
      John is the owner of a pub and Bed and Breakfast. The pub has a regular karaoke night and his very young wife Alison is the star attraction. One night a stranger, Nick arrives in the pub claiming to be an agent who will be able to make Alison a big star. However is Nick's interest really in Alison's popstar career or has he other plans for Alison?moreless