Canterbury's Law

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Monday 8:00 PM Mar 17, 2008 on FOX

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  • episode 2

    Good story, good play, good cast and important is the constant story (red wire) in the whole serie. Who knows the title and artist of the beginning song of episode 2?
  • good show.

    Elizabeth takes on the case of Louis Minot who believes he can talk to the dead. He found the body of a man that's been missing for twenty years, as well as other bodies that are turning up. Elizabeth is the only one who believes he's innocent, but it may be because she wants to believe him when he says he has information about her missing son Sam. Elizabeth reveals something about Sam's abduction that she has never told anyone else before. Guest star on this episode:James Rebhorn (Dr. Allen Petch), Pruitt Taylor Vince (Louis Minot), James McCaffrey (Frank Angstrom), Gerry Bamman (Judge Sydney Hanlon), Jeremy Zorek (Sam Furey), David Margulies (Dr. Iain Harris), Nick Schepisi (Man in Floppy Hat), Wendy Spero (Receptionist), Michael McElroy (II) (Assistant Medical Examiner Barry Schulze), Philip LeStrange (Willem Portero), Jimmy Palumbo (Detective John Donleigh), Adam Grupper (Marriage Counselor), Jim Coleman (Clerk), Lisa Emery (Trial Judge)
  • Tonight we got to see into the past of our favorite lawyer Elizabeth Canterbury and her sons kidnapping

    On an emblessed Monday night, when i usually watch television, I once again tuned into Canterbury's Law, one of my favorite shows. In the episode, Liz defended a man accused of committing a crime, and than digging up the body. Liz believes the man is innocent, because he claims that he has information about her missing son, Sam, who is seen in the opener, on the day he disappeared. Hmmm. Could it be that the trouble in her struggling marriage could be partly because of the little boy's disappearance? She believes the man is innocent, because he claims he is psychic, and has info on Sam. He is later released from prison, and the charges are eventually dropped. Another great episode.
  • Great episode. Twists, turns and interesting story line.

    I really enjoyed the pilot last week but I was concerned that future episodes may slide into prosecutor or police bashing. That would be a huge turn off for me. Well, I was very pleased this week. The characters were well represented on both sides of the issue. I loved the story line. It was NOT predictable and I was left guessing until almost the end. They also took a risk with the whole psychic thing but I liked it. As for Julianna, she was incredible. She's hard as nails but she has this amazing sensitivity. She is sarcastic and witty one minute. The next, she is tearful and vunerable. Her performance is Emmy worthy. I'm definitely ready to see more.
  • More about Canterbury's past...

    So, it is every right to say - this episode was totally about Canterbury and about her past - previous episode already gave us hint that there might be something bad happened with her child, now we learn - that he was just taken. That is the problem of her marriage.. and counseling does not seem to help it. So, when a case just comes to her, she first believes that the man is innocent and then it more and more starts to look like that man might be the one who took her son.. but the truth is not so easy - the man was innocent as she thought first and she really believed that he is a medium and took him to the playground where he was last seen - nothing but it looks like this is a potential future storyline...

    Really good one :)