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  • Canterbury 's Law

    This is a very enjoyable show and I hope it stays on. One of the very few shows I would schedule to watch!! It has emotion, realism and yet it is entertaining. I like the unique law drama with a strong character like Elizabeth. She does a wonderful job. I also like the side drama of her personal life that gives it depth. She is a passionate woman who breaks traditional rules for justice...that is fantastic. Most people I introduced this show to just hadn't viewed it before and got quite attached to Elizabeth and her drama as I did.
  • I get really tired watching this show! Because ... one minute I love it ... then I hate it ... then I love it again! I love the idea of the show but I really hate some of the characters ... they are a real wind-up!

    The biggest wind-ups are the Deputy Attorney General Zack Williams - who I know is supposed to be hateful and hated ... and the problem is ... he does a really good job at that(!) and then there is her husband - Matt - who is played by the gorgeous Aidan Quinn - but whose character is such a pain in the rear! He so needs to be slapped into next week when he blames her for losing their son. And when I am getting all wound up with these characters ... I know that there is a basis for a really good series! You want her to win every time ... you want her team to win for her ... before you know it ... you are rooting for all of them ... except maybe their receptionist ... again with the slapping ... he is too twee for his own good! The overall aspect is quite edgy ... but maybe it is not edgy enough ... after all it is supposed to be a more serious, grown up version of either Ally McBeal or Boston Legal ... maybe heading towards The Practice ... it needs more fine tuning and then I really think it has great possibilities!

    btw ... does anyone else think Elizabeth and Russell could end up an item? I am sure I saw sparks this week!

    What I would not like to see is a sugary ending whereby the son suddenly comes marching back ... let's keep it real!
  • I love this show. I loved this actress on ER & I love her on this one. The writers did a good job of bringing a law show that focuses both on the trial but also on the lawyers themselves.

    I look forward to this show each week. I think it does a great job at keeping you on your toes and guessing as to what will happen next. I like Canterbury in that she's a tough chick but really has a warm heart and you see that when she deals with those she really cares about...especially when you see her have to talk about Sam. I want this show to continue and really hope that it does....I'm also hoping that they will find Sam. I hate that all these new law shows get tossed on Friday nights and then cancelled - like Conviction. They really are good but it's hard for a new show to compete when they are on Friday nights. I think that they should give newer shows a different night to at least build up the fan base before they throw them into the Friday night heat. You're throwing them on a night when people are going out so less are at home watching TV at 8pm. I think for the show to have a chance it should be moved back to another day of the week (like M-W) and it SHOULD NOT go off the air. It's just getting started - it'll be cruel to take it away now.
  • Liz's 'bending the rules with the foster case via jury tampering. To get a feel of what the juries are thinking, Frank goes undercover on jury no 7. Liz gets into the hot seat while her actions are being investigated. Her colleagues are in the hot seat.

    Honestly, I feel as if I have given this show more time than its worth, I find the plot lines too predictable....esp where they Liz 'heroic' whilst bending the rules....and they try to bring some tension into the plot via her getting 'caught' and probably in real life one would have to pay for 'tampering with the jury' via disbarment....but in Liz's character and seeing the show is called 'Canterbury's Law' - it becomes so predictable that she will end up - 'unscathed'! as mentioned before.....a little too predictable whilst making 'non-sense'. Instead of seeing flashbacks of Liz in the playground where she lost Sam, maybe we can see flashbacks of all her energy or devastation during the weeks/months that followed after his disappearance.
  • great show with great actors.

    Canterbury's Law follows a passionate female defense attorney, Elizabeth Canterbury, who pushes the envelope to protect her innocent clients.

    Joining Elizabeth at Canterbury and Associates in Providence, Rhode Island, are Russell Krauss, who used to work under D.A. Zach Williams, but was forced out because he stood up to him; and Associates, Chester Fields, who is a Congressman's son, and Molly McConnell, who doesn't always agree with Elizabeth.

    Back home, Elizabeth is married to Matt Furey. Things have been rocky since the disappearance of their six year old son Sam.Because of the Writer's Strike at the end of 2007 and beginning of 2008, thirteen episodes were ordered, but only five were able to be completed for this seasoni
  • Good show with great actors and love the story line and her tough acting of a great attorney like one of Perry Mason.

    Good acting. Good writing. Like the little humor and the story line is real and interesting.This show is one of the best new shows on tv this season. I like Margulies in most anything but she is good in this one more so than I thought. I have watched 2 episodes and have enjoyed both of them. The other members of the cast complement her perfectly. Aidan Quinn I have always liked, but he is not much in this show even though it may develop moreso in the future. It is still a good show that needs to be kept. Also glad the night has changed. It is difficult to click back and forth to see my other favorites.
  • A female lawyer who only settles for justice and no laws other then the laws to get justce.

    She will do anything to get justice for any person who deverses to get justice. She is the best lawyer in town that will fight for the right of justice. Justice is a word she uses when she means bisuness. She doesn't take "No" for a answer if the justice needs to be found. She's eveything you look for in a lawyer. She can be very defiant and powerful at times in the court room. But when she needs to be nice and play cool she will do it to get the law put down on the defense side. Justice is a word that she will do anything to get that answer from the jury.
  • I'm so over this show.

    I gave this show another week and I realize my first impression was right. The "reviews" for this show are better written than the show itself. Watching this show is like watching middle aged suburbanites saying "Bling Bling." It's a sad, contrived attempt at being cool and edgy. It makes me sick and angry. Be who you are, not someone else. Also, this thing with her being plagued by the kidnapping of her son is a such a tired, overused story. Couldn't they think of something else for her to have an inner struggle with like a gambling addiction. It would be way more interesting to see her gambling her practice away, than watching her get caught in a flashback in the middle of a conversation. In conclusion, this show is a bad knock off of The Practice, Boston Legal, and Justice. You would best spend your time watching reruns of those shows. (FYI: playing guitar riffs before going to commercials does gives the points in the cool department.)
  • Elizabeth Canterbury's occupation is a lawyer. Her job is to make sure people are innocent until proven guilty. In this show Juliana Margolies does an amazing performance playing the lawyer, whose character reminds me a little bit like Dr.House

    I love this show. After just one episode of watching this show, i was hooked. The show premiered on FOX last week, and i just fell in love with it. The show centers around Elizabeth Canterbury, a lawyer who will do what ever it takes to make sure people are innocent until proven guilty. This show has a little mixture of Dr. House's critique. The lawyers personality is a little bit like Hugh Laurie's character on House. She has a take charge attitude, and fights to the finish to make sure her clients don't walk out in handcuffs. But at a sad note, Elizabeth has a missing son, Sam, who we don't know how many years or months, he has been missing. I don't know about you, but i love, love this show! It is one of my favorites.
  • An excellent beginning !

    I thought the pilot was fantastic - I really did - The lead character is brilliant - strong, funny, full of conviction - I haven't seen a lead this great since Crossing Jordan ! A few of the supporting characters might take some time to grow on me but I felt the whole show came together well - I really hope this won't be another one of those shows that lasts for about 8 episodes and then disappears. . . it has great promise and i'm definitely looking forward to seeing more . . . cancelling it would just be unjust ! ;)
  • Strong writing, compelling main character, a bit thin around the edges.

    As a HUGE J.Marg fan, I expected/hoped for more. Having said that, I'm not deterred. It's early. Shows often take a little while to find themselves, work through the exposition, introduce characters, etc.. The show definitely had the edge that I had anticipated based on the previews, although it was a good deal darker than I expected. What little comic relief there was ("rivers, oceans, streams...rivers oceans, streams") was given very little room to breathe. I'd like to see them lighten it up just a wee bit, without losing the hard-hitting (no pun intended) precendence that's been set.

    I thought the Elizabeth character was complex, compelling and ultimately likeable. That said, and admittedly a bit of Carol Hathaway nostalgia may be showing here, I'd like to see a little more vulnerability and compassion in Elizabeth -- in very well placed, subtle doses. Any more than that would border on cliche and make her emotional "armor" seem forced, I think. As for the rest of the cast, I'm a bit underwhelmed. I found most of the ensemble rather forgettable. I'm sure that effect is heightened by the typically massive presence of Elizabeth, and it's partly attributable to being the first episode, with limited time and space to develop the characters beyond a single dimension.

    I'm hoping this show has a chance to develop and work out a few of the kinks.
  • There are good aspects of this show, but some things need to be changed.

    I watched this show because the previews seemed interesting. Unfortunately, the previews showed all the interesting things that happened so I wasn't surprised until the end. In the beginning of the show, I was very turned off by a hard attitude of Beth or Liz or whatever they called her. She was cheating on her husband but still trying to work things out with him. She was brutal with her co-workers. However, the last part of the show were you finally see that it was probably circumstances that caused her to be this crazy. I am looking forward to seeing where they go with that story line.