Canterbury's Law

FOX (ended 2008)


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  • I love this show. I loved this actress on ER & I love her on this one. The writers did a good job of bringing a law show that focuses both on the trial but also on the lawyers themselves.

    I look forward to this show each week. I think it does a great job at keeping you on your toes and guessing as to what will happen next. I like Canterbury in that she's a tough chick but really has a warm heart and you see that when she deals with those she really cares about...especially when you see her have to talk about Sam. I want this show to continue and really hope that it does....I'm also hoping that they will find Sam. I hate that all these new law shows get tossed on Friday nights and then cancelled - like Conviction. They really are good but it's hard for a new show to compete when they are on Friday nights. I think that they should give newer shows a different night to at least build up the fan base before they throw them into the Friday night heat. You're throwing them on a night when people are going out so less are at home watching TV at 8pm. I think for the show to have a chance it should be moved back to another day of the week (like M-W) and it SHOULD NOT go off the air. It's just getting started - it'll be cruel to take it away now.