Canterbury's Law

Season 1 Episode 4

Sweet Sixteen

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Apr 04, 2008 on FOX

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  • Once again, Juliana Marguiles does a dramatic 'strip tease' for us as her character continues to develop and reveal itself. Can't remember having gotten this invested in a dramatic role this early in a series.

    I'll mention this one more time, lest people think I'm a 'Julianaphile' - I never was a big-time fan - just always thought she was kind of sexy and interesting. No big deal.

    But now that she has 'grown up' into a mature woman, you can feel the power she brings to this role. I think I can tell the difference between over-the-top acting (to try and secure a series renewal) and someone just 'bringin it'. She's bringin it.

    This episode is about a very common subject these days - teenage girls with bad agendas who end up doing things (like murder) that make us scratch our heads and say 'really?' Juliana sticks with her gut feeling and defends a reprehensible, snotty little girl (that we all would like to see go to prison), for the silliest of reasons - she's not guilty. If it weren't for that, she'd have dropped the case a long time ago. Her attempts to not only defend this spiteful little hosebag, but try to teach her some of life's hard lessons, leaves us with an uneasy feeling (I think that's what they were trying to do).

    Ms. Canterbury does it with passion and anger and all of those other gut-wrenching emotions that sets this apart from other series (unless you kinda count Shark and Women's Murder Club - I can live with that and took off a few tenths from the rating here). When she knocks on the PI's door at the end and says she 'doesn't know what she's doing,' I got a cold chill up my back and a hot flash up my front.

    I really think that this will be renewed and that JM will get an Emmy nomination for it.
  • Brilliant acting but the story was somehow...

    I really enjoy the brilliant acting and performing of this show - there are not many shows with such a good and outstanding performances and that makes it even more and more enjoyable.

    This episode was different from the previous ones and showed a new aspect of it - as it looked for the first time that Canterbury is having doubts, but in the end - there is, like always, very striking solution.

    I loved the dynamic of the episode but on some parts first, it looked somehow.. not the best brilliant story. It was ok, do not get me wrong.. but it did not striked too much.
  • In another excellent outing, Juliana Marguilies steals he show with her performance. In this episode, Elizabeth si defending one of two best friends, but things change drastically when one friend turns and tries to blame the other.

    Another interesting case is interwoven with Elizabeth's own pending charges of jury tampering. Her relationship with her staff is increasingly broadened, especially Russell. Zack continues to be pure villian as he continues his vendetta against Elizabeth, who's personal life continues to take a nosedive. Marguilies performance was outstanding, especially in the scene where her missing son's room is being ransacked in a house warrant for information against her. She has a strong scene with Zack when she tells hum to wacth out as he has crossed a line against her family. This is an interesting show and is a worthwhile candidate for renewal.