Capadocia - Season 2

Wednesday 9:00 PM on HBO Premiered Sep 10, 2008 Between Seasons


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  • And All the Nations Will Cry Their Death
    (Season Two Finale) Capadocia is in the news again, and when Santiago decides to reveal everything, a phone call prompts him to change his mind. Teresa and Lorena have staked everything on their families, and decide to trust their instincts. In the end, each of them will go her own way, while back inside Capadocia, the players keep changing, but the game just goes on.moreless
  • The Third Part of the Sea Became Blood
    Capadocia receives a new and unexpected inmate and Lorena, who thought all hope was lost, recovers the only piece of evidence that can bring down ESCO. But she knows that only dead women can get out of Capadocia.
  • And He Resurrected on the Third Day
    Teresa risks her life and family to hold up her end of a bargain with Lorena, and together they come up with a scheme that could get them both out of the prison and bury forever the shipment of drugs that is hidden in Capadocia. From a distance,Victor Hernandez is watching them: what he does will determine the outcome for both of them.moreless
  • The Salt of the Earth
    Capadocia is losing its soul, while a tangled scheme of grasping connivance and blackmail engulfs the prison, a place where everyone is hiding something and nothing is what it seems to be. Lorena decides she will do whatever she must to bring about her own release after Patrick vanishes with their children.moreless
  • Lot's Wife
    Lot's Wife
    Episode 9
    Lorena wants to reopen her case; she is frightened of the future that awaits her children, and is willing to deal for an early release. Teresa decides to trust in Deputy Prosecutor Victor Hernandez and fortune seems to lean towards coming down on the side of the Law. The drug gang is pressuring ECSO, and new threats are weighing on Federico and La Negra.moreless
  • Atonement
    Episode 8
    A prisoner at Capadocia falls into the hands of a drug kingpin and becomes part of a dangerous game, in which both sides try to use the hostage to their own ends: law enforcement wants to nail the drug dealer, while he is bargaining to recover something that belongs to him. In the end, only one side comes out ahead.moreless
  • Father, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?
    Lorena establishes closer ties with the Deputy Prosecutor Victor Hernandez, who takes her to visit his son who is sick in the hospital. In Capadocia, Andrea and her new friend, Monserrat, receive a sweet gift that will have unexpected consequences for both of them.
  • Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit
    The arrival of a new inmate at Capadocia surprises everyone. With the help of Valeria, the psychiatrist, Teresa and Victor turn up some information that points them in the right direction to get to the bottom of the assault on Santiago, as well as other recent crimes both inside and outside the prison.moreless
  • Love Thine Enemies
    Love Thine Enemies
    Episode 5
    The agent of the Public Prosecutor, who is investigating Capadocia, imposes strict new security measures. While Federico and La Negra breathe a sigh of relief thinking they are safe, Teresa and Lorena reaffirm their pact to help each other.
  • The Eye of God
    The Eye of God
    Episode 4
    Victor Hernandez, the deputy prosecutor who is investigating Capadocia, becomes the headache for ECSO, and a plot gets Sandra locked up behind bars. Teresa warns Valeria: 'Capadocia is a black hole that devours anything in its grasp.'
  • Take This Chalice From Me
    Capadocia is under investigation: the Public Prosecutor has to clear up a crime that points in many directions, and affects the ECSO, as well as Teresa and her family. The arrival of Valeria, the new psychiatrist at the prison, is disturbing to the inmates because of her astonishing resemblance to La Bambi.moreless
  • Lamb of God
    Lamb of God
    Episode 2
    As the noose starts to tighten, Teresa turns to Lorena for help. Federico suspects that the lost shipment of drugs is in Capadocia and organizes a search inside the prison. Meanwhile, Andrea is victim to a scheme hatched by La Negra. Teresa hires a new psychiatrist at the institution named Valeria, who is disturbed by her own life story.moreless
  • What God Has Joined Together
    Season 2 Premiere. Life goes on at Capadocia amid intrigues and gang rivalries, while a shipment of drugs that never reached its destination shapes the outcome of this story. A frustrated Teresa stays on as Warden only to await the release of her daughter. A hardened Lorena commands the loyalty of La Colombiana and the respect and fear of the other inmates.moreless
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