Season 1 Episode 18


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Nov 30, 2010 on Syfy

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  • An uneven yet compelling series ends on a high note that will leave you wanting more ... how irritating is that?

    In 2010 there where few shows as frustrating or as fascinating as Caprica. When it didn't work, it was scattershot and boring. But when it work it was like nothing else on television.And now this very uneven but compelling series ends on a high note that will leave you wanting more.

    I'll start with the Adamas. I loved how this show killed the one character you thought couldn't die. And used that to take Joe to have very dark place ... that we won't get to see explored in fututre season ... err

    The frustration and intrige continues with the Graystones. Who both get to be Jack Bauer in this episode when the GDD mole frames them for the Maglev bombing and they alone have to stop Clarice's scheme to blow up Atlas Arena. This plot results in the best action sequence in the show as Daniel hacks a troop of Cylons to bust into the area and start capping terrorists.

    Anyway, the reason people will really remember this episode is the 5 year time skip at the end (much like what BSG did in season 2)

    After setting up how the various factions of Caprica helped create Cylons as we know them. The show jumps to the start of the Cylon War. And they are some seriously cool character arks being teased (EVEN FOR LACY)

    Its a shame SyFy's scheduling killed this show and
    that the creators (who had been trying to get this project on the air for years) didn't have to forsight to move this plot along faster and catch more fans.

    But it would be tragic if the next BSG spin-off didn't find a way to weave the lingering Caprica storylines in ... only with more explosions.

    I'll still miss Caprica. It was meandering. But it had such a unique look and feel and was populated with a lot of complex and compelling characters and ideas.

    It made a pretty vague sci-fi universe feel alive and real. It should have at least been able to plan its return to the soil.