Season 1 Episode 9

End of Line

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2010 on Syfy

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  • End of Line

    End of Line was a really superb episode of Caprica and I enjoyed watching because the story was very good, the actors enjoyable to watch, and it was cool to see how things were coming together. Zoe Avatar takes drastic action after Daniel Graystone makes a decision to copy the chip, Amanda Graystone continues to suffer and continue downward spiral with a shocking ending that may have saved some ones life. Sister Clarice continues to weave her web. It was interesting to see who Emmanuelle turned out to be after she helped bring Joseph and Tamara together int he V world, which had a shocking outcome. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • If an episode deserved a perfect 10.0 it's this one. I was just feeling a big sense of Wow at the end.

    Ok, lets face facts, everyone has their own idea of what defines perfect in a review of TV. film etc.

    Let me say this, if you wanted to be picky you could say I "personally" didn't like this, that etc, or this character and his/her mannerisms etc. But taking away the nit picking. This was awesome and it gets a very deserved 10+ because, having not had taken 5 minutes after the end of the show to analyse to myself each part, I just was aware on a feeling of speechlessness that I had just watched an excellent, gripping show that brought explosion to a series of storylines that in just seven episodes, plus a pilot had been intelligently created and now I felt like it had all landed with a thump right before my eyes.

    Its funny but some have complained from where I have read, on dog's getting shot (or not) excessive smoking, drug use, violence and sex, the list goes on. But the fact is, the writers brought none of the above into the show for controversy or to make it appear "cool" to a particular audience often assumed to be, a sale's pitch to the youth. They did it simply because they wanted to create a sense of real to the story, that each part fitted into each development, the nature of the characters and also because Ronald D.Moore is a master of "dark" scifi/drama. And recognises that you need such elements in a story to pin you to your seat.

    This episode was brilliant. The fact that they seem to like to kill of characters, some of whom we loathed to watch, others we thought, this guys going to be interesting, in for the long haul. Does for me two things it says 1) There are no limits to where this can go, who will stay, who might go. What twist is round the corner and 2) It also open's the future up for people to return but with so many, who know's who and how. We saw this done in BSG also.

    For me one interesting part of the show, perhaps I'm being paranoid here, is Evelyn, who is revealed as Adama's V world assistant to find his daughter, seems to be the best at hiding her manipulation to many viewers. After the show I kept wondering why she would encourage Adama to take the drugs to find his daughter, making it clear to him that without it he won't make it so far to meet her. Then she visits the daughter to tell her she must kill the avatar that is the father to release him in the RL, citing real concern for his drug addiction. After Tamara kills her father from the game, Evelyn is left with a bond of trust with Tamara. If Evelyn really cared about the father, why let him take the drugs in the first place? why let it go on so long etc? Seems as if she has left herself in a very cosy place with Tamara and we all know that Tamara has a gift very valuable in V World, but perhaps just as much in the Real World, perhaps another avatar to operate a cylon? My mind boggles but I don't see that as a simple case of Evelyn being the perfect friend to them both.
  • Tuning the excitement up..

    That was brilliant episode. I mean. It had many storylines, all what were pushed to the limit to the end.

    I loved the whole Tamara storyline. That "guide" telling her what her father is doing.. and making her to kill him on the game.. letting him go.. that was powerful scene.

    Also Lacy. She has been doing things on the background all the season and now all that comes to life. She is in STO and it was play probably for her at first.. join, what it will do to her. Now she learns and that is.. hard choice.. The scene where she is forced to call.. when that man threatens her and that boy with a gun..

    And ofcourse Zoe.. The position she is in.. and all the things what go wrong.. for a moment, it looks like there's a change.. but then..

    Amanda Greystone.. Daniel Greystone.. big mess for both of them.. I am quite eager to see what happens.. with all of those chars.
  • Now it's getting interesting

    I liked the episode. The only unclear thread is momma's sudden visions of her dead brother and now her past attempts at suicide. What is that all about? If she suicides, we will never know and it will seem like 3 episodes wasted on her drama that could have been used to flesh out other parts of the story. Why is her life so empty? She was a doctor with a husband and teen. Did she not have friends or other relatives?

    I still don't understand Daniel. He seems very complex. If he is the genius designer, then why isn't he ever seen designing or at least directing other designers? If he is the owner of a company, why is he being pushed around by his board of directors? Supposedly he missed his daughter so much that he stole her clone from the virtual world and enhanced her then inserted her in a robot but then he completely turned off his emotion (no grief) when the clone disappeared? And why didn't he look for it or keep a backup copy? Finally he rediscovers her and a) realizes that he needs the code (her) in order to make his robot work, b) totally mindfu*ks her to get her to work with him and c) decides to wipe the chip free of code thus killing her. So does he miss her or not? Has he come to grips with her being dead or not? If he needs her code, why is he wiping the chip? WTF? If he realizes that she is in the robot, why not increased security or at least a labcam to track her behavior? Any defense contract work I've ever done has been audited constantly. If he loves his wife, why is she afraid to talk to him about her feelings of loss or bad dreams? He seems so cold, I was flabbergasted when he didn't deny the chip theft and murders to his wife. Another thing. If as his competitor says, the chip is actually bad, then how does the competitor intend to win the military contract? All this imaginary pressure from the military is cute but what robot is he offering up instead? Getting the chip in the first place seemed lame. One company makes chips, another makes robot shells. Like chocolate and peanut butter, they needed to discuss an alliance not corporate espionage.

    This school Zoe attended gets more interesting all the time. Apparently, it's a front for STO which is a group of terrorists acting as religious fanatics and no clear agenda? Somehow they are able to attract girl students that can program virtual selves and boy students that can build explosives and hack satellite communication systems as well as the usual run of the mill suicide bombers for the cause yet the leaders themselves only know how to fire guns? They need more training. I hope there is an episode where they show a new student the curriculum. After that blowout with a leader pointing his gun at different members, one wonders how much trust will exist between leaders and followers or between followers and followers afterwards? After the cell leadership assassination attempt, there will be a little housecleaning.

    I can't imagine a van with a heavy robot driver ramping up to a decent speed to break a roadblock let alone flip forward over the block in that short distance. Maybe not even at all. The robot will not be harmed by the crash but will Zoe Avatar have to kill more humans in order to get away? Will she get away? It's not like humans are prepared for runaway robots yet are they? The big disappointment was the Joseph - Tamara reunification. When we last saw her, Tamara had figured out what she was but was still human enough to need emotional support and help from her father. She prefers to hide in that part of the game but she discovers that she is untouchable in the game so she can wander anywhere while waiting for her dad. For unknown reasons, it seems to take forever for her dad to find her. All she had to do was offer bonus points to anybody that helped her meet her dad and boom, everybody would be helping and she would meet him immediately. Or she could simply wait at the game entrance since she cannot be killed. But no. We get this long drawn-out boring repeat of imaginary Hollywood life in the 20's that serves no real purpose. She even hangs out in a bar asking deep philosophical questions about the limited power of the gods and the definition of life. Worse, Tamara has one chat with a stranger all the while knowing that game players often use avatars to hide their real identities, hears some trash about her dad and agrees to cut him cold upon first meeting? Suddenly she's not a scared kid anymore but an experienced adult making adult decisions. Did she earn enough game points to get an upgrade? That whole story thread was just unbelievable and pointless except that it introduces Joseph's new gf to the mix. Both father and daughter need closure badly. Why deny it? I hope it isn't the end of it. Another thought. With all the drama between Daniel and his wife, one would think that Joseph would at some point have some feelings for his dead wife. He's been laser focused on his daughter avatar but has no problems forgetting his dead wife. That must have been some mind wipe.

    I look forward to a continuation if they get the funding.
  • *** Spoiler-free *** Dark, intense but rushed parallel stories ; troubled and empathic characters ; unpredictable cliffhangers ; conventional and clumsy editing ; average visual effects

    With Amanda Graystone knowing about what Daniel did this episode could only be dark and sad. After all she had to go through, from the death of her brother to the one of her daughter Zoe, she also learned that her husband was a thief and murderer. Of course she wasn't sure and End of Line covered her little investigation. Daniel had to deal with the fact that Zoe wasn't in the Cylon considering how well she played him in Ghost in the Machine. Moreover with the upcoming military project deadline he had to double his effort even if I think they failed in portraying him as a brilliant scientist. In fact we didn't see him work much in the past installments and if I didn't already know it I would think he's a cook considering the time he spends in the kitchen. But the morality of the character is definitely interesting to comprehend because the Holoband was successful but he made the wrong decision to keep the Cylon project. He had to lie to everyone, probably lost his confidence and motivation in the process and now that I've seen this episode I really wonder what he'll become in the second part of the season.

    Indeed End of Line was really a mid-season finale. It was intense and all arcs rushed to meet the deadline. They were entertaining to follow but I can't help thinking that Caprica's rhythm is choppy. However even if there're many topics developing in parallel their convergence makes sense. Lacy trying to transport the Cylon and having to meet STO members. Sister Clarice hacking Daniel's technology. Joseph Adama tracking the symbols left by her dead but virtually alive daughter Tamara. So there was a lot of action and some events were quite surprising. From cliffhangers to dramatic endings I never thought so many things would happen at once. It could have been excellent if the editing had been more original and smooth but it seems the process is unknown to the creative team behind Caprica. It's a pity because there's room for more and they could have for example blended the real and virtual stories or used better transitions between the scenes than the recurring red symbols rain. I was also slightly disappointed by the visual effects, as average as during the virtual flight in The Imperfections of Memory. An other issue was the anecdotic reverse filming. We saw what happened near the end right at the beginning. I know it's a trend but what's the point of slicing the scene into pieces and randomly showing them during the episode ? To remind us of what's coming when the episode is only fourty minutes long ?

    But as before even if Caprica has it flaws it proved to be captivating from time to time. Fixing all these issues could definitely make it a better entertainment program. Moreover we have a lot to learn from its characters. Also let's not forget how some topics covered are fascinating and from virtual reality to artifical intelligence there're plenty of elements to nourish the audience's intellect. In or out for the September second part ? Count me in !