Season 1 Episode 9

End of Line

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2010 on Syfy

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  • If an episode deserved a perfect 10.0 it's this one. I was just feeling a big sense of Wow at the end.

    Ok, lets face facts, everyone has their own idea of what defines perfect in a review of TV. film etc.

    Let me say this, if you wanted to be picky you could say I "personally" didn't like this, that etc, or this character and his/her mannerisms etc. But taking away the nit picking. This was awesome and it gets a very deserved 10+ because, having not had taken 5 minutes after the end of the show to analyse to myself each part, I just was aware on a feeling of speechlessness that I had just watched an excellent, gripping show that brought explosion to a series of storylines that in just seven episodes, plus a pilot had been intelligently created and now I felt like it had all landed with a thump right before my eyes.

    Its funny but some have complained from where I have read, on dog's getting shot (or not) excessive smoking, drug use, violence and sex, the list goes on. But the fact is, the writers brought none of the above into the show for controversy or to make it appear "cool" to a particular audience often assumed to be, a sale's pitch to the youth. They did it simply because they wanted to create a sense of real to the story, that each part fitted into each development, the nature of the characters and also because Ronald D.Moore is a master of "dark" scifi/drama. And recognises that you need such elements in a story to pin you to your seat.

    This episode was brilliant. The fact that they seem to like to kill of characters, some of whom we loathed to watch, others we thought, this guys going to be interesting, in for the long haul. Does for me two things it says 1) There are no limits to where this can go, who will stay, who might go. What twist is round the corner and 2) It also open's the future up for people to return but with so many, who know's who and how. We saw this done in BSG also.

    For me one interesting part of the show, perhaps I'm being paranoid here, is Evelyn, who is revealed as Adama's V world assistant to find his daughter, seems to be the best at hiding her manipulation to many viewers. After the show I kept wondering why she would encourage Adama to take the drugs to find his daughter, making it clear to him that without it he won't make it so far to meet her. Then she visits the daughter to tell her she must kill the avatar that is the father to release him in the RL, citing real concern for his drug addiction. After Tamara kills her father from the game, Evelyn is left with a bond of trust with Tamara. If Evelyn really cared about the father, why let him take the drugs in the first place? why let it go on so long etc? Seems as if she has left herself in a very cosy place with Tamara and we all know that Tamara has a gift very valuable in V World, but perhaps just as much in the Real World, perhaps another avatar to operate a cylon? My mind boggles but I don't see that as a simple case of Evelyn being the perfect friend to them both.
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