Season 1 Episode 9

End of Line

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Tuning the excitement up..

    That was brilliant episode. I mean. It had many storylines, all what were pushed to the limit to the end.

    I loved the whole Tamara storyline. That "guide" telling her what her father is doing.. and making her to kill him on the game.. letting him go.. that was powerful scene.

    Also Lacy. She has been doing things on the background all the season and now all that comes to life. She is in STO and it was play probably for her at first.. join, what it will do to her. Now she learns and that is.. hard choice.. The scene where she is forced to call.. when that man threatens her and that boy with a gun..

    And ofcourse Zoe.. The position she is in.. and all the things what go wrong.. for a moment, it looks like there's a change.. but then..

    Amanda Greystone.. Daniel Greystone.. big mess for both of them.. I am quite eager to see what happens.. with all of those chars.