Season 1 Episode 9

End of Line

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 26, 2010 on Syfy

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  • *** Spoiler-free *** Dark, intense but rushed parallel stories ; troubled and empathic characters ; unpredictable cliffhangers ; conventional and clumsy editing ; average visual effects

    With Amanda Graystone knowing about what Daniel did this episode could only be dark and sad. After all she had to go through, from the death of her brother to the one of her daughter Zoe, she also learned that her husband was a thief and murderer. Of course she wasn't sure and End of Line covered her little investigation. Daniel had to deal with the fact that Zoe wasn't in the Cylon considering how well she played him in Ghost in the Machine. Moreover with the upcoming military project deadline he had to double his effort even if I think they failed in portraying him as a brilliant scientist. In fact we didn't see him work much in the past installments and if I didn't already know it I would think he's a cook considering the time he spends in the kitchen. But the morality of the character is definitely interesting to comprehend because the Holoband was successful but he made the wrong decision to keep the Cylon project. He had to lie to everyone, probably lost his confidence and motivation in the process and now that I've seen this episode I really wonder what he'll become in the second part of the season.

    Indeed End of Line was really a mid-season finale. It was intense and all arcs rushed to meet the deadline. They were entertaining to follow but I can't help thinking that Caprica's rhythm is choppy. However even if there're many topics developing in parallel their convergence makes sense. Lacy trying to transport the Cylon and having to meet STO members. Sister Clarice hacking Daniel's technology. Joseph Adama tracking the symbols left by her dead but virtually alive daughter Tamara. So there was a lot of action and some events were quite surprising. From cliffhangers to dramatic endings I never thought so many things would happen at once. It could have been excellent if the editing had been more original and smooth but it seems the process is unknown to the creative team behind Caprica. It's a pity because there's room for more and they could have for example blended the real and virtual stories or used better transitions between the scenes than the recurring red symbols rain. I was also slightly disappointed by the visual effects, as average as during the virtual flight in The Imperfections of Memory. An other issue was the anecdotic reverse filming. We saw what happened near the end right at the beginning. I know it's a trend but what's the point of slicing the scene into pieces and randomly showing them during the episode ? To remind us of what's coming when the episode is only fourty minutes long ?

    But as before even if Caprica has it flaws it proved to be captivating from time to time. Fixing all these issues could definitely make it a better entertainment program. Moreover we have a lot to learn from its characters. Also let's not forget how some topics covered are fascinating and from virtual reality to artifical intelligence there're plenty of elements to nourish the audience's intellect. In or out for the September second part ? Count me in !