Season 1 Episode 13

False Labor

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Oct 26, 2010 on Syfy

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  • Task completed. By Sam Adama's command.

    False Labor is a interesting episode to write about because it feels like it is less than the some of its parts. There are so many great moments, character developments and action. But it is put together in a sleepy way that is less than the sum of its part. It feels like instead of an episode of television and more like a bunch of really good deleted scenes that got cut out because the slowed down the plot.

    Daniel trying to recreate Zoe's "resurrection" program lead to some depressing and powerful moments. From Joe's comments about his wife being the one that kept him stable until Daniel's daughter blew her up - to - the Daniel's confrontation with his failed Stepford wive esque Amanda Avatar. What good is a perfect spouse programed not to call you on your crap?

    Sam's storyline was just badass. He gets into a little jam trying to ship weapons to his home planet. But he's frakking resourceful in stealing a Cylon from Graystone Industries and single handedly taking out about 20 mobsters. The part where he busted in with an unloaded gun only call in the cylon to ask if he had any bullets was priceless.

    I also liked Amanda's arc where she tricks the STO into accepting her with a frak ton of emotional blackmail. The moment where Duram asks her how she gained their trust and Amanda coldly response after smoking a cigarette "I lied" was a great punch to end the episode on. But even though a lot of this worked moment-to-moment it all cames together in a way that is just scatterhot and boring. There is so little forward momentum in this episode much of it could have been left on the cutting room floor. False Labor, indeed
  • False Labor

    False Labor was another really great episode of Caprica and I enjoyed watching this episode because there was so much story development, character depth, and intrigue. Amanda continued to make herself a part of Clarice's world. Sam Adama learns a few tough lessons and has to clean up his own mess. The scene where he did this with the help of a U-87 Cylon was awesome! Daniel works on a disturbing replica of his wife Amanda and becomes frustrated when she doesn't live up to his expectations. I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!