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    Well I enjoyed Caprica ... however the recording would often stay on my PC until I'd watched other programs like supernatural.

    It was dark, it had some reasonable effects,it had token totty, both male and female, but I suspect that they were all so miserable that in real life we would have ended up slashing our wrists if we'd spent an hour with them!

    The religious slant was a good idea, if not a bit contrived (but then this is a story!), but it took up way too much of the story time and didn't really always make sense or convince.

    The idea of the avatar in the virtual world was a very good idea, I could see the idea of virtual personalities coming into existence and that they would view the debauchery of the people interacting in the virtual world and perhaps aspire to a better existence. The opportunity to nip off into a cylon body would be very tempting and delivering a bit of kick-ass deliverance from the sinful ways might appear appealing if the virtual avatars got radical religion lol!

    But yeh it wasn't bad enough to cancel and in some respects it was finally improving as the actors sunk into their characters and the story writers started to get the flow and plot into a semblance of sanity!

    Typical then that it is cancelled at the moment it was improving. As for ratings and viewers, I would suggest that we look at the figures for "popular" series of programs. In the UK there used to be massive viewing figures for Big Brother ... a program that invariably had the dregs of society or celebrity, picking noses, scratching bums, being obnoxious, being annoying, oh god it was awful (tv where you could actual watch people sleeping!!). So Caprica deserved more of a chance!

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