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How far will this series go in terms of time and events

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    [21]Jan 28, 2010
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    If 6 years is correct then we will very likely see the beginning of the war. Either the series will last that long or they will skip ahead in an effort to boost ratings.
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    RagingNaruto wrote:
    I wanna see when Daniel was 'boxed'.

    I don't think that will happen. Zoey is the template of sentience for the Cylons. In BSG, the fleet discovered that the cylons were capable of imitating human appearance and anatomy. So, excluding the final five, I assume that it'll be a very long time before they achieve that.
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    The fact is that although the series is based around the creation of the Cylons, there is definitely more than a simple one-dimensional robot uprising a la the Terminator franchise (not saying the first two films are without subtext, just the nature of the cybernetic rebellion), so I can't easily imagine how they'll marry the idea of bringing the story to a conclusion while at the same time promising Galactica fans the Cylon incursion that's been promised. This definitely conflicts with my vision of the last shot of the series ending like that of Evil Dead II with the Centurions raising their swords in unison as they prepare for war.

    Just to reiterate the maths DigificWriter did, there is only about 6 years till the machine turns. Even though the series will likely take its time, I think we can at least expect to see Cylons being mass-produced at some point. I'd love to see an army of them put to real use (maybe allowing us to see yet another one of the colonies), though I can image we won't even see that much for a while, due to the problems they're having with the meta-cognitive processor as seen in "Rebirth".

    However, I think they're aiming to get as far as at least the suggestion that the machines are about to clinch their metallic fists, but I doubt we'll see the all-out war. Though I'm still hoping that they'll make a telefilm focusing on the Final Five to bridge the gap between both series.
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    Without getting too spoilery, Esai Morales mentioned recently that there's a big 'event' coming later in the season for his character, and teased the possibility of the series taking a time jump like BSG did, so take that for what you will.
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