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Shooting Caesar?

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    Um.. I guess tons of teenagers watch "The Matrix" and movies like it where people get offed left and right for no apparent reason other than pleasing the audience. Should all violence and inapropriate content be edited out because a kid at some point may see a movie not targeted to kids? Of course not. Caprica is an intelligent show that addresses several questions relevant to the real world. Personally I think it is much more harmful for young adults / preteens to watch brainless teenager shows that present a world far from reality without fundamental philosophical questions asked. There is a plethora of superficial series that paints the world in a golden aura, where the actors live in clean nice neighbourhoods, where the families can afford top notch homes, where the kids strive to go to Brown and Yale and whatnot ; but still oddly enough only are interested in interpersonal relationships, makeup and sports.

    What I mean is that if you're set on telling fairy tales, then tell a story that is based on intellectual questions such as found in series like caprica (artificial intellicence, theory of mind, religious fanaticism etc). If these questions require non-PC ways of visualization, then so be it. Compared to the multitude of morally questionable content in action/war/etc movies that kids ultimately watch, Caprica is very innocent - at least to me.

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    Couldn't agree more.
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